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At this moment, Dragon Knight Jayce was retreating far, far away. To think that Andrew would go crazy enough to sacrifice himself and summon down the Undead Master G.o.d's descent! Even though there was no way he could possibly have the Undead Master G.o.d descend fully, just his clone alone would be extremely formidable!

Master G.o.ds were utmost and unrivaled; there was nothing they could not do.

"OH, MIGHTY MASTER! DESCEND UPON US…!" Andrew was extremely wretched right now. The dragon breath of that gigantic dragon made Andrew question his entire life altogether. The corrosive power of that dragon breath was eating out at his body. The strength of this Indigenous Being was way too strong! He had to sacrifice his body to the mighty Master so that he could call upon the latter's powers!

Lin Fan, on the other hand, was somewhat excited right now. Based on Andrew's actions, this should mean that his Master was about to descend! Lin Fan wondered how strong the latter would actually be. That thought alone had him feeling pretty excited, to be honest!

The Grandmaster of the Sword Qi Sect stood forth, wanting to fight shoulder to shoulder with Lin Fan in battle. However, to Lin Fan, this guy was just being nothing more than a burden!

"You leave this place first. Head over to the Heaven and Earth Sect and report to them everything that has happened here." Lin Fan took out a pill for him to consume, helping his wounds heal up instantly. The young man did not hesitate at all as he dove right into the void to head over to the Heaven and Earth Sect.

The situation in the Endless Mainland was only getting more interesting with time right now. Not only were enemies descending upon them, they were even from those western fantasy worlds that he had known of in the past!

Gigantic dragons, Necromancers, etcetera... Lin Fan wondered what sort of fun these guys would bring about.

All of a sudden, the entire void tore apart as a gigantic black hole appeared above everyone's heads. Within that gigantic blackhole was a boundless power gushing out, coiling throughout the entire Heaven and Earth.

At the same time, the aura of death burst forth rampantly.

At the entrance of the black hole were countless Undead Spirits that were floating around while wailing out.

"This powerful being that is about to descend is definitely of a higher cultivation state than an Immortal Lord." Lin Fan's heart tensed up slightly, evidently not expecting that the other side would have a powerful being of this level as well.

In the Endless Mainland, the strongest powerful beings existing right now were the Immortal Kings. As for the Heavenly Lords, there was no trace of them at all. Even Lin Fan himself had never caught sight of a Heavenly Lord yet.

If that Western World could have a powerful being of the Immortal King state, THAT would be quite something now.


And just as Lin Fan was pondering over that, a horrifying aura erupted. Unable to withstand this tremendous power, everything in the surroundings was devastated. As for Lin Fan, he just raised his head without any signs of uneasiness. Just what could it be?

At that moment, a black robe appeared.

Under the black hole, the black robe was fluttering randomly. When that boundless might descended down from the Heavens, it seemed as though a true G.o.d was descending, filling the entire world with its might. Any common peasants would all have to bow down in subservience under this aura.

Underneath the robe were two golden flames that were burning just like eyes, flickering with a frightening glow. The aura emitted from it was absolutely chilling to behold.

"Mortal…I am the Undead Master G.o.d…" A metallic voice traveled from beneath those black robes. This was an icy cold voice, without any emotions at all.

Lin Fan took a quick glance, having a slight idea about what was going on. This was a projection through his consciousness — the cultivation base of the Undead Master G.o.d should be at the Immortal King state.

When Dragon Knight Jayce caught sight of this clone of the Undead Master G.o.d, even he bowed down that arrogant head of his. While his faith was not toward the latter, the might of any Master G.o.d was not to be trampled upon. One must always maintain a respectful heart toward them at every moment.

"Interesting!" Lin Fan acknowledged while producing a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon on his palm before bending his body over and hurling it over to the Undead Master G.o.d.

"Here's a treasure for you!" Lin Fan chuckled out as the Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon flew over through the void. The hand of the Undead Master G.o.d which was hidden beneath that black robe reached out and grabbed at the item.

"Mortal…" Just as the Undead Master G.o.d spoke up, something horrifying happened.



The Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon blew up right away. Right now, Lin Fan wanted to see just what sort of damage this would deal to the Undead Master G.o.d. Perhaps, something unexpected might come out of it!

The might of a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon's self destruction was far from normal. This was something that could cause G.o.ds and ghosts alike to cry out. Being so close to the impact zone, the black hole was nearly destroyed by it entirely.

"Seems like it's just that little bit off." After this experiment, Lin Fan understood the situation fully. Expecting a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon to deal damage to any powerful beings of Immortal King state was still too much of a forced attempt.

The Undead Master G.o.d beneath the black robes was only blown up a little, without sustaining anything really heavy.

When Dragon Knight Jayce caught sight of this scene, he was scared frozen for a moment or so. He had not expected that this Indigenous Being would dare to strike out at a Master G.o.d! These were some bold guts he had right there!

"Mortal… How dare you be disrespectful to a Master G.o.d?" The Undead Master G.o.d roared out as those flames at his eyes burned even more furiously, filled with an endless wrath.

Right now, Lin Fan's cultivation base was at the Immortal Lord state. There was still quite a bit of a difference between him and an Immortal King. However, this was only a mere clone of the Undead Master G.o.d, so Lin Fan was totally unfazed in the slightest bit.

If this were the true body that had descended, Lin Fan's interest might have been piqued slightly. But now? This was pretty boring.

The Undead Master G.o.d was incensed right now as his boundless rage surged across the Heaven and Earth, as though it was bent on incinerating the entire world completely.

"You ought to go down to h.e.l.l!"

Instantly, Level 9 Forbidden Curses started appeared in front of the Undead Master G.o.d one after another.

"Undead Heavenly Punishment!"

"Darkness Heaven Screen!"

In the blink of an eye, all of these super Forbidden Curses were laid out between the Heaven and Earth.


The entire sky turned pitch black, with thick, dark thunderbolts crackling out. It was as though the entire world had turned into a World of Darkness.

"Undead Master G.o.d, if this were your true body that had descended, I might have actually found things being a little bothersome to deal with. But now that it's merely a clone of yours that has appeared, there's no chance of you winning at all."

Lin Fan spoke out calmly, unbothered by the existence of the other party entirely.

This was a battle between mystic skills and magic... Interesting!


A single sword was slashed out...

With that, the clone of the Undead Master G.o.d was sliced apart right away.

Lin Fan glared up into the void fixedly. Did this fella think that he was the Lin Fan of the past?

Right now, he was already an Immortal Lord state being. If he could not even destroy a single clone of an Immortal King, how was he going to reign over the world?

If this were the true body that had appeared and intended on fighting Lin Fan head on, he might not be a match for the other party given those circ.u.mstances. However, he was someone with the Lin Brand's Soap. If he truly couldn't f.u.c.k the other party over, all he had to do was to just throw a bar of soap over then! That would surely solve any bit of problem there would be!

But of course, there were only two chances left on the Lin Brand's Soap. He had to make use of them wisely. If he were to use them on some unnecessary targets, then he would be taking a h.e.l.l of a loss!

"Mortal... Just you wait…I will descend personally." The voice of the Undead Master G.o.d sounded over, filled with an endless hatred toward Lin Fan.

Lin Fan merely shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly before turning his gaze over at that last remaining being in the area, Dragon Knight Jayce.

When Dragon Knight Jayce caught sight of Lin Fan's gaze, he felt his heart skip a beat, "Dragon Knights do not know of retreat! Even if we can't match up to the other party, we will never back down!"


Jayce howled out, wanting to ride on his gigantic dragon. But to his horror, his gigantic dragon had decided to run off straightaway without even giving him a chance!

"ORIA…!" Jayce screamed out. However, that gigantic dragon flew away without even turning back.

Well, it was true that Jayce had the spirit of a Dragon Knight…However, the dragon didn't have that for sure! It was a b.l.o.o.d.y gigantic dragon, one that held a n.o.ble bloodline of the gigantic dragons! How could it possibly die here?

When Lin Fan caught sight of everything, he could not help but break out into a stifled laugh.

Were these guys f*cking playing out a comedy sketch to make him laugh?

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