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The Boundless Future Buddha Lord had left by now. However, that encounter had allowed Lin Fan to understand that the former must have conspired with those people from the side of the Moon Shadow Mainland. Otherwise, there was no other reason why he would appear before them and request for them to not get involved in that matter.

But of course, how could Lin Fan agree to something like that? And, to think that that fella would have the cheek to dare appear before him once again! He was simply asking to die! If the other party had descended with his true body, that soap of Lin Fan would definitely not stand on courtesy and give him a welcome greeting to let him know just how powerful it was!

Geng Yangtian did not know about the background of this Boundless Future Buddha Lord, the main reason being that the latter had existed from a time even earlier than Geng Yangtian himself. At the same time, he was gravely injured and had lived like a hermit without revealing himself to the rest of the world for long. Therefore, there was naturally no one who had any idea of who he was at all.

It was the same for Selfless Demon Ancestor. After being confined for dozens of thousands of years, who in the world would actually know of his background anymore? Unless they were beings who were familiar with the history of those times back then, most people would definitely not know of anything at all.

"Lin Fan, you've got to be careful." Geng Yangtian said.

Lin Fan nodded his head. "Don't worry, Old Master. I know that in my heart."

Lin Fan was not entirely clear about what the situation was like right now. But, given the way the circ.u.mstances looked, it didn't seem like there was no one in the Endless Mainland who knew about those of the Moon Shadow Mainland. The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was clearly someone who knew about them. And if that were the case, there must be quite a number of other people who knew of it as well.

After leaving the depths of the sect, Lin Fan found the Grandmaster of the Sword Qi Sect.

Right now, the Sword Qi Sect could have been considered to have perished entirely. The remaining few disciples had only managed to escape with the help of an Immortal Weapon.

Lin Fan wanted to know exactly in which direction those Western fantasy styled fellas had appeared from.

The Ocean of Death was extremely huge, and lined the entire border of the Endless Mainland. If he wanted to just slowly search that line to look for those people from the Moon Shadow Mainland, that would be more difficult than difficult itself.

Therefore, Lin Fan had to ask for a general picture from the Grandmaster of the Sword Qi Sect.

And indeed, the answer he got eventually did not disappoint him at all. At the same time, when he recalled the situation with the Hundred Flower Sect, Lin Fan came to a single conclusion. Since the Hundred Flower Sect and the Sword Qi Sect were located really close to one another, this could only mean one thing — those people from the Moon Shadow Mainland were all gathered around a single area.

Without waiting any longer, Lin Fan dove right into the void and headed over to that area. He wanted to see for himself just what was going on with the other side. And, if he could investigate and make out their background, things couldn't get any better then.

He arrived at the place where the Hundred Flower Sect once resided. After being crushed by that gigantic palm of Lin Fan, there was an enormous handprint embedded into the ground. He then looked over into the distance ahead. 1,000 miles ahead was where the Sword Qi Sect used to exist. And, in front of both of these sects was the Ocean of Death.


A figure sped through the void. Given Lin Fan's current speed, a distance of a thousand miles was something that he could cover in the mere blink of an eye.

Moreover, Immortal King state beings would even be able to descend their consciousness through a single thought. Even reaching the edge of the world instantly wouldn't pose an issue at all.


An explosion sounded out in the distance; Lin Fan knew that this must be the place that he was searching for. Diving into the void, he entered his Stealth mode and retracted his aura, making sure that there was no sign of activity from him.

Creeping ahead stealthily, when he caught sight of what was before him, Lin Fan was astounded.

"Holy f*ck! So many people!" Lin Fan was beyond surprised right now as though he had just seen a ghost.

Right now, on the sh.o.r.es of the Ocean of Death was shining a pentagon star with a continuous light. Each time it shone, there would be a large army that would appear. The strength of these armies was far from ordinary: Supreme state beings, Immemorial Ancient state beings, True Immortals, Mystic Immortals, Golden Immortals, Ancestor Immortals etcetera… all were present.


A single look over and Lin Fan could tell that they amounted to a couple hundred million at least.

His heart froze up, feeling that everything was way too terrifying for him to even begin imagining.

How many disciples did the Heaven and Earth Sect have? Even if he were to add everyone in, the very most that they had would be a million. And that was already quite a significant amount.

Even if they were to add in some of the other sects, being able to reach a hundred million in numbers was practically the limits for them.

The Endless Mainland had a rather large population as well. But, the main point was that these people before Lin Fan right now possessed an extremely incredible amount of strength. If they were let loose in the Endless Mainland, they themselves would already be extremely horrifying existences.

But, the scariest thing was that this was not all there was to it. That pentagram star was still shining and flashing out relentlessly. Who knew how many of them there would be eventually.

In any case, Lin Fan was truly taken aback by this situation. He did not know just how many people from the Endless Mainland were going to come over.

At that moment, Lin Fan's gaze was suddenly attracted toward some people. Those were people of the Endless Mainland! And by the looks of it, they seemed to be from some sect or something!

Lin Fan's brows furrowed, feeling a little heated over this. To think that some of the sects would actually betray them!

These sects were not major sects; all of them were just some small sects. There was no way the major sects of the Endless Mainland would actually collude with these people of the Moon Shadow Mainland!

Even the most evils of all sects would not find themselves defecting over to the Moon Shadow Mainland.


At that moment, a Buddhist Light shone out within the void.

Lin Fan knew that it was the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Therefore, he focused his spirits and did not dare to let even a single trace of his presence slip out. Even though he had the soap on hand, he still had to be more cautious with his actions. Before he had a hundred percent confidence toward the situation, there was no way he was going to use the soap just like that.

He did not know what the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was doing. He seemed as though he was just patiently waiting for something to happen. At that moment, a bright power burst forth from the pentagon star.

This beam of light was pure and radiant, illuminating the entire world in its glory. It was as though this was the holiest light that had ever appeared in the world.

At that moment, the void above the pentagon star gave birth to a pristine and exquisite Gate of Heaven. With a single creak, this snow white Gate of Heaven opened up as the countless living beings down below knelt down to welcome its arrival.

A saintly glow spilled out into the world and landed onto the bodies of those followers. Immediately, the faces of those followers were filled with a look of bliss as though they were craving for nothing more than this light.

At that moment, a figure walked out of the Gate of Heaven, with a saintly glow emitting off its back as thirty six pairs of wings spread out to cover the entire sky; majestic and holy beyond anything else.

The Radiant Master G.o.d had descended down upon the world. His might was torrential, such that one could not even raise a single bit of will to resist him.

On the sides of the Radiant Master G.o.d were Radiant Angels appearing one after another. Every single angel seemed like the most sacred apostles, spreading and announcing the brilliant and G.o.dly wisdom of the Radiant Master G.o.d.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord chuckled out, "To think that they would have you come first. Could it be for you to come and discuss some wisdom of the Dao with Your Buddha Lord here?"

The dignified yet sacred face of the Radiant Master G.o.d turned around and looked over at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

"Well, for you, the Radiant Master G.o.d, to open up the paths for the seventy two Master G.o.ds, I don't reckon that's a bad thing either. After all, your Radiant Laws could match up with my Buddha sect. How about we make a wager?" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord spoke up.

"Alright." The Radiant Master G.o.d nodded his head.

Lin Fan had been eavesdropping on the conversation between the two of them the entire time. Right now, he felt a bit of astonishment in his heart. To think that there would truly be a Master G.o.d appearing here, and the Radiant Master G.o.d at that!

The Radiant Master G.o.d of the G.o.d race was someone who was claimed to be in possession of a billion-men-strong army. Just those angels that were surrounding him were already innumerable, creating a horrifying sight.

"Buddha is merciful and will purify the ma.s.ses. Benefactor, why would you have to do this?" At that moment, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord sighed out softly as he pointed a finger over at the spot where Lin Fan was hiding.

A tremendous Power of Buddha sliced through the Heaven and Earth, bringing with it an unrivaled might. When Lin Fan caught sight of that, he was totally shocked as though he had just seen a ghost. How the h.e.l.l did that fella know he was there?

Impossible! Absolutely impossible…!

"Radiant Sacred Hall - Eternal Light."

At that moment, the Radiant Master G.o.d made his move as well. The thirty six pairs of white wings behind him flapped out gently as a sacred burst of light shot forth, shrouding the entire Heaven and Earth.

Right then, Lin Fan was so scared that his soul was literally shocked out of him. b.l.o.o.d.y mother*cking h.e.l.l, he had really b.u.mped into a ghost…!

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