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"Who are you?"

Suddenly, Andrew's face changed slightly. He had not expected that at this critical moment, there would be an unexpected change in events! To think that there would be another Indigenous Being that would appear, and would even have caught his Spear of Undead with his bare hands!

Appearing before the young man, Lin Fan pointed out with his finger, stopping the Spear of Undead with his fingertip alone.

"Are you alright?" Lin Fan asked.

The Grandmaster of the Sword Qi Sect opened his eyes. When he caught sight of everything before him, his heart skipped a beat, "What are you?"

"Heaven and Earth Sect's Lin Fan."

Lin Fan replied casually before grabbing the long spear which gave off an extremely mysterious energy. This energy was not the same as the powers here in this world. At the same time, there was even a dark and sinister aura that reeked of death lingering around it.

Flicking his wrist gently, Lin Fan swung the spear right back.


Being repelled back, the spear tore out a black trail in its flight through the void, causing a gigantic sonic boom to burst out due to its incredible speed that tore the void right apart.

When Andrew caught sight of everything before him, his heart tightened.

"Undead Protection!"

At that moment, a gigantic barrier appeared right before Andrew's face. This was a Level 3 Forbidden Curse. Out of every single defensive magic he knew, this was the strongest of them all.


In the next instant, the barrier shattered completely. The Spear of Undead bolted right through Andrew's body subsequently and continued its flight far into the distance, before finally pinning itself deep into a wall.

"So strong!" The Grandmaster of the Sword Qi Sect looked at everything before him with wide open eyes. He had not expected that such a horrifying enemy would be suppressed with such ease!

Heaven and Earth Sect? Lin Fan?

When he thought more into that name, the face of the Grandmaster of the Sword Qi Sect took a stark change as though he could barely believe it. Wasn't that the powerful being that had the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect suppressed?

He was the powerful being that even White Saint of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect had to admit defeat against!

But, who would have thought that this guy would have appeared here as well!

The gigantic dragon that was at the side flapped its wings furiously as though it was completely stumped by this scene before him.

Dragon Knight Jayce's brows furrowed up as though he could not believe everything before him. To think that this Indigenous Being would be this strong! He knew of Andrew's strength personally, but to think that this other party could take him down with such ease!

Standing there, Lin Fan surveyed his surroundings. Indeed, things were just as he had thought of them to be: this was truly a Necromancer. Otherwise, there was no other way he could possibly summon those skeletons and revive these dead people such that they would become battle tools for him.

As for that gigantic dragon up there, wasn't that just the dragons in the western worlds? That guy clad in an armor and standing right on top of it with a spear must definitely be a Dragon Knight then.

In Lin Fan's eyes, things were truly starting to get more interesting right now.

Honestly, how everything was going to play out would be anyone's guess from now on.

At that moment, a series of laughter trawled over from the distance.

"To think that this Indigenous Being would actually possess such strength. That's truly fascinating!" For some reason, Andrew, who had his entire body had suddenly pierced through made his way back perfectly fine and dandy! That hole through his chest had not affected him in any way at all!

Seemed like this should be where the power of Necromancers lay.

Dragon Knight Jayce called out, "Andrew, don't get too careless now! The strength of this being is extremely strong. How about joining forces?"

"There's no need! For a mere Indigenous Being of this caliber, why would we even need to join forces?" Andrew declared confidently. At the same time, those lifeless eyes of his suddenly started shining with a weird glint. Fascinating! This was truly way too fascinating!

With that, Andrew looked over at Lin Fan carefully and revealed his dark, black teeth, "Indigenous Being, you are truly strong. But, this should end here."

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin, "Interesting…"

Andrew raised his wand up high.



Right at the moment Andrew was chanting his incantation, Lin Fan disappeared right where he was. When he next appeared, he was right above Andrew, stamping down with his feet.

"You despicable Indigenous Being! How could you choose to strike at this moment?" Being trampled down by that foot, Andrew was extremely infuriated.


This was simply way too despicable!

He hadn't even chanted his incantation to its end!

Lin Fan's brows knitted out, "Are you some braindead f*ck or something? Who in the world would wait for you to finish chanting in a battle?"

"You're a Necromancer, and I am the so-called a.s.sa.s.sin in your world then. To think that a mere Wizard would dare to challenge an a.s.sa.s.sin? Are you stupid or what?" Lin Fan declared in disdain.

Andrew was stumped, as though he had yet to recover from his senses, "How do you know about these things…?"

He had not expected that this Indigenous Being would know that he was a Necromancer! He even knew of the term a.s.sa.s.sin! This was something that was absolutely impossible in his eyes.

"Get lost!"

At that moment, Dragon Knight Jayce suddenly raised his spear and pierced right down at Lin Fan. The twisting power slamming out of the spear caused the entire void to distort in its presence.

Raising his hand high, Lin Fan grabbed the tip of the spear before turning his head over, "Dragon Knight…"

Dragon Knight Jayce's face changed. "You…!"


The gigantic dragon that Dragon Knight Jayce was riding on could no longer bear with it as it spat out with a fiery dragon's breath.

While Lin Fan's lips curled into a smirk, Andrew was the one who was yelping out in fright, "I'm still under his foot!"


The dragon's breath enveloped Lin Fan up entirely. Under the mighty dragon's breath, even that firm and resolute ground was giving off a sizzling sound while being burned up.

When Dragon Knight Jayce caught sight of this, his heart tightened a little, wondering what the situation was like right now.

He did not know whether that Indigenous Being had died because of this. However, he firmly believed that there was no one in his world who could remain alive after receiving that fiery dragon's breath of his gigantic dragon; even he himself could not do it.

"So, this is a dragon's breath. b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, it stinks!" A voice rang out from within that fiery dragon's breath.

"STOP IT! STOP IT…!!!" Andrew was wailing out as though he was taking an incredible amount of damage from this.

In the next moment, the dragon's breath dissipated.

There was nothing wrong with Lin Fan. In fact, there wasn't even a single inch of his body that was damaged from head to toe. However, the same could not be said for that Andrew, who was trampled down by Lin Fan's foot. He was in an absolutely wretched state — his skin had burned off into bits and pieces, revealing the chilling sight of his white bones.

"How could you do this?" Andrew spoke up as the charred skin on his lips dropped off. Everything within his mouth could be seen with extreme clarity, which was quite horrifying.

Dragon Knight Jayce's heart was beyond astounded right now. He truly could not believe that this Indigenous Being could be this strong!

Andrew yelled out hoa.r.s.ely, "Go…! Attack…!"


That gigantic army of Undead Spirits gushed out at Lin Fan like a swarm of locusts. Looking at everything before him, Lin Fan opened his mouth.

"Heavenly Dragon's Music!"

A formidable soundwave burst forth from Lin Fan's mouth, quaking the entire Heaven and Earth. Under the might of this tremendous impact, that entire Undead Spirits Army was disintegrated without a single chance of fighting back at all.

Looking at everything before him, Andrew's face shone with a look of unparalleled horror.

"I'LL SACRIFICE EVERYTHING OF ME, AND MY ONLY REQUEST IS FOR THE DESCENT OF MY MASTER…!" With that, Andrew's absolutely chilling voice right now permeated out into the void, generating an absolute might.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan raised his head as he could feel some formidable power approaching from within the endless void.

He took a step back furiously. There was no way these two fellas were going to escape from him. But, he did not expect that this Necromancer would still have a technique as such up his sleeves! Was he trying to summon some sort of a mighty powerful being or something?

Or rather, a Master G.o.d?

At that moment, Lin Fan was bubbling with antic.i.p.ation.

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