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Heaven and Earth Sect…

All the disciples were excited beyond anything right now after experiencing that miraculous event of Immortal Pills descending. Their respect toward Senior Brother Lin knew no boundaries. They could not wait to even bow down and lick his toes in respect.

Right at this moment, some of the disciples were getting the shock of their lives when they caught sight of a gigantic black ma.s.s approaching them from the distant skies.




The Heaven and Earth Sect hadn't messed with anyone recently other than the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. However, the Kunlun G.o.d Sect couldn't possibly be this powerful that they were ready for their counterattack after such a short period of time, right?

When the Vice Grandmasters of the sect caught sight of that black ma.s.s far in the distance, their brows knitted slightly, not understanding just what was going on either.

"There's no need for worry. It's your Senior Brother Lin." But soon, one of the Vice Grandmasters spoke up.

Only, he did not know just what that disciple was up to once more. What the h.e.l.l was he bringing back a b.l.o.o.d.y mountain for?

"Eh? That seems to be the mountain of the Hundred Flower Sect, isn't it?" A sharp eyed disciple exclaimed out.

"What? Hundred Flower Sect? What is Senior Brother Lin trying to do here? Why did he bring over the ENTIRE mountain of the Hundred Flower Sect?"

"Holy f*ck! Senior Brother Lin is not thinking about turning the Hundred Flower Sect into a hotpot too, is he? That's way too scary!"

"I heard that the Hundred Flower Sect is filled with beauties to the brim! Will Senior Brother Lin end up killing all of those beauties?"

"What are you blindly guessing at? Do you think that Senior Brother Lin is someone like that?"

The disciples conversed in their hushed whispers secretively. All of them had heard of the Hundred Flower Sect before - that was a sect with a bevy of beauties. There were countless virgin bachelors who were always keeping their eyes out for those beauties in that sect.

But well, one could look at how things were now. Senior Brother Lin had literally uprooted the entire Hundred Flower Sect as a whole and brought it back to the sect. They did not even know if all of those beautiful disciples within that sect had been killed off by Senior Brother Lin or not.

If they had really been killed, that would be one h.e.l.l of a heart-breaking scene.

From the void, Lin Fan tossed the entire Hundred Flower Sect to a side of the Heaven and Earth Sect, considering his task done.

"All of you head back to the sect first. I'll go discuss something with the Old Master." Lin Fan did not say much as he headed toward the depths of the Heaven and Earth Sect.

At the same time, he left down some orders for the watchful disciples, "The Hundred Flower Sect will temporarily reside in the Heaven and Earth Sect. All of you guys take GOOD care of them. Whether or not you can find your other halves will depend on your own doings. However, if anyone dares to force themselves on someone else, don't blame me for destroying you."

"What? The Hundred Flower Sect will be residing within the Heaven and Earth Sect temporarily?"

"F*ck me! Senior Brother Lin is way too incredible, isn't he? To think that he could even scam the entire Hundred Flower Sect back!"

"Could that have been a hint from Senior Brother Lin to us? He knew that we're all bachelors. Hence, he's giving us the opportunity to interact with these beauties!"

"I think that is highly likely to be the case! What are we still standing here dumbly for? Hurry up and go host them properly! If any of those junior sisters were to take a liking to us, we could graduate from this career of being a bachelor!"

"I love senior brother! Senior brother loves me! From this day forth, I shall bow down in servitude to Senior Brother Lin for my entire life!"

"All of you had better listen up! Fair compet.i.tion now! If anyone dares to play dirty, I'm going to report you over to Senior Brother Lin!"

"That's for sure! We're all disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect! We've got to treat them courteously!"

This time around, Lin Fan had truly done a tremendous deed — all of the countless disciples from the Heaven and Earth Sect would always remember how good Senior Brother Lin was to them. Where else in the world would they go to find such a wonderful senior brother? They had finally understood that senior brother was just thinking with their happiness in his heart!

In the hearts of all of these disciples, Senior Brother Lin was the BEST Grandmaster Candidate ever.

When the other Grandmaster Candidates caught sight of this, they could not help but sigh out gently in their hearts.

Seems like there was truly no hope left for any of them to take on the Grandmaster seat anymore. However, they did have some interest toward the beautiful ladies of the Hundred Flower Sect as well.

Cultivating daily caused their days to feel extremely dry. If they could somehow find their other halves, this would be quite a decent thing to do as well.

In the depths of the sect…

This was a separate dimension that was cleaved open by the Old Masters. The Spirit Qi here was rich, and there was even a mysterious aura mixed with it. This was a place that could bring about a tremendous benefit for any martial artist.

Therefore, for those disciples who had performed a great merit, the biggest reward they could hope to achieve was to enter this place to cultivate.

At the same time, there were even shards of Dao comprehension scattered around the place, created by the Old Masters through their understandings of the Heavens and Earth. If any disciple were to comprehend them, their cultivation states would naturally skyrocket tremendously.

"Old Master! Old Master…!!!" The moment Lin Fan entered the depths of the sect, he started yelling out.

Right now, Lin Fan's status in the sect was exceptional. Other than the Old Master, he was the most incredible existence. Even the Grandmaster was extremely pleased with him.

If not for the fact that the experience points for his Twisting Heaven and Earth had already been maxed out, all of the Old Masters and the Grandmaster would definitely not be able to escape the grasp of Lin Fan's evil hands. This was something they should be extremely grateful for.

"I'm over here. Stop shouting now." Geng Yangtian came out of the void, "What's wrong? And what's with this Hundred Flower Sect affair as well?"

Right now, Geng Yangtian had truly half given up on this disciple. He could not figure out what this lad was doing at all. For the issue with the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, he could just let it be and forget about it now. But, what was with this disciple uprooting the entire Hundred Flower Sect to implant them over at the Heaven and Earth Sect?

If any other sects were to find out about this, they would definitely be rife with gossips!

"The affair of the Hundred Flower Sect has an extremely important correlation to what I'm about to tell you right now. Old Master, do you know anything about this sh*t?" Lin Fan took out the gigantic sword and tossed it over.

Looking at the gigantic sword, Geng Yangtian's brows furrowed. He observed it carefully, "There are seven dents. Something should have been in them, right?"

"Yes, there were… Seven Crystal Cores. But, I've crushed all of them." Lin Fan replied.

Geng Yangtian entered a deep contemplative state, then pointed out at the void. Instantly, from within the endless void shot out rows and rows of bookshelves. These bookshelves were as tall as the Heaven itself - this was where the depths of the Heaven and Earth Sect's resources lay. Every single thing that had happened in the Endless Mainland after the sect was created were all recorded within this place.

"Those people did not seem like they were beings of the Endless Mainland." Lin Fan said.

Geng Yangtian shook his head, "The Endless Mainland is extremely huge, and there are many places that we do not know of just yet. I'll have to look through the records of our sect right now to see if anything was mentioned about this."

A single thought allowed him to screen through millions of books. It didn't take long before Geng Yangtian's eyes bolted wide opened, filled with shock.

"Those people that you came across… Did they happen to look like this…?"

At that moment, an illusory figure appeared out in the void. That figure was wielding a staff, with a crystal object the size of a basketball perched right on top of it. In that illusory image, that figure was chanting out some mysterious incantation, when all of a sudden, the entire world turned into a patch of fiery red, as an endless number of blazing meteors plummeted down from the skies.

"Holy f*ck! Meteor Storm?" When Lin Fan caught sight of that, he could not help but exclaim out. After all, that was an image he was familiar with.

Before he had crossed over to the Xuanhuang World, Lin Fan had read countless of novels and played an endless myriad of games. Wasn't that a b.l.o.o.d.y Wizard?

Lin Fan pressed on impatiently, "What is the background of these people? How did they appear in the Endless Mainland?"

Geng Yangtian finally understood the situation.

"They did not arrive at the Endless Mainland… These people are living beings of the Endless Mainland. According to the records of our sect, these people reside on the other end of the Ocean of Death. In the past, they had come over a long, long time ago. However, they disappeared eventually. As for the details of the event, there are none of them. At that time, the Heaven and Earth Sect was yet to be established. All of this information was found from the remnants of everything left behind."

Lin Fan nodded his head. He wasn't someone of the Endless Mainland either. Based on all the novels that he had read in the past, those were most probably westerners.

"Are their professions Wizards, Swordsmen, Berserkers, Beasts, Elves…? And not only that, do they possess seven different styles of magic…?" Lin Fan asked.

Geng Yangtian was bewildered, "Why did you come and ask me when you're even clearer about their traits than I am?"

Lin Fan, "…"

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