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At the furthest place of the Endless Mainland…

This was a region beyond which the Heavenly Lords had treaded at one time. But ever since the Heavenly Lords disappeared, Immortal Kings could only stop at this end.

There was a jet black ocean, with no ends in sight. This gigantic black ocean was extremely still and eerily silent. There were no waves on the water surface, as though everything had solidified. The skies above the ocean were pitch black, with ominously dark clouds, the same color as the ocean itself. This entire place reeked of death.

Within all the major sects in the Endless Mainland were records of this place, which was called the Ocean of Death. There had once been a number of powerful beings who had wanted to head over to the ends of it to check it out. However, it was a one way trip for all of them — they were never seen ever again.

At this moment, on this vast and boundless Ocean of Death appeared a few spots of light. These few spots emitted a faint glow. If one hadn't been looking carefully, they wouldn't even have been able to make them out.


Lightning flashed and thunder crackled endlessly while the light spots approached. Gradually, a few colossal black objects came into view. All of those colossal black objects had black thunderbolts coiling around their bodies, tugging at them. They seemed to be trying to break free from it.

By the time they were finally close enough, those three colossal objects actually turned out to be three humongous ships! The front of those ships had the head of a mysterious beast perched on it, one that looked absolutely frightening. The eyes of those Colossal Beasts were blood red, and they gave off a vile, sinister aura. However, there were no records of such Colossal Beasts ever existing on the Endless Mainland.

The three colossal ships came to a rest at the beachside. The bodies of those ships were extremely derelict and tattered, looking as though they had been through an absolutely destructive wreck. But even then, they still completed their duty of arriving at this place.

A few days later…

The colossal ships started moving as a series of figures appeared on them. As every figure stood on top of those colossal ships, they looked at everything before them and entered a deep contemplative state.


All of a sudden, a crazed howl reverberated throughout the skies. That voice was absolutely horrifying, and filled with a trace of madness.

On the middle colossal ship stood an extremely tall figure. Protected by his black armor and wielding a gigantic sword in his hand, he looked like the most sinister Evil G.o.d in the entire universe. Leering down on the rest of the world, he spoke out softly, yet his voice caused the entire void to explode.

"Seems like everything was real. The Indigenous Lands! The Oracle left down by the Master of Chaos did not deceive us!" The gigantic figure roared out with his deranged laughter.

"Lord Aide of the G.o.d of War, we have been asleep for 10,000 years this time around. Three of our G.o.d's Arks are damaged." A servant reported while kneeling on the ground.

"Oh! I hadn't expected for it to be this long, such that even the G.o.d's Arks are damaged. Forget it! Set up the Dimensional Portal. Now that we've discovered such a piece of Indigenous Land, we must definitely conquer it." The Aide of the G.o.d of War spoke up.

"Yes, Lord."

That servant stood up and immediately surveyed his surroundings left and right. Finally, he caught sight of a slightly secluded place where he took out a couple of weird looking crystals. His lips twitched slightly as though he was chanting out some incantation. All of a sudden, those crystals burst out and floated up before forming a hexagram formation that was imprinted right onto the Ocean of Death.

"Lord, I've set it up." The servant reported politely.

"Yes, very good! The Master of Chaos was the only other person who had stepped foot onto this Indigenous Land! I, Aide of the G.o.d of War, Xi Ousi, SHALL BE THE SECOND ONE! ALL HANDS, GATHER! CLEAN UP THE ENTIRE PLACE IN A RADIUS OF 10,000 MILES FROM HERE!" Xi Ousi rallied.


Countless mysterious living beings wearing that same pitch black armor swarmed down from those three gigantic G.o.d's Arks, pushing forward with a formidable might.

Heaven and Earth Sect…

Lin Fan opened his eyes wide. After the hard work he had done to get himself rocketing sky high just by popping pills, he had gained quite a large amount of experience points. Right now, he wasn't all that far from the Immortal King state.

However, from this day forth, he might most probably not be able to pop down pills anymore, and was left with only killing others to level up.

Using the Weapon Crafting Legendary Materials he had obtained from the Senior Old Masters of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, Lin Fan had them all crafted into Immortal Weapons as well. However, to Lin Fan's disappointment, there wasn't even a single Special Item in there. That was truly extremely disappointing.

But, oh well, one might as well forget it then. If he didn't craft out any, so be it then. There were more chances to come in the future anyway.


Suddenly, Lin Fan felt his heart jerk. This was an extremely ominous sign. This was…!

All of a sudden, he bolted right up. Cleaving open the void, he dove right into them.

The feeling earlier on was caused by the feedback from one of the Legendary Weapons he had created.

That was a Legendary Weapon he had given to Lin Hanyu.

If there were a feedback, she must naturally be in danger.

Without any hesitation, Lin Fan bolted right over in that direction.

Hundred Flower Sect…

"Just what in the world are they?! How are all their moves so weird?"

"I've got no idea! These aren't any normal powers at all! Not only that, their speed is extremely swift! All of them are masters of the Sword Dao!"

"Their strength is crazy explosive! There's no way we can hold out against them!"

"To think that even the armor that they are wearing can have offensive capabilities! Earlier on, Junior Sister Hua landed a palm strike on them, but who knew that her entire palm would be minced away by the armor itself!"

As those female disciples of the Hundred Flower Sect looked at these horrendous creatures before them, all of their faces were filled with fright and terror.

And that this moment, the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect was engaged in a duel with that gigantic figure.

"Not bad, not bad! You have quite a good figure…Befitting of being one of my, Xi Ousi's slaves!" Xi Ousi burst out in wild laughter as that gigantic sword he wielded cleaved out right at the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect.

There were seven mysterious gemstones embedded into that gigantic sword. Each time he waved it, those gemstones would sparkle with a dazzling brilliance. Be it in terms of speed or strength, they were all enhanced.

Not only that, the gigantic sword brought with it fire, lightning, and all sorts of other powers.

When it got closer, one could even feel the scorching blaze emanating from it.

Right now, the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect was having an extremely tough fight as she glared at the person before her in a furious rage, "Just who in the world are you?"

Xi Ousi roared out in laughter before his face turned stern, "Listen up! I am Xi Ousi, one of the seventy two Aides under the command of the great Master G.o.d of War! All of you Indigenous Beings had better lay down and surrender right now! Otherwise, you shall all die…!"

The Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect was bewildered in her heart. She had no idea at all who these people were!

Who in the world was this Master G.o.d of War? What was up with this seventy two Aides and whatnot as well?

Furthermore, all the names sounded extremely weird. She hadn't even heard any of them before!

"Hundred Flowers Appearance!"

Taking a step forward, the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect waved out her palm and unleashed an unparalleled mystic skill.

When Xi Ousi caught sight of everything before him, he could only let out a cold laugh, "Hmph! Since you don't know what's good for you, you can just go to h.e.l.l then!"

'G.o.d Technique - Slaying Doom!'

At that moment, Xi Ousi's body burst forth with a golden aura as he slammed down the gigantic sword in his hand, digging it right into the Earth and cleaving it apart with a mighty force.



All of those supernatural powers wrapped around the gigantic sword, generating a boost to its current status!

The Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect felt her heart skip a beat as that unparalleled mystic skill of hers was destroyed entirely by the other party. The strength of this man before her was similar to hers, yet that gigantic sword he wielded was helping him boost his powers by a significant amount, rendering her entirely powerless!


The Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as her face was drained from all color.

"Grandmaster, you're not dead, right?!" Lin Hanyu rushed forward immediately and supported her Grandmaster. If she had not been depending on that Immortal Weapon that her younger brother had given her, she would not have been much better off either.

"Hahaha! How about now?" When Xi Ousi looked down at those ants, he could not help but roar out in a maddened laughter.

He, Xi Ousi, was THE greatest existence.

"I'm alright, but these people are way too strong. The weapons that they are wielding are way too sinister as well." The Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect exclaimed.

Lin Hanyu was getting fl.u.s.tered right now as well. She too was starting to realize that these guys were well versed in combat. The gigantic sword in their hands seemed as though they could slice through every single thing out there. At the same time, they brought with them some supernatural strength that had the defenders completely powerless against them.

"All of you Indigenous Beings… If you don't wish to die, you had all better kneel down obediently." Xi Ousi said with authority. With the gigantic sword in his hand vibrating, everyone felt their hearts clenching.

"Dream on!" Lin Hanyu yelled out.

"Hmph! Then death is the only path that awaits you." Xi Ousi roared out as he sliced down with that gigantic sword of his once more.

When Lin Hanyu and the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect caught sight of this, their hearts skipped a beat.


"Seems like I've still managed to get here in time."

All of a sudden, a figure floated out between the Heaven and Earth, grabbing that gigantic sword with a single hand. When Lin Hanyu caught sight of the person who had arrived, she called out emotionally, "Little Bro…!"

At that moment, Lin Fan froze as well. He had a b.l.o.o.d.y strange feeling after grabbing hold of that sword.

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