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Hua Qingxian and the others were completely astounded. What in the world did they just witness?

That young man who was in the village had merely stamped out with a single foot, yet the entire Earth quaked and the Heavens nearly collapsed! That single heavenly palm of his had devastated the entire world! This was utterly horrifying!

"Seaweed is so powerful…!"

"Daddy, look! That's Seaweed! Seaweed's hand has suddenly turned sooooooo enormous!!!"

All the children were cheering out while shouting excitedly. Everything they were witnessing right now was way too exhilarating for them. In their hearts, Seaweed was definitely an Immortal!

When the elderly Village Chief caught sight of this, his body shuddered momentarily To think that the day would come when their village would actually rescue an Immortal! And at the same time, he was certain that this was the most powerful Immortal ever!

That was because those enemies that these fairies were running from were all taken down by a flip of Seaweed's palm.

"Just who in the world is he?" Hua Qingxuan muttered to herself in disbelief. To think that that figure would be that frightening!

"I don't know."

The gigantic army of the Moon Shadow Mainland was startled beyond words at this moment. To think that the great Lord of Magic would have been killed by the other party! That was something absolutely inconceivable in their minds.

The might of the Lord of Magic was boundless as he brought forth the glory of the G.o.ds that shone down on the rest of the world, and was absolutely unrivaled. Even the powerful beings amongst these Indigenous Beings here should have no way to deal with the Forbidden Curses of the Lord of Magic!

The gigantic stampede of the army up ahead covered the entire sky, their numbers frightening. Angels, Dragons, Undead Spirits, etcetera... All sorts of mysterious beings from various races appeared between the Heaven and Earth. The might that was produced from their mere presence was absolutely horrifying. Just their numbers alone were the epitome of terror in itself. This was something that had everyone feeling shivers down their spines.

Crackle! Bzzzz!

Standing there, the void around Lin Fan crackled out with lightning. It was as though he was the most horrifying existence out here in this world.

"All of you must be tired of living to actually dare tread on the place where I, Lin Fan, live! Tell me…Other than your lives, what else do you guys even have to redeem yourselves for these heinous crimes?" Lin Fan roared out, sending forth the absolute might of the Heavenly Dragon's Music.


Under that mighty soundwave, the entire ground started splitting apart. Even the abyssal lava that was boiling deep beneath ground was starting to bubble up furiously.

Spreading open his arms, Lin Fan closed his eyes gently. It was as though he was feeling out for the Heaven and Earth right now. His eyes then jerked wide open all of a sudden. "All of you can go and die!"

As he raised his arms, the abyssal lava from underground suddenly shot right up into the sky, blanketing over the entire gigantic army from the Moon Shadow Mainland. The scorching hot abyssal lava was hot enough to burn all living beings in the world. Under the splash of this abyssal lava wave, there were many dead and countless severely injured beings from the Moon Shadow Mainland.

Tragic yells rang out one after another. Those living beings with a lower cultivation state could not endure the abyssal lava at all and were just burnt right to death.

"So horrifying…!"

Hua Qingxian and the others were completely dumbfounded by now. Since when had they ever witnessed methods as such? Even their Grandmaster might not be able to have such capabilities!

But, if Lin Fan could only know what they were thinking, he would definitely burst out into laughter.

Their Grandmaster?

Heck, in Lin Fan's eyes, that was merely an existence that could be wiped away with the swipe of his palm. Right now, the only beings that could remain alive after going through Lin Fan's hands were the Immortal King state beings. Anyone under the Immortal King state was nothing but an ant. Even if they were some supreme paragons and could cross through cultivation states to kill beings that were stronger than them, they would still be torn apart with a single palm of his.

Suddenly, the void poured down with rain.

This was no ordinary rain — not only did it extinguish those abyssal lava flames right away, even those living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland that were scalded and burnt by the abyssal lava flames started to heal up because of it. After a while, they came off without sustaining a single scratch at all!

"The glory of the Water Master G.o.d is with us!"

All of a sudden, a mesmerizing ode rang out from within the living beings of the Moon Shadow Mainland. They were singing out in praise of an utmost and unparalleled Master G.o.d of sorts.

Raising his head, Lin Fan looked up into the void, only to see a single azure blue river. Gentler than anything else could be, it flowed over slowly. Every single place it pa.s.sed, all withered plants would start to blossom out radiantly once more as though they were granted yet another chance at life.

The river flow converged before forming a woman that floated gently within the Heaven and Earth.

This woman had a head of long, dark blue hair that floated gently with the winds. That peerlessly beautiful face of hers was one of its kind in this entire world. A single look was enough for all female species in the world to feel inferior in comparison to her.

This was the epitome of beauty itself. It wouldn't be too much to describe her as the number one beauty in the entire world.

This was especially the case for that figure of hers, curvy at all the right places with a perfect arc. There might be no single man who could possibly peel their sights away from her at all.

"What a beauty!" Even Lin Fan could not help but acknowledge the fact.

When Hua Qingxian and the others caught sight of that bedazzling beauty, they unconsciously lowered their heads. These were people that were confident toward their own looks and features. But even then, they knew that the difference between them and her was far too great. This was a different cla.s.s of being entirely.

In front of this woman, all of them were but ugly ducklings.

"Indigenous Being, why did you have to kill my people?" The Water Master G.o.d spoke up. Her voice was as melodious like a beautiful tune itself; merely hearing it was an enjoyment.

Lin Fan chuckled out. Beauties? He had seen one too many of them by now. Even though this beauty before him bore an exquisite aura of her own, Lin Fan was filled with nothing but pure excitement toward her.

Killing the most beautiful woman of them all? That would probably be the most enjoyable thing to do ever.

This was especially the case for someone with her nose so high up. Chopping her would be a work of peak level art as well.

"If I've killed them, I've killed them. Do you have any issues with that?" Lin Fan raised his eyes; within his gaze was an unrivaled battle intent.

He would never underestimate any opponent of his. Even though the strength of this Water Master G.o.d before him was unable to compare with that of the War Master G.o.d and Boundless Future Buddha Lord, she was still a powerful being of Immortal King state nevertheless.

Looking at this Indigenous Being before her, the gaze of the Water Master G.o.d exuded off an authority as though she was merely looking at an ant. However, right at that moment, she had sensed the aura of the other party — he wasn't something to be belittled.

"Go on! Continue pushing forward so that we can salvage those Indigenous Beings." The Water Master G.o.d commanded softly. She was going to take charge of the situation here. As for everything up ahead, she would just have her people continue pushing forth.

"Yes, Water Master G.o.d!" For those living beings, Master G.o.ds were unmatched beings whom they could do nothing but obey.

Lin Fan scoffed out coldly, "If you wish to walk away in front of Yours Truly, the only chance of that happening is when Yours Truly is dead."

Spreading open his arms, Lin Fan looked as though he was hugging the entire world as he gathered a tremendous amount of power within his arms. The surrounding void seemed as though they were being pressured in as they began to shatter out bit by bit.

The might of an Immortal King was incomparable. There was no one who could stand in his path to kill someone he wanted to.

This was especially the case right now for Lin Fan. After that battle with the War Master G.o.d and the Boundless Future Buddha Lord back then, his battle intent was peaking at this moment. His Physical Body State had even reached a pinnacle state, further beyond what he had reached in the past.

At that moment, Lin Fan had not deployed any mystic skill, and was just using his raw powers to brutishly push everything. Right now, what he was deploying was a self created stance that was the most powerful ever.

"Void Hugging Kill!"



As though they were unable to endure that berserk power that was emerging from Lin Fan right now, the void broke apart continuously as they continued to get pushed in.

Lin Fan's arms expanded out rapidly as thick dragons of power dove right into the void. That initially spherical world suddenly seemed as though it was being compressed down completely by Lin Fan.


That furious explosive voice boomed throughout the void.

When he finally pulled his hands together, the entire Heaven and Earth seemed as though they had descended into a patch of complete darkness.

Both sides of the void had been compressed by Lin Fan together. All of those living beings from the Moon Shadow Mainland that had existed in between these two sides of the void found themselves crushed into nothing but mere dust.


The furious bellow of the Water Master G.o.d permeated through the Heaven and Earth. However, it was all too late by then.

Lin Fan roared out in a tremendous laughter as he released his arms. The void which was compressed down to a single layer that was as thick as a piece of paper rebounded right away and returned to its original size.

But by then, how could there be any living being be left in front of Lin Fan anymore? In fact, even those mountains and forests had disappeared. There was nothing but a vast, empty land in sight. Heck, even the clouds up in the skies had vanished entirely, leaving nothing but the pitch black void.

The notifications from the System for experience points rang out continuously, so Lin Fan muted it right away.

All of those living beings were nothing but ants. No matter how many of them he killed, they would not be able to propel him to level up to the Heavenly Lord state.

That was because the amount of experience points required was so vast that it wasn't something that could be achieved by merely killing at ants.

At that moment, Lin Fan raised his head up into the void and glared right at the Water Master G.o.d fixatedly.

"Today, Yours Truly is going to slay a G.o.d."

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