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"Benefactor, you have nowhere else to escape to." The heart of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was rather alarmed right now; he had not expected that this lad would have turned this formidable. The fact that he could even hold out to such an extent was pretty incredible to begin with.

His cultivation state had skyrocketed all of a sudden to the Immortal King state? No way! There was no way this lad could be kept alive! No matter what, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was bent on having him killed right here.

The golden body of the Buddha Lord shone down upon the entire world.


At that moment, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was seated cross-legged on a lotus seat and muttering out his Buddhist chant. Instantly, his body burst forth with a brilliant beam of light as pairs of Buddha palms appeared out of his body.

This thousand armed Buddha Lord could control all the Heavens of all the worlds out there.

Every single hand had an Utmost Treasure of the Buddha Clan floating above it. This was especially the case for the Future Gear that was circling around the body of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Each time it made a single turn, it made the present seem transient and having pa.s.sed already, bringing forth a brand new future.

If it were any ordinary powerful beings, they might have fallen under the might of this Power of Future by now. In Lin Fan's eyes, this Boundless Future Buddha Lord was even more horrifying than those Master G.o.ds or whatnot.

By now, the War Master G.o.d had already revealed himself as well, riding on four terrifying looking exceptional horses. The eyes of those fine horses flashed out with a series of weird intangibles.





The four different types of auras infected the entire world. As for the War Master G.o.d, he was donning an entire set of armor and wielding a long spear in his hands. That berserk aura of his had already spread throughout the Heaven and Earth. In Lin Fan's eyes, he could see illusions of terrifying wars breaking out one another around the sides of the War Master G.o.d. It was a complete bloodbath that surged out with an endlessly wild battle intent.


The four fine horses were spitting out auras, every single one of which felt like a Heaven's might, as those eight frightening eyes glared at Lin Fan with a death stare. It was as though all of them were bent on having him slain just with their looks.

"Eternal Axe!"

Lin Fan took out his Eternal Axe, causing a brilliant axe flash to shine down on the Heaven and Earth. However, facing off against these two powerful beings who were formidable beyond words, Lin Fan did not dare to let down his guard in the slightest bit. There was naturally no way he could make use of the soap right now. Since the Boundless Future Buddha Lord already knew about that trick of his, he would definitely take extra precaution to avoid falling for it.

a.s.suming he were to take it out, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord would definitely vanish instantly like before. As for this War Master G.o.d, Lin Fan did not know if this fella would dodge it or not. However, knowing the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, Lin Fan was sure that that guy was definitely not going to tell the War Master G.o.d all this. Perhaps, all he had wanted was to wait for both sides to suffer tragically so that he could reap in the rewards from both ends.

"Buddha World's Pure Land."

The moment the Boundless Future Buddha Lord opened that golden mouth of his, the entire void took on a stark change, turning into a World of Buddhas. As for the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, he himself was just like the Lord amongst all the Buddhas right now - the Ancestor of all Buddhas even - as he sat in the middle of them all while emitting a bedazzling radiance that was absolutely majestic to look at.

"Splitting Heavens Three Stances!"

Lin Fan yelled out as the Eternal Axe burst forth with a formidable power, slashing out right at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

There were initially three moves to the Splitting Heavens Three Stances. However, they were all fused into a single move right now as that brilliant axe flash tore through the Heaven and Earth forcefully.


The World of Buddhas quaked violently, and was on the brink of being destroyed. However, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord wasn't fazed in the slightest bit as he only spoke out gently, "Thousand Arms Suppression!"

With that, Buddhist Sutras spread out and filled the entire world, causing the Heaven and Earth to be filled with nothing but Buddhist music.

Lin Fan wanted to so badly to fight this guy all the way to the end. However, given the situation right now, there was no room for him to act brazenly at all.

The War Master G.o.d stood there motionlessly. His eyes were like hawks that were locked onto Lin Fan — it was as though he was just waiting for this prey of his to slip up.

Lin Fan knew that he definitely had to get out of this place. That wound on his chest was being affected by that War Qi that was destroying his entire body. If he were to continue expending his energy with them as such, it would definitely cause a huge impact on him.

The lifeforce of the Mythical Parasol Tree had been resisting the power of the War Qi for a long time now, wanting to take it down, yet failing to do so completely for the entire time.

"Doomsday Descent! An everlasting destruction!"

Lin Fan roared out, throwing out a single punch along with a cleave of his axe. The Boundless Future Buddha Lord seemed as though he was just trying to delay Lin Fan. He could tell that the latter had not been engaging in any close combat with him the entire time — he should be guarding against the Lin Brand's Soap right now.

Stamp, stamp!

A stampeding sound of horses trampling the ground sounded out. Lin Fan noticed that the War Master G.o.d had started going into a frenzy as the long spear in his hand brandished out into all directions before slashing down at him.

Right now, Lin Fan was facing a tremendous amount of pressure. The might of two veteran Immortal King powerful beings was not something that he could possibly deal with at the moment.

If he were to make use of the Lin Brand's Soap, there was a high chance that he could have this War Master G.o.d stay behind. However, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was definitely going to make a run for it. And, he'd definitely just be hiding out in the void, waiting to give Lin Fan that final lethal blow.

"b.l.o.o.d.y f*ck! F*ck it!" Lin Fan burst off into retreat right away to try and recover his wounds. He must definitely not drag things out with these two here.

"Master G.o.d's Heart of Faith!"

Lin Fan knew that this was something that could contain faith, and at the same time, was a necessary item for the Master G.o.ds to raise their strength. However, Lin Fan wasn't someone of the Moon Shadow Mainland, neither did he know about how those Master G.o.ds refined and made use of this Heart of Faith.

But, he knew of one other thing that this sh*t could do — self destruct.

The War Master G.o.d and the Boundless Future Buddha Lord were rushing even closer to Lin Fan when his eyes shone with a deranged expression.

"Bald monk! You had better f*cking wait out! You're the first person I'm f*cking planting my sights on!" Lin Fan yelled out coldly before tossing out that Master G.o.d's Heart of Faith, rampant powers surging through it.

Self destruct!

When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord caught sight of this item, he was shocked as he swerved back right away. As for the War Master G.o.d, he was equally stunned when he saw this, "The Radiant Master G.o.d's Heart of Faith!"


At that moment, the sacred and holy Heart of Faith self destructed, causing a devastating force to ripple throughout the entire world, spreading across the Heaven and Earth.

When the bright white light screen wrapped the entire world, it looked rather beautiful on the surface. However, the power possessed within was unusually horrifying.

At this very moment, it seemed as though the concept of time itself was being cast out of the world.


Everything in the radius of several million miles within the Endless Mainland started quaking out violently.

There were countless of sects out there who had caught sight of this white burst of light that was emanating out from the far reaches of the world. It was then followed by a terrifying aura that rippled throughout the entire world.

Everyone felt an immense fear in their hearts. They did not know what was happening, neither did they know of the sort of item that could bring forth a power as horrifying as such.

At this moment, the figure of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord reappeared. Half of those thousand arms were severed, and his golden body was slightly damaged as well. His brows then furrowed as he let out a furious look.


The Future Gear started to churn out with a single creak. It seemed as though time itself was slipping away with that.

Instantly, the thousand arms of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord were regenerated right away, Heck, even that damaged golden body of his had recovered!

"To think that he would have really gotten away!" Right now, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was burning with rage in his heart. He had not expected that that lad would be able to escape from the grasp of his hands. That was something truly unbelievable.

The gaze of the War Master G.o.d narrowed down. The armor on his body was filled with cracks, causing him to look like a turtle's sh.e.l.l. However, these were not his concerns at all. What he was bothered about was the fall of the Radiant Master G.o.d.

To think that one of the seventy two Master G.o.ds of the Moon Shadow Mainland would have fallen just like that! This was a tremendous impact for the entire Moon Shadow Mainland!

"War Master G.o.d, that lad will definitely come to no good end. Now that the seventy two Master G.o.ds are arriving one after another, we can start the conquest of the Endless Mainland now." Boundless Future Buddha Lord said.

The War Master G.o.d did not reply, merely glaring at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord with a fierce gaze, as though the burning rage in his heart had yet to be extinguished.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord let out a benevolent look, unbothered with this att.i.tude entirely. He then cast his sight out into the four directions of the world.

The True Wisdom Sacred Grounds.

The Southern Demons Ocean Region.

The h.e.l.l Seas Blood Mountains.

The Dest.i.tute Spirits Abyss.


The Boundless Future Buddha Lord chanted out a Buddha sutra as his eyes flashed with a sinister smirk.

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