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This was the first time Lin Fan was not prepared to eradicate the enemy down to the very last being. Allowing that gigantic dragon to escape might not be that bad of a deal as well. Who knew, he might be able to lure back a bigger group.

"Stop shouting now. h.e.l.l, I'm even feeling embarra.s.sed for you. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, calling yourself a Dragon Knight and whatnot? Even your dragon has abandoned you! You might as well change your name." Lin Fan sighed out, feeling a huge ton of sympathy for this fella. 'There goes a fine dragon abandoning him just like that. If anyone was in his place, they would definitely find it absolutely unbearable as well.'

"Oria! You are not fit to be a battle comrade of the great Jayce! From this day forth, I, Dragon Knight Jayce, shall officially sever all ties of comradeship with Oria!" Dragon Knight Jayce roared out in shame and fury. After that, as though he had suffered some tremendous blow, he clutched at his chest in pain and declared.

Then, he cast his sights toward Lin Fan and said, "I, Dragon Knight Jayce, will definitely not fear an Indigenous Being such as yourself! Prepare to die!"

"Dragon Knight's Battle Technique - Whirlwind!"

Jayce raised the spear in his hand up high and leaped up. With that, his entire body was wrapped up by a dragon whirlwind as he bolted out toward Lin Fan.

"I, Dragon Knight Jayce, am the strongest, loftiest, and bravest Dragon Knight in the entire Moon Shadow Mainland! Even though you are extremely strong, Indigenous Being, I am not afraid of you!" The Dragon Knight Jayce roared out, making it seem as though his image was absolutely high up and incomparable. He was sounding as if other than Lin Fan, there was no one else in the world who could stand up against him.

Lin Fan merely stood there and blinked his eye. Was this guy a moron or something?

As he deployed his battle technique, the Dragon Knight Jayce was wrapped by a whirlwind completely.

Toward an opponent as such, Lin Fan was too lazy to even slap him to death; his strength was simply way too weak. Even if Lin Fan were to slap this guy to death, it would do nothing for him at all. Although, he could definitely capture this guy over and have him purified. He could then take a look at just what was up in the Moon Shadow Mainland, and how many people they had sent for this invasion into the Endless Mainland.

"Get over here!" Lin Fan spoke up and grabbed out at that whirlwind straightaway.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan could feel some feedback coming from the void around him.

"I, Dragon Knight Jayce, have never ever known fear! However, you better stay there and wait! Once I get stronger, I'm going to come and have my revenge!"


The whirlwind dissipated, and a scroll dropped from within.

Looking at the scroll, Lin Fan picked it over.

'Ding… Discovered used Teleportation Scroll.'

Lin Fan tossed it away immediately as he looked into the distance with a gaze of disdain, "So d.a.m.ned b.l.o.o.d.y shameless!"

Good and Evil Buddha Sect…

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord looked down at the entire world with a contemptuous look on his face, gazing into the distance. As he opened his palm, ten Buddha Lords were seen sitting down cross-legged in the deepest parts of his palm. These ten Buddha Lords were linked with chains one after another, causing a mysterious Buddhist power to infuse into the body of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord from them.

"The Dao of the Heavenly Lord is one that is boundless without limits, profound with an infinite depth. It isn't something that you can enter just by depending on the evil path. Ancestor Master, you have entered the path of the devil." The Buddha Lords who were seated cross-legged within his palm called out.

Closing his palms together, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord snorted out coldly before entering the void and heading toward the direction of the Ocean of Death, leaving a golden brilliance in its wake.

Soon, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord arrived at the Ocean of Death. Walking into it, the Dimensional Portal activated, teleporting him right to the Moon Shadow Mainland.

This was a new world right here, bearing a completely different outlook from the Endless Mainland.


Looking at the countless of living beings here, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord muttered out the Buddhist chant softly, sending a boundless Buddhist Light seeping right into the Heaven and Earth. It was as though the light was trying to envelop the entire world within it.

However, all of a sudden, the boundless Buddha Light seemed as though it was repelled by an obstruction of sorts, sending it bouncing and shrinking back into his body.

Lin Fan waited at the ruins of the Sword Qi Sect for several days. However, he saw no enemies arriving. Bored of it, he finally left the place.

Boring... This was truly way too boring! To think that they wouldn't send any reinforcements even after a few days.

Heaven and Earth Sect…

After returning, Lin Fan headed over to look for the Old Master right away.

"Old Master, I b.u.mped into those outsiders once again. At the same time, I had a huge fight with one of the clones of the Undead Master G.o.d. I reckon that the strongest powers amongst those outsiders should be those Master G.o.ds of theirs. They should also be of Immortal King states." Lin Fan said.

Geng Yangtian had already known of these affairs. "After you left, I went over to some of the other sects and requested to browse through their records as well. At the same time, I went to visit some of the hermit seniors of the Immortal King state as well. I've already found out the reason behind everything. The Moon Shadow Mainland is the place where these outsiders come from, a place which exists over the Ocean of Death."

Lin Fan nodded his head. "Old Master, should we take the initiative to head over and strike at them so that we can give them a good beatdown right away?"

This was the very plan that Lin Fan had. Since the other party had already come knocking, why not just strike back at them directly? Who knew, they might even stand to gain something out of it.

Geng Yangtian looked at Lin Fan before shaking his head, "Impossible! The other side is way too strong. As for our sect, all the sects are divided, all fending for themselves. Unless we're united, there's most likely no way for us to defend against them at all."

"I've already informed the other major sects regarding this affair now. I'm sure they should understand what we should do." Geng Yangtian replied.

With a situation as such, Lin Fan did not bear too much hope. Given those people right now, how could they possibly unite?

This was especially the case for the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. If they were willing to join hands, that would be akin to b.u.mping into ghosts right now.


At that moment, a Buddhist voice traveled over.

"Good and Evil Buddha Sect."

A tear appeared in the void from within the depths of the sect as a figure walked out.

Looking at that fella, Lin Fan was somewhat taken aback, "It's you…!"

He had not expected that it would be the Boundless Future Buddha Lord! How in the world did this fella manage to get out?

Geng Yangtian's brows furrowed as he put up his guard right away. He knew of all the Old Masters from the Good and Evil Buddha Sect. But this guy here…

"Old Master, watch out. This is the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. He f*cked me over once in the past. To think that he would have gotten out." Lin Fan remarked.

But, Lin Fan soon realized that this was merely a trace of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord's consciousness.

"Geng Yangtian, the reason for Your Buddha Lord's arrival here this time around is to clarify a certain matter. The affairs regarding the Shadow Moon Mainland is not something that concerns the Heaven and Earth Sect. After everything is done with, there will naturally be an encounter available for the Heaven and Earth Sect." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord spoke up.

"Does not concern your mother! b.l.o.o.d.y bald monk! How in the world did you get out?" Lin Fan scolded him the moment he saw him.

When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord caught sight of Lin Fan, he let out a slightly benevolent look, "Ah, it's you, Benefactor. Your Buddha Lord greets you politely."

"F*ck! Don't come here and act so hypocritically, you b.l.o.o.d.y devious bald monk! Your Daddy is here to tell you that I'm definitely going to take this matter into my hands! As long as they dare to come, I'll destroy every single wave that they dare to send over!" Lin Fan barked out angrily.

"And also, bald monk, if you have got the b.l.o.o.d.y guts, send your true body over! Do you believe me when I say Your Daddy is going to whip you badly into shape?" Lin Fan continued.

"Benefactor, that's insolent now." The tone of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord turned frosty. Initially, he wanted to strike out, but he then suddenly broke out into a faint smile. "Benefactor, we'll meet again should affinity will it."

"F*CK! You wanna run? Not so easy!"

Lin Fan hollered out as he threw a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon over.

"Self destruct!"

Geng Yangtian was startled, "Don't…!"


The depths of the sect began to quake. "Gosh, lad! Couldn't you wait! This place is extremely fragile, and cannot withstand the self destruction of a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon!"

"Amitabha." The face of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was still expressionless. Casting a final deep gaze over at Lin Fan, he dove into the void and got out of this place.

"Hmph! You're lucky you got away fast!" Lin Fan scolded out.

Geng Yangtian looked over at that area in the void where the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was standing moments earlier, "Be careful from now on. That person's cultivation state is even higher than mine. He's most likely an Ancient Immortal King. That is an existence not to be underestimated."

Lin Fan nodded his head. He knew that the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was extremely strong. However, he wasn't afraid of him in the slightest bit.

No matter what, the last chance of that soap was definitely saved for this guy here. This Boundless Future Buddha Lord had better start praying that he didn't b.u.mp into Lin Fan ever.

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