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At the start, the Radiant Master G.o.d had not felt that there was anything inappropriate about this. After all, bending over to pick up something was only natural. There shouldn't have been anything wrong with it.

But all of a sudden, he realized that the situation was not as he had thought of it to be.

The heart of the Radiant Master G.o.d felt as though it was being pulled by some mysterious power right now, such that he had zero control over it!

In his eyes, that soap in his hand was ever so wonderful right now. It was as though he would feel extremely uncomfortable if he did not pick it up!

And at that very moment when he had bent over to pick up the soap, he could feel a sinister pair of eyes aiming right at his b.u.t.tocks. However, by the time he had reacted to it, a pair of sinister hands had found their place on his b.u.t.t cheeks.

'd.a.m.n IT…!'

Well, that was what the Radiant Master G.o.d had thought in his heart. However, the voice that was coming forth from his mouth was…"Noooooo…!"

The Big Ancient Demon was feeling extremely miserable in his heart right now. Ever since he had turned into a Weapon Spirit, he had never fought a proper battle even once, neither had he dueled properly with any truly powerful beings before.

In his eyes, even if he had to fight with the strongest powerful being out there and end up with his death, he would definitely feel blissful. But right now, he felt that there was nothing left in life other than misery.

If he wasn't poking others, he was getting poked by others.


That rear attack…

A scene that could not be described blossomed in the eyes of everyone present.

Two distinctly beautiful sounds smashed against one another.

At that moment, Lin Fan felt his heart skip a beat. How d.a.m.ned b.l.o.o.d.y miserable was this? Without any hesitation, he took a single step forth and appeared right before the face of the Master G.o.d.

"Even though I can't get to subdue that d.a.m.ned bald monk, being able to f*ck you over is still a pretty good deal." Lin Fan instantly knocked the Radiant Master G.o.d unconscious and kept the soap back into his storage.

The Big Ancient Demon, who was being controlled by the soap, snapped back to his senses at this moment as well. When he caught sight of everything before him, his entire face changed. "How could I have done something as such!"

Looking at the state the Big Ancient Demon was in right now, Lin Fan could only sigh out helplessly, "Forget it! You must already be used to it by now. I'll note it down as a big credit for you this time, alright?"

After retrieving the Big Ancient Demon, Lin Fan did not hesitate as he stabbed the Radiant Master G.o.d to death instantly.

This was the first Master G.o.d that Lin Fan was stabbing to death, and with that, his heart was naturally filled with excitement.

Initially, Lin Fan was determined to f*ck over at least two powerful beings with every single usage of the Lin Brand's Soap. But, that Boundless Future Buddha Lord was simply way too devious. To think that he would have run off right away when Lin Fan deployed the soap! That left Lin Fan completely speechless.

At the same time, it served as a reminder for Lin Fan. He was most probably not going to have a chance to make use of this treasure against the Boundless Future Buddha Lord anymore in the future.

But right now, he could not help but admit that Master G.o.ds were truly not called Master G.o.ds for nothing. To think that he would require a good six stabs before dying!

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Radiant Master G.o.d.'

'Ding…Experience Points +…'

'Ding…Cultivation State leveled up.'

'Cultivation State: Immortal King state.'

At that moment, Lin Fan yelled out in joy. Leveled up! He had finally leveled up!

Killing this Radiant Master G.o.d had indeed raised his cultivation state all the way up to the Immortal King state!

Pleasurable! This was simply way too pleasurable!

'Ding…Obtained Radiant Master G.o.d's Heart of Faith.'

'Master G.o.d's Heart of Faith: A vessel used to accept the faith of followers. At the moment, faith is at max capacity.'

Lin Fan frowned out, somewhat disappointed. To think that he would obtain such a trash item! But, the fact that his cultivation state was that of an Immortal King state right now was the thing he was most excited about at the moment.

But with that, Lin Fan was somewhat perplexed as well. He had already become an Immortal King. By right, he should be the most powerful out of all the Immortal Kings out there at this moment, which was a benefit that the System had always provided. But to Lin Fan's surprise, he discovered that even after turning into an Immortal King, his strength was still quite a bit weaker than the Radiant Master G.o.d. At the very best, he was only comparable to Geng Yangtian.

That was something that had him feeling rather disappointed.

"Infinite Buddhas!"

Suddenly, Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat. A shaft of Buddha Light had suddenly bolted through the Heaven and Earth from the endless void.


Lin Fan was surprised. To think that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had yet to leave! And, to think that he would even dare try and sneak an attack on him at that moment!

"Bald monk, you had better b.l.o.o.d.y come out!" Lin Fan retaliated with a palm slap, dispersing that golden light.

"Glorious Light!"

Right when Lin Fan had turned around to return the attack, the void behind him trembled as a boundless War Qi burst forth.



Even though Lin Fan had leveled up to the Immortal King state, he still hadn't had time to raise his Physical Body State just yet. How could he possibly endure an attack as such?

"War Master G.o.d… You are truly formidable indeed." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord sighed out gently.


All of a sudden, horns of war broke out in all directions of the void. Those sounds made it seem as though the entire place was filled with an endless strife; the entire void seemed as though different wars were breaking out in all sorts of places.

Lin Fan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. That strike from earlier on had penetrated his physical body. At the same time, there was a Power of War that was corroding his body, as though it was h.e.l.l bent on destroying him from within.

Alarmed, Lin Fan clenched down his teeth firmly before roaring out, causing all the Immortal Weapons to burst forth from his body.


"The both of you had better watch out! Bald monk, I'm definitely going to kill you!" Without hesitating, Lin Fan dove right into the void.

"Trying to run? But, it's a pity that it's not going to happen." How could the Boundless Future Buddha Lord allow this lad to escape? If not for the fact that he had made a swift escape earlier on, he would have been f*cked to death just like the Radiant Master G.o.d.

For the sake of his own safety, and to remove any unduly worries or troubles in the future, he had to take down this lad for real right here, and end it once and for all.

Lin Fan turned around and found the Boundless Future Buddha Lord hot on his tails. At the same time, that War Master G.o.d was hot in pursuit as well. Even though Lin Fan could not make out his physical body, he was coiling over in a ball of War Qi, tearing apart the void in his chase, without leaving Lin Fan with any way out at all!

"Come back." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord spread open his palms and covered the entire sky instantly. He did not want to give Lin Fan any chance at all.

For him to sustain such a grave injury right after leveling to the Immortal King state, Lin Fan was feeling extremely troubled.

Lin Fan wouldn't be bothered about an injury as such in the slightest bit under normal circ.u.mstances. However, the issue was that the War Qi of the War Master G.o.d was creating havoc right within his body, trying to break it down from within.

"Why isn't this sh*t something that would try to possess my heart and spirit instead? If that were the case, the System would automatically come forth and suppress it for me instead, and things wouldn't be as troublesome as right now!" Lin Fan was displeased in his heart, but there was nothing he could do about this situation either.

As he gathered his powers, his Sword Will sliced out everywhere. Flicking out his finger, Lin Fan controlled the Sword Will manually and slashed out at the void, causing it to cut out at that palm of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.


That Buddha Palm broke down instantly, causing the entire void to quake.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was alarmed. He had not expected that the strength of this lad right now would be much more formidable than back then!

"How could this be? How could you have already entered the Immortal King state?" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord exclaimed out in rage as he burst forth with a brilliant golden glow. Instantly, all the infinite worlds out in the void were filled with Buddhas.

"Since that's the case, then there's no way I'm going to let you escape from this place now!"


The Buddha voice was boundless as it enveloped Lin Fan entirely.

"War Trample!"

The War Master G.o.d bellowed out, causing the entire void to collapse. Because of that force, Lin Fan was pushed out of the void.

"Not good!" Lin Fan's heart clenched. Given this pressure right now, this was the first time that he had felt such danger in the current situation.

"No choice…Gotta fight with everything then…!"

He gritted his teeth. As long as he were to get out of this alive, who in the world could confer death upon him in the future?

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