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In a village somewhere…

This was a place where mortals resided.

On the surface of the ocean, the cool ocean breeze gusted gently as a figure lay there. Covered by seaweed from head to toe, he was just there to have the seawaters slap against his body as it wished.

Wave after another…

No one knew if this person had died.

But, that figure moved all of a sudden! Slowly, he stood up from the beach. However, after taking a single step, he collapsed into a fall before picking himself up once more and heading over into the distance gradually.

In the village, billows of smoke were spouting out of the chimneys of the houses there. Every single household was just that peaceful.

At the entrance of the village, children were surrounding a strange person.

"It's the Seaweed Monster…!"

"Hurry up and hit the Seaweed Monster! He's walking toward us now!"

This group of children was holding on to tree branches that were only as thick as their thumbs.


When those tree branches made contact with the figure, it was as though they were repelled away by some form of power as they snapped apart immediately.

Seeing a situation as such, those children broke out into sad boohoos as they ran back into the village. They wanted to tell the adults that someone had bullied them.

When the villagers rushed over to the entrance and caught sight of that strange figure, all of them froze up. They did not know what sort of a being this was, but he gave off a strange feeling.

"What are you? We're only an extremely normal village here…!" A bold and muscular young man gripped a tool tightly in his hands while asking out nervously.

There was no reply.

However, everyone could sense that this person before them was extremely dangerous. No one would dare to get on the wrong side of him.

They knew that there were Immortals in this world; they had once caught sight of Immortals flying up in the sky above their village. However, it did not cross any of their minds that this could be an Immortal.


Suddenly, the villagers saw the person before them wobbling unsteadily before collapsing over onto the ground as though he had just died.

A long time later…

The villagers were still standing there without making any moves. It was as though they were waiting for something. Not knowing just who in the world this person before them was, all of them felt extremely afraid.

At this moment, an elderly man clutching onto a walking stick wobbled over. He looked at that person draped in seaweed from head to toe and deliberated for a short while.

All the surrounding villagers were waiting patiently, as though they were waiting for this elderly man to speak up.

"Carry him into the village." The elderly man croaked with a hoa.r.s.e voice.

All the young men in the village nodded their heads. They then approached the person carefully to have him carried into the village.

Within a house…

The villagers were surrounding the entire place outside. Some of them tiptoed while others snuck in secretly — everyone just wanted to catch a sight of who this strange person really was, or what he was up to.

Why would he just arrive at the village entrance, standing there for no reason before fainting over?

When the doctor of the village caught sight of the situation of the body of this mysterious man, all of the curiously observing villagers heaved in a deep, cold breath.


Some of the children were even shocked into tears.

At the area of his chest was a deep wound that had penetrated all the way through. In fact, they could even make out that beating heart within his body! However, the mysterious thing was that there wasn't even a single drop of blood flowing out at all!

"Just what sort of a person is he? How could he still be alive after sustaining such a grave injury?" The doctor from the village gasped out in astonishment. His chest wasn't the only place that was penetrated; there were signs of injuries on other parts of his body. Given such a grave injury, if it were any of them in the same situation, they would have long died.

The elderly Village Chief turned around to the people outside and said, "Bring the children away first."

Since the Village Chief had commanded, all the men in the village would naturally not defy his orders. They then brought their children away.

"Just try your best." The elderly man told the doctor.

The elderly doctor nodded his head. This was the first time he was coming across an injury as such. And even if he had seen something similar, none of them were like this man, whose heart was still beating and breath running.

From time to time, the men in the village would go out and hunt for some beasts out in the wild; they too would get injured. If they had an injury as such, they would have died long ago.

Soon, everyone dispersed from the area

The doctor was boiling some medicine and preparing to treat this mysterious man.

It wasn't that the Village Chief had not considered the fact that someone like this might be a bad person. But, when he looked at the appearance of this man, he looked rather young in age, and didn't seem like a bad person at all. At the same time, they were all kind hearted souls, and could not just sit by idly. Therefore, they could only try their best for him.

A few days later…

The doctor would come by thrice a day to check on the situation of this young man. He could not help but feel astonished over how strong of a lifeforce this young man possessed. He had way too much tenacity and grit! And when he smeared some medicine over this person's wounds, they would dry up without any time!

When they fed him porridge, they could even witness how the porridge dissipated out the moment it entered his body!

This man was simply way too mystifying!

The villagers had just been discussing about this mysterious man the entire time. The appearance of this mysterious young man had caused everyone in the village to feel extremely curious. They were even talking about him when they were out in the fields farming.

Yet another few days later…On a path out in the fields…

A young man stood there blankly as though he was despondent while looking at the villagers go about their farming.


The children who were skipping all around the muddy fields surrounded this mysterious young man while chirping out cheerily.

That was the name of the young man. No one in the village knew who this young man was, or what he was called. Therefore, they decided to just name him Seaweed then.

The reason was that he was covered in seaweed from head to toe when the villagers first caught sight of him.

At the start, all the men of the village were rather fearful toward this young man. But later on, they discovered that this young man didn't seem as though he could really speak. At the same time, he seemed rather dim-witted. Even if they shouted out at him, he would only turn around gently and look at them.

Not only that, that look of his was completely lifeless, as though his soul had been sucked out of him.

At the same time, that gaping wound at his chest was still ever so prominent. It would even emit some black smoke from time to time, looking extremely scary.

"Seaweed, why can't you speak at all?" A small little girl wearing pink clothes and two pigtails on her head hopped around happily while looking up at Seaweed, seeming rather perplexed over this person.

"Seaweed doesn't know how to speak. He only knows how to sleep." Another child replied.

Yet another few days went by…

By now, the villagers were long used to this young man. At the same time, they felt that this young man was extremely strange. That was because the young man would often head out to stand in the courtyard while raising his head to look up into the sky. Every single time he did that, he would continue standing all the way till night-time, without feeling sleepy at all.

In fact, he didn't even know how to eat. His mouth would only open up when someone brought food over to his mouth.

That day…

The village was conducting a ritual.

Because this was the drought season, all of the plants in the fields were nearly dying now. Even though they could head out to other places to look for more sources of water, all of those places were dozens of miles away, which was really far for them. At the same time, the journey would be fraught with dangers. This was something that posed an extreme difficulty for the villagers.

Somewhere not too far from the village, there were villagers kneeling down and bowing to pray to a sculpture that was made out of mud.

"Please bless us with wind and rain."



The young man stood there, taking everything that was happening into his eyes. Suddenly, his gaze flashed out with a glint for a brief moment before disappearing once more.

That mouth of his that had never once taken the initiative to open on its own started moving out, as though he was being moved by the chants of the villagers.


The moment his mouth opened, the entire sky started to howl with a gust. That initially scorching sky was covered by a dark cloud right away.

There was no thunder.

No warning signs.


A downpour just descended upon them immediately.

When the villagers caught sight of this, all of them were emotional.

"Rain is here! The rain is here…!"

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