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This once magnificent sect was now derelict and in a state of ruins, where dust clouds spread everywhere. There were countless strange looking figures that were surrounding this dilapidated sect right now.


A gigantic dragon with two wings on its back was growling out furiously. Spanning a hundred feet tall, each time it opened its mouth, a ferocious dragon breath shot out. Wherever the breath pa.s.sed, everything was evaporated into nothingness. Standing on the body of this gigantic dragon was a man wielding a long spear and donning an ornate piece of armor. He was just like the king of the Nine Heavens, looking down on the rest of the world in disdain.

Below the gigantic dragon stood figures draped with black robes one after another. All of them were chanting out some incantations in their mouths, causing the pitch black magic wands they were wielding to emit off a vile and sinister power.

The ground quaked as though there was an endless legion of howling Undead Spirits underneath.

One after another, sets of white bones were revived from under the ground. Some of these white bones shone with a silvery glow, some with a golden glow while others having a rainbow glow to them. It was a bedazzling gleam; however, their aura was an exact opposite, being frosty and chilling. They were just like the vile demons of the Nine h.e.l.ls themselves.

"To think that the bodies of these Indigenous Beings would be this strong. The Undead Spirits created from them are pretty darned strong indeed!" An elderly figure waved out the wand in his hand, and all of a sudden, those disciples that had died in the battle seemed as though they were possessed by something and bolted upright. At the beginning, the movements of these corpses were somewhat rigid. But gradually, they began to regain some fluidity. At the same time, their eyes were pitch black, looking extremely horrifying.

When the Dragon Knight riding on the dragon looked down on everything before him, he remarked in a bright voice, "To think that everything was real. After 10,000 years, they had finally arrived here and laid down the Dimensional Portal. For the sake of our Master, we shall bring down glory on the rest of the world. Everyone shall have to bow down under the magnificent brilliance of our Master."

The moment he lifted his hand, the elderly figure which could summon the undead looked over at the Dragon Knight with a pair of lifeless eyes, "Dragon Knight Jayce, we have to wait for the arrival of the great army and must not act brashly. Because of you, we were already forced to have all the Indigenous Beings here slain. If this were to arouse the attention of all the other Indigenous Beings in this place, that would definitely impede our march."

"Andrew, don't you think that all these Undead Spirits of the Indigenous Beings that you are controlling over right now are the spoils of war?" Dragon Knight Jayce asked.

The place where they were from was called the Moon Shadow Mainland. There were initially many races in that place. However, after the development over countless of years, it had already been unified as all the different races bore a single universal ident.i.ty.

All of them had absolute faith toward the seventy two Master G.o.ds. As a part of the Dragon Knight Denomination, his faith lay in the Dragon Knight Master G.o.d. Bringing with him the glorious splendor of the Dragon Knights, he would ensure that he spilled over a little of that same glory onto every single Indigenous Being he encountered. They would be given the honor of becoming slaves to dedicate their entire lives to the great Master G.o.d.

Andrew was satisfied right now, "But of course… The bodies of these Indigenous Beings are simply way too strong. The mysterious power that they wield is even more fascinating. I suppose that I should definitely research on them properly after heading back to see if I can create even stronger Undead Spirits with them."

"d.a.m.n it…d.a.m.n IT!" At that moment, a young man struggled to crawl up and stand in the ruins, wielding a longsword in his hands. His entire body was stained with nothing but fresh blood. However, the moment he caught sight of everything before him, his heart sank as though he had just lost every single last bit of hope.

"WHO IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GUYS? WHY THE h.e.l.l DID YOU HAVE TO DESTROY MY SECT?" The young man howled out as his body was coiled by an unrivaled killing intent.

A torrential wrath burst forth from him and pierced right into the skies above, causing the entire Heaven and Earth to quake because of it.

When Andrew looked at this Indigenous Being that was still alive at this very moment, his lips curled into an extremely sinister and creepy smile, "To think that the strongest Indigenous Being isn't dead yet. That must be the reason why the strongest Undead Being isn't created just yet."

The gigantic dragon that Dragon Knight Jayce was riding on sneezed out slightly, as though it wanted to have this Indigenous Being killed in a single breath.

Andrew stood forth and stopped it, "Don't strike out. The research value of this Indigenous Being is extremely high. I have to preserve his full corpse."

"Indigenous Being, bow down and declare your allegiance to me, Andrew. I can bring you to witness the glorious brilliance of the Undead G.o.d personally." Andrew spoke up.

"Undead G.o.d?"

This young man was none other than the Grandmaster of the Sword Qi Sect. The longsword in his hand was quivering slightly in fear, as though it was being afraid of this unknown terror awaiting them. However, his heart wasn't fearful in the slightest bit; instead, it was filled with wrath.

"EVEN IF I DIE, I WILL MAKE SURE YOU GUYS PAY THE PRICE!" The young man bellowed out as the hatred within his eyes shot out endlessly. It was as though he could explode at any moment right now.

Andrew shook his head before lifting his hand and chanting out slightly.



All those disciples of the sect that Andrew had transformed into Undead Spirits took up their swords and surrounded this young man lifelessly.

When the young man caught sight of all his previous disciples, his heart clenched up tightly as though he was in a deep pain.




The young man reared his head into the sky and howled out. He could not feel any bit of life from these disciples of his at all. All of these people who were just filled with life earlier on were now gone with the wind.


The eyes of the young man were bloodshot as he raised his sword and slashed out toward these disciples of his that had turned into Undead Spirits.


Wherever the Sword Qi pa.s.sed by, everything was destroyed.

He stabbed the longsword deep through the chest of an Undead Spirit disciple.

"Grandmaster…" The Undead Spirit disciple extended his hand and grabbed the longsword in his hands.

The young man's head bolted up right away as he looked at this disciple before him, eyes streaming with tears of blood. "Yes, Grandmaster is here…!"

"Why do you have to kill me…?" The Undead Spirit disciple opened his mouth and spoke out softly. But, when the voice traveled into the ears of the young man, it exploded out like thunder.

The young man's head dropped low right away as he cried out, "Why…"

He then lifted his head, "Don't worry! Your Grandmaster will take revenge for you!"


Sword Qi sliced out as that Undead Spirit disciple shattered apart right away.

"DEGENERATES! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU GUYS!" The young man howled out in wrath. No matter how severely injured he was right now, he would definitely have to take revenge for his disciple.

Andrew's eyes sparkled with a glint of surprise, "To think that the will of this Indigenous Being would be this strong! If I were to refine him into one of my Undead Spirits, he would definitely make a remarkable Undead Spirit slave!"


The young man bellowed out as his longsword streaked right into the void and sliced at it. That formidable Sword Intent pierced through the void and struck out at Andrew.

When Andrew caught sight of this, his lips curled into a grin, "Oh, mighty Undead G.o.d! Do allow your n.o.ble might to descend upon this place!"

"Sealing Technique!"

"Abysmal Swamp!"

"Land of Undead Spirits!"

At that moment, gigantic star pentagrams floated out one after another in front of Andrew, with a terrifying darkness and a horrifying aura of death reeking out of them.



All of a sudden, the firm ground beneath the young man turned into a patch of swamp that was bubbling with a jet black liquid! From within, skeletal hands appeared one after another that grabbed out at the legs of that young man, trying to drag him down into this endless abyss.

At the same time, that Sword Qi that he had struck out into the air was suddenly grabbed onto by demonic pitch black hands one after another, dragging it into that Land of the Undead Spirits.

"How could this be?" When the young man caught sight of this, his heart was anguished beyond anything else. Why must the enemies be this strong and yet he was only this weak?

"Spear of the Undead!"

At that moment, Andrew's finger pointed out into the void, causing it to tremble slightly. A penetrative power that was filled with an aura of death burst forth from it.

With that, a pitch black spear pushed itself out of the void bit by bit.



That Spear of the Undead exploded forth, darting right for the chest of that young man.

When the young man caught sight of that Spear of the Undead, his heart was filled with grief, indignation, and despair at the same time.

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