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The cultivation base of this strange fella before them was clearly only that of a Golden Immortal full cultivation state; perhaps, he could be considered to be half a step away from becoming an Ancestor Immortal. However, the amount of power bursting forth from that gigantic sword in his hands was actually that of an Ancestor Immortal!

Not only that, this was definitely not an Immortal Weapon created by any sect or anything within the Endless Mainland — there were no Laws of the Immortal Dao coiling around it. Honestly, it was those seven embedded gemstones that were giving off an incredible and strange power.

'Could this be some sort of a Power Body from the western fantasies?' Lin Fan was bewildered. The facial constructs of this person before him was dented and protruding at different angles. At the same time, both pairs of eyes were not black and white; instead, they were blue. As for the images etched onto those body armors, no matter how he looked at them, they looked like G.o.d Spirits of the western world.

"LET GO!" Xi Ousi roared out before hollering out, "G.o.d Technique - Annihilating Doom!"

At that moment, Lin Fan caught sight of those seven gemstones embedded on the gigantic sword shining with a blinding light as a tremendous amount of power burst from it. With that, an immense repulsive force slammed out onto his palms.

In the eyes of everyone else, that tremendous repulsive force was powerful beyond anything else. But for Lin Fan, it was just like a soft little tap on his body; he felt nothing at all about it.

When Xi Ousi caught sight of everything, his eyes grew wide open in disbelief. He could not dare to believe that this Indigenous Being before him could be this formidable! That was a Legendary Weapon he was wielding, one that was embedded with the Crystal Cores of seven Super G.o.d Beasts! Back where he came from, that was an extremely formidable Legendary Weapon! To think that this Indigenous Being here would actually be able to hold it in his hands without even tearing his skin!

"d.a.m.ned Indigenous Being! Go to…" Xi Ousi roared out, wanting to burst forth with the powers of the G.o.d of War. But all of a sudden, a burst of Astral Wind struck out at him.

Lin Fan had slapped down with a single palm. As though he was slapping a mosquito, it landed on the body of this fella.


Disintegrated into dust.

That initially formidable Xi Ousi had disintegrated away into nothingness just like that. There wasn't even a single sc.r.a.p of him left at all.

"What's this sh*t?" Lin Fan took the gigantic sword in his hand and observed it.

'Ding…Congratulations on discovering Super Legendary Weapon G.o.d of War Seven Sword.'

Lin Fan plucked out the seven gemstones and held them up in his hand. Looking at them left and right, he realized that the power contained within them was simply way too weak.

He went on to pinch slightly with his fingers…


The seven Crystal Cores shattered out and turned into stardust that spilled out into the air.

When all of the invading servants caught sight of how Xi Ousi was killed by a single slap of the other party, their faces were filled with looks of horror.

"He just killed the Lord Aide of the G.o.d of War with a single slap!"

"Ah! Those were the Seven Crystal Cores of the Super G.o.d Beasts! They are supposed to be indestructible! To think that this guy would have pinched and crushed them! Just what in the world is this Indigenous Being? Does he not know just how precious those Crystal Cores are?"

"Those seven Crystal Cores of the Super G.o.d Beasts are practically priceless! You can only purchase a single one of those with 1,000,000,000 Purple Crystals!"

"Run! Hurry up and run! That Indigenous Being is way too scary! There's no way we're a match for him at all!"

All of those servants were absolutely aghast right now. Thus, all of them bolted off and tried escaping far, far away as though they had b.u.mped into ghosts.

Lin Fan looked at everything before him and frowned. As he lifted up his hand gently, the void suddenly exploded out as a gigantic palm appeared between the Heaven and Earth, which then pummelled down onto those escaping servants.


The entire ground quaked out as dust clouds spread everywhere. Under this single palm strike of Lin Fan's, all of those servants were disintegrated into dust, without even a single sc.r.a.p left.

"Just what sort of a background do these guys have? There doesn't seem to be any other being just like them in the Endless Mainland, right?" Lin Fan was truly starting to get a little suspicious now.

However, as to where they hailed from, it didn't matter to him in the least bit.

After all, as they said, 'what will come, will come'. Remembering what they said, they referred to them as Indigenous Beings. Did this mean that they had just discovered this place?

Watching everything before them, the disciples of the Hundred Flower Sect were all absolutely dumbfounded by now. They could not believe everything that was happening before them.

Horrifying! Way too horrifying!

All of those formidable invaders were extremely strong, such that they were not even prepared to fight back at all. But for this man who was floating up in the void right now, all of them seemed like nothing more than ants. With just a single casual slap of his, he had all of them crushed to death.

Lin Hanyu flew up into the void, "Little Brother…"


Everyone who did not know about it in the Hundred Flower Sect went into a complete state of shock. What did she just say?

To think that Junior Sister Lin would have floated up into the void and addressed this powerful being as her younger brother! What in the world was their relationship?

When the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect caught sight of everything, her eyes flashed with a bright glint. She had not expected that Lin Hanyu's younger brother would have been THIS strong. This was completely unexpected!

"Big Sister, are you alright?" Lin Fan asked.

"I'm alright." Lin Hanyu nodded her head, "Little Brother, how did you find out that I was in danger?"

Lin Fan smiled out, "I had felt the feedback that was coming forth from the Immortal Weapon that I've given you. Therefore, I rushed over from the sect."

Lin Hanyu nodded her head in happiness. She had not expected that not only did her younger brother not blame her for everything that had happened back then, he had even rushed out all the way to save her. This was something that had her extremely touched.

Then, Lin Fan came down with Lin Hanyu to the Hundred Flower Sect.

The Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect rushed over immediately. There was no way she could tell Lin Fan's cultivation state at all. Not only that, the Hundred Flower Sect had not caught wind of what happened to the Kunlun G.o.d Sect yet. If they knew, they would have long been frightened to death.

All of the female disciples of the Hundred Flower Sect looked over at Lin Fan with bated breaths. To think that such a powerful being would be Junior Sister Lin's younger brother! All of them started whirling with thoughts in their minds.

Looking at the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect, Lin Fan only nodded his head in acknowledgment, "The backgrounds of these people seem to be somewhat mysterious. It would be safer for the Hundred Flower Sect to relocate to some other place."

This was Lin Fan's suggestion. Whether or not the other party took heed, it would be none of his business anymore.

Even though the strength of those people who were here earlier on was extremely low, they were practically powerful amongst powerful beings for the Hundred Flower Sect. If not for the fact that Lin Fan had rushed over in time, the Hundred Flower Sect would have basically ceased to exist after being mowed down completely by the other party.

After hearing those words, the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect went into a deep, contemplative state of mind. She truly did not know what she should do.

"Big Sister, you've got to come with me. It's only going to get more dangerous over here. By the looks of those people earlier on, they seem to only be the vanguard. As for how scary the upcoming powerful beings would be, I have no way of telling at all." Lin Fan said.

He was not prepared to leave Lin Hanyu behind here.

"Ah…" Lin Hanyu hesitated before turning over to her Grandmaster, "Grandmaster, let us relocate please. You've witnessed the situation from earlier yourself as well. If those people were to come again, the losses might be heavy."

The Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect shook her head, "If we leave this place, where can we head to?"

Lin Hanyu looked over at Lin Fan, not knowing how to resolve this matter.

Lin Fan's face revealed no emotions, "Head over to the Heaven and Earth Sect then."

Thinking back to those virgins of the Heaven and Earth Sect, Lin Fan could not help but sigh out. 'This is the most that your senior brother can help you, boys. Whether or not you all can get to succeed will have to depend on yourselves.'

When the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect heard this, her heart leaped with joy. This was what she had wanted. If they could build a closer relationship with the Heaven and Earth Sect, it would be an extremely good thing for the Hundred Flower Sect!

With that, the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect agreed to it as she let out a smile.

"Let's set off then." Lin Fan said.

Spreading his fingers open, he grabbed out at the Hundred Flower Sect. Just like that, he uprooted the entire Hundred Flower Sect with a single hand and lifted it up above his head.

A power of this level was something that had everyone completely shivering in fright. When the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect saw this, she too was equally stunned.

Who in the world could possibly compare with such profound powers?

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