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"Then what is up with the situation of the Hundred Flower Sect?" Geng Yangtian had a bad feeling about this.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment, "I have someone of my family in the Hundred Flower Sect, and the sect was being surrounded by those people earlier on. If I hadn't gotten there in time, they might have been annihilated by the enemy by now."

"They've appeared again?" Geng Yangtian's heart tensed up a little. However, he wasn't all that bothered by it. Even though these guys were invaders, the sects of the Endless Mainland were not so easily bullied either. And, even if these guys were really all here, at most, they would just have to chase them back where they came from. Therefore, Geng Yangtian naturally wasn't overly concerned with it.

There were few people who truly knew about the ins and outs of the entire issue. And even if anyone did know, they were probably all the extremely old fogeys.

"We'll leave this matter as such first. As to where they hail from, we do not know even at this moment." Geng Yangtian replied.

Lin Fan nodded his head and wasn't overly concerned either, "Yes! I guess we'll just have to wait and see first. But just in case, I'll have the Hundred Flower Sect reside in the Heaven and Earth Sect for the time being. Once everything tides over, I'll observe how the general situation plays out."

After that, Lin Fan conversed with Geng Yangtian for a little more regarding some other issues before taking his leave.

The original place where the Hundred Flower Sect resided was a gigantic palm imprint on the ground, creating a trench.

No signs of any life were left there, the entire place filled with a deathly silence. Ever since the Hundred Flower Sect was taken away from this place, there was a desolate feeling about it.

At that moment, a sound transmitted over.

In the deep trench that was created, a figure struggled and stood up with extreme difficulty. Looking at everything around him, his mind then flashed back to that horrific sight from earlier on. That had his heart skipping a furious beat. As though he had just seen a ghost, he then struggled and raced for the place where they had arrived at.

Ocean of Death…

That person walked right into the Dimensional Portal; he had to report everything that he came across here. The strength of the Indigenous Beings that resided here was extremely strong. Even the Lord Aide of the G.o.d of War had been slain by them!

Their entire army was defeated... Completely defeated!

In another mysterious secret ground in the Endless Mainland, a place where no one else could gain access to.


Suddenly, a figure appeared out in the midst of this secret ground. However, his method of arrival was somewhat different. It was as though he had just been dropped into this place from somewhere else.

When the person caught sight of the situation of the secret ground, he burst out in a wild laughter.

"HAHA! The treasure ground left down by my ancestors! This was a real place indeed! Seems like this IS the intended destination I wanted to arrive at!" This man was extremely young. Now that his cultivation base had reached the Golden Immortal state, arriving at this place had his spirits literally skyrocketing.

He knew that the time had come for his lucky encounter. As long as he were to get the treasures in this secret ground, his cultivation state would definitely rocket up into the skies from this day forth.

But at that moment, there was a particular stone tablet that caught his attention.

'Boundless Future.'

'Buddha is merciful.'

'Boundless Future Buddha Lord.'

Looking at this tablet before him, the eyes of the young man shone with an even more brilliant gleam.

"Being of affinity, you have arrived…" At that moment, a bright Buddha voice rang out from all directions. The young man was startled for a moment before putting up his guard, "Who are you?"

"Amitabha! Being of affinity, since you have arrived, come on in then. I am the Boundless Future Buddha Lord."

After hearing that, the expression of that young man turned even more emotional. He then walked in right away.

At that moment, the entire scene changed.

All of a sudden, the path ahead of him was lit up with a brilliant golden light. Under a tree far in the distance was a monk who was seated cross-legged with his eyes shut. The Buddhist Light at the back of his head shone brightly and illuminated the Heaven and h.e.l.l.

Behind his body was an extremely mysterious gear that was revolving slowly. Each time it made a single turn, the entire void around it would tremble slightly as though the Buddha was becoming one with the Heaven and Earth.

"Who are you?" The young man was startled by the sight before him. This was the first time he had come across something as such.

"I am you, and you are me." Even though the lips of that monk did not move, the voice found its way into the mind of the young man.

Freezing up for a moment, the young man continued, "Don't come here and try anything funny. I came here seeking my encounter."

"I am your encounter."

With that, the eyes of the monk bolted wide open. From them, a brilliant golden Buddhist Light was emitted.

"You…!" The young man was taken aback. Through those eyes, he could make out a trace of coldness. Without any hesitation, he sprinted back where he came from. He could feel that he was definitely no match for this monk before him! It was only by leaving this place he could go back to safety!

"Amitabha! I am boundless... I am the future. Why do you choose to run upon seeing me? Come back." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord spoke up calmly. But suddenly, the aura of his entire body changed as an extremely sharp aura burst out of him.


A gigantic Buddha head appeared between the Heaven and Earth. Opening its huge mouth, it swallowed that young man in a single mouthful.

"Indeed, an incarnation encompa.s.ses the Infinite Worlds and works its way in full circles. Even though this is only a Golden Immortal cultivation state, it is more than enough."

At that moment, the monk stood up as his eyes flashed with a sinister glint. Under that tree, another figure appeared suddenly. This figure had no aura, and was just seated there cross-legged.

"Since you guys refuse to believe that I, Future, am able to accomplish the Heavenly Lord state, I, Future, can only proceed while defying the Heavens and attain my unparalleled Buddha Fruits. They have arrived, and with them, the great accomplishments of I, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, shall bloom as well."

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord smiled out calmly, causing everything around him to shatter. Be it the secret ground or the void, everything disintegrated into smoke before vanishing between the Heaven and Earth.

"Selfless Demon Ancestor, this game of chess that you've started has only just begun."

Right after that, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord disappeared from the face of the world.

Good and Evil Buddha Sect!

This was one of the nine major sects, with a boundless Buddhist light covering it and a vast Buddhist nature enveloping the entire world it was located in. In this harmonious and peaceful place, there were no demons or monsters who would dare to come and act brazenly here.

And just at this moment, countless disciples raised their heads up. They had discovered that there was a surging Buddhist Power spreading over across the skies in a place far away.

When they finally caught sight of the true face of that force, all of the disciples were stunned. On a lotus seat sat a golden Buddha, with the Future Gears revolving around slowly; the future had begun.

"Amitabha! All of you disciples, why aren't you guys kneeling down upon coming to face Your Buddha?"

When all of those disciples caught sight of this Buddha, their hearts skipped a beat. Even though they did not know who this person before them was, they could suddenly feel a tremendous repressing force crushing down on them. It was as though the force was just suppressing their spirits and forcing them to kneel down and receive him!

A magical cloud revolved around the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, as he seemed like the only thing that could exist within the entire world; everything else would just disintegrate into nothingness.


The Boundless Future Buddha Lord spoke up gently before extending his Buddha hand slowly and grabbing out at the Good and Evil Buddha Sect.

That Buddha hand shone with a sparkling bright golden light that seemed boundless. Under this palm, the entire Good and Evil Buddha Sect seemed exceptionally insignificant.

All of the disciples could feel themselves turning extremely insignificant under the might of that Buddha palm, having no way of resisting it at all.

At that moment, a Buddhist voice boomed out and spread in the entire world. The might of the Buddha had descended, and was cleansing the entire world.

"Ancestor Master, you have descended down the path of the Evil Buddha. Why have you chosen to return?"

Within the depths of the Good and Evil Buddha Sect floated a series of lotuses. Floating out in the void, they formed a gigantic lotus that stood against the gigantic Buddha hand to defend against it.

"What is mine…will be mine. No one will be able to take that away from me." The tone of ruthlessness in the voice of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord turned even stronger as that gigantic lotus started breaking apart. It was no match at all against this might.

"Even though all of you juniors may be Buddha Lords as well, there are different cla.s.ses and grades of Buddha Lords. You are all nothing but Lower Grade Buddha Lords. If you do not convert, the only path that awaits you is death!"


At that moment, a bold Buddha voice retaliated from the depths of the Good and Evil Buddha Sect. However, it was eventually drowned out by that single palm of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, and finally, silence ensued.

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