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"How did you find me out, bald monk?" Lin Fan's soul was practically shaken into bits right now. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! They came striking out of nowhere all of a sudden! If not for the sake that his strength was pretty st.u.r.dy by now, he might have just been scared to death by that alone!

"Amitabha, Benefactor! Your Buddha Lord has a pair of Buddha Eyes. It's only natural that I can see through your hiding spot." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord spoke up indifferently.

"Bullsh*t! You must have played dirty!" There was no way Lin Fan would believe in the bullsh*t spouted out by the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Buddha Eyes his a*s! Who the h.e.l.l was he trying to trick? He must have done something dirty when he f*cked Lin Fan over the previous time and left something in that G.o.d Mountain of his or something; Lin Fan must not have discovered it back then, that was all.

"Boundless, who is this mortal here?" The bright voice of the Radiant Master G.o.d spread out. His Power of Radiance permeated the entire world, basking the entire Heaven and Earth in a shade of pure white.

With two veteran powerful beings of the Immortal King state striking out together, the force produced was naturally something extremely incredible. Even if it were Geng Yangtian, he was definitely no match for the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, leave along adding the other dude in the mix.

There were different grades amongst the Immortal Kings as well. The Boundless Future Buddha Lord could be considered as one of the top tiered ones, someone way stronger than most ordinary Immortal Kings.

Right now, Lin Fan was frowning while wondering if it was time for him to start using his soap right now. However, he could not help but feel a sense of worry as well. If the soap did not work to f*ck both these guys over, that was going to make him end up in a rather disadvantageous situation.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord could only sigh out gently, "Radiant Master G.o.d, this person is nothing but a mere ant struggling in the wheels of fate within the Endless Mainland. If the Fate Master G.o.d were here, he might probably be interested."

The Radiant Master G.o.d smirked out slightly, "The Fate Master G.o.d swims in the rivers of fates and relishes in toying with the fates of living beings within the palms of his hands."

When Lin Fan looked at these two fellas here, his mind started whirling furiously as well. What should he do right now? There was no way these two fellas were going to let him off that easily or anything.


Lin Fan did not hesitate as he turned around and bolted right into the void with a furious speed. Right now, he truly knew that the strength of the Master G.o.ds of the Moon Shadow Mainland was not to be underestimated. This was especially the case for this Radiant Master G.o.d; to think that his strength would be even more formidable than Geng Yangtian as well!

Thinking about the seventy two Master G.o.ds that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord had mentioned, that probably meant that there were only seventy two Immortal King state beings in the Moon Shadow Mainland. As for the Endless Mainland, there was at least a hundred Immortal King state beings. However, in contrast, given what Lin Fan was witnessing right now, the difference between their strengths was pretty significant.

Based on what he had known so far, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord's strength was on par with the Radiant Master G.o.d. The only other person was that Selfless Demon Ancestor. However, Lin Fan did not even know if the Selfless Demon Ancestor was dead or alive at this very moment. If the former were the case, there was truly no Immortal King who could stand shoulder to shoulder against this Radiant Master G.o.d then.

This was something that could only be described as despairing.

"Benefactor, you will not be able to escape from this place." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord chuckled before slamming out his palm. A gigantic Buddha Palm crushed down, blocking Lin Fan's path of escape ahead.

"Holy Heavens!"

The Radiant Master G.o.d bellowed out, sending a Power of Radiance that penetrated through everything. A mighty Holy Heavens trapped Lin Fan within it; there was no chance for him to even run at all.

"This mother*cker is really giving no d.a.m.ned chances at all!" Lin Fan felt his spirits freeze up. Gathering his aura and channeling it, thousands of mystic skills burst forth from him instantly. He hurled out a single punch after combining all of them, the amount of power contained within it being vast and formidable.

This single punch contained every single mystic skill that Lin Fan had learned in his life, as well as his comprehension toward the Heaven and Earth. This could only be described as something that could cause G.o.ds and ghosts alike to cry out. As he spread out his fingers, multiple Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons bolted out.




They burst forth and slammed out right onto the Holy Heavens.

With that, a tiny crevice of a crack appeared. Without thinking twice, Lin Fan bolted right inside. The strength of these two fellas had far exceeded his expectations. Right now, there was only a single thought on his mind - to lure both of them to some faraway place and use the soap there right away so that he could f*ck these two guys to death completely.


"Come with me if you've got the guts!" Lin Fan hollered out, starting his plan to create more seeds of hatred in them toward him.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord and Radiant Master G.o.d were not bothered by Lin Fan in the slightest bit. In their eyes, this was but an ant making its futile final struggles.

With a single stride, 10,000 miles were crossed in a single breath. In the blink of an eye, both of them had appeared right before Lin Fan's face.

"Benefactor, if you can flip the palm of Your Buddha Lord, I'll consider this your victory." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord said out softly, then flipped out a single palm that covered the entire sky as though he had just deployed some unparalleled mystic skill. With that, the entire sky turned sparkling golden. Everything in sight was but that palm of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

"You're trying to play with me like a monkey!" At this moment, Lin Fan was enraged. Moving his fingers, he shouted, "Go on out, soap!"

Lin Fan did not want to think too much anymore. Since they wanted to play, he would play with them properly then!

The Lin Brand's Soap appeared right away.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was taken aback as his eyes squinted in focus. When he caught sight of that white soap, he spread open his lotus and disappeared right away as though he had just recalled something.


In a flash, he was gone just like that.

"What? How could this?" Lin Fan was stumped as though he had just seen a ghost. How in the world was this Boundless Future Buddha Lord so smart as to know to escape right away?

"Boundless, what is the meaning of this?" The Radiant Master G.o.d was confused, not understanding what was going on exactly.

Lin Fan was secretly hating in his heart. That motherf.u.c.king dogsh*t! To think that he would know of Your Daddy's plan!

He had only used that soap on the Kunlun G.o.d Sect once before. Could the Boundless Future Buddha Lord have already been watching out for his tricks since that time?

Otherwise, why else would he just dive right into the void without waiting the moment Lin Fan took out his white soap?

It must be because the Boundless Future Buddha Lord knew of the might of this soap. That must be the case given that crazy hasty escape!

Looking at everything before him, that solemn and dignified countenance of the Radiant Master G.o.d let off a suspicious shade on it. Why had the Boundless Future Buddha Lord disappeared just like that? Could he have spotted something or what?

Looking at the Radiant Master G.o.d standing erect up in the void, Lin Fan gritted his teeth. Since he had already taken it out, how could he waste it?

"Radiant Master G.o.d! Receive my move!" Lin Fan shouted out.

That white soap flew over to the hands of the Radiant Master G.o.d with an extremely weird trajectory. Stunned, the Radiant Master G.o.d caught the soap in his hand by reflex.

"What's this?" The Radiant Master G.o.d felt nothing but bewilderment.

All of a sudden, his hand slipped, and the soap dropped down in the void.

The Radiant Master G.o.d found himself freezing up as he lowered his head slowly to look at that soap beneath his feet. Instantly, he found himself filled with a weird sensation.

This was a soap that he had to pick up himself.

Only, this angle he was in didn't seem all that right for him to do so.

The Radiant Master G.o.d took a single step back before arching his back down while making sure to raise his b.u.m high up gloriously. He then stretched out to grab the soap with his hand.

Instantly, the entire world fell silent. It was as though time had come to a stop.

Shocked, the Radiant Master G.o.d snapped to his senses right away. How could he be doing something as such?

"He's short of a second fiddle." Lin Fan knew of the effects of the soap. As long as one were to bend over and pick up the soap, they would definitely receive a ferocious attack from the back.

"Big Ancient Demon, I'm counting on you!" With that, Lin Fan tossed the Big Ancient Demon out right away.

When the Big Ancient Demon, who was in the midst of cultivating diligently, caught sight of this, he yelled out, "BIG BRO! WE DECIDED ON THIS BEFORE!"

At this moment, how could Lin Fan be in the mood to haggle with the Big Ancient Demon? He directed the soap and had the Big Ancient Demon attracted toward it immediately.


Suddenly, the Big Ancient Demon appeared behind the back of the Radiant Master G.o.d! Those muscular arms of his clapped left and right before he planted them firmly on both b.u.t.t cheeks of the Radiant Master G.o.d.


Within the mind of the Radiant Master G.o.d, it was as though a thunderbolt had just slammed down.


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