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Because of this affair, Lin Fan had turned into the greatest devil in the hearts of every single being in the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, from the top to the bottom.

From this day, all the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect were fervent with motivation. Other than cultivation, the only thing they wanted to do was MORE cultivation. That was because there was only a single wish in all of their hearts - have Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect trampled beneath their feet ruthlessly! In fact, from that moment on, the first iron rule that was implanted into new disciples recruited for the Kunlun G.o.d Sect was that they must be determined to take down Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect!

Out of no reason, those innocent new disciples of the sect in the future would find themselves being ingrained with a natural enemy just like that.

At this moment, the entire sky was silent while figures from both sides were floating gently in the void. White Saint no longer had any intentions, nor did he wish to carry on fighting with the Heaven and Earth Sect anymore.

He had admitted defeat. He had lost out to a single disciple, and because of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect as well.

If not for the fact that the legacy of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect was a nagging concern in his mind, he would have fought with the Heaven and Earth Sect all the way to the end, even if it had meant his death. After all, the dignity of an Immortal King was not something to be trampled on.

But right now, the reality wasn't something that he could control anymore.

There were too many things that White Saint was concerned about. He could not possibly allow the Kunlun G.o.d Sect to die in his hands. If he had mentioned threats such as not bothering if the entire sect was destroyed, that was because he still had quite a bit of confidence in himself. But right now, he no longer had any of the same confidence. If he hadn't admitted defeat, the sect was truly going to get annihilated.

White Saint reared his head and looked into the void. It was as though his mind had gone back to a time long past.

His Master, the Grandmaster of the sect back in his time, had patted on his head gently.

"White Saint, you must remember that the Kunlun G.o.d Sect is your home, and you must always watch over and protect it. Even if one day you were to die, you must not let it perish."

The young White Saint's eyes were glistening with a firm, resolute look as he nodded his head seriously.

"The Kunlun G.o.d Sect admits defeat today. However, from this day forth, the Kunlun G.o.d Sect and the Heaven and Earth Sect shall never have any relationship with one another forevermore. We shall be eternal foes." White Saint looked over at Geng Yangtian and said.

Geng Yangtian chuckled out before sweeping his robes around, "Let's go…"

Vast and mighty, the great war had ended just like that. This was the most intense war and battle that the entire Endless Mainland had ever seen. With this, the world now knew of the might of the Heaven and Earth Sect, as well as that tyrannical disposition of Lin Fan. There was most likely no other sect that would have the guts to go against the Heaven and Earth Sect anymore.

But of course, Lin Fan had gained a fierce notoriety over this single war as well. Even though he did not go through with any crazy or wild fights, the eventual outcome of everything had everyone understanding that this single disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect was the most horrifying existence ever. He was simply way too devious! Not only that, he was filled with methods and tricks. Most ordinary people would definitely not be able to play against him.

After the Heaven and Earth Sect left, White Saint looked at everything before him, then at the spectating audiences up in the void.


That voice was thunderous as the void crackled out and explosions burst out continuously. Even though some of the powerful beings up in the void were a little angered, none of them would dare to show White Saint any bit of att.i.tude.

After all, even if White Saint had taken a loss in the hands of the Heaven and Earth Sect, he was still not somebody that they could afford to trifle with at all.

These were troubled times for the Kunlun G.o.d Sect right now.

With their Grandmaster slain, they were like a dragon without a head. The only way was for him to take on the reins and lead the sect for now, so that they could tide through this crisis.

As for the great Dao of Heavenly Lord, that would just have to be put on hold for now…

Heaven and Earth Sect…

The figures of Lin Fan and everyone else appeared in the air.

With that, all the disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect broke out into wild cheers as though they were welcoming the return of a hero.

"Senior brother was simply way too strong! It's really super worthwhile to have joined the Heaven and Earth Sect!"

"That's of course! Why don't you check out just how powerful senior brother is! Even the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect was suppressed! How proud we can be whenever we go out from this day forth!"

"That single scene was way too stunning! How did senior brother even do that? To think that he could throw all the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect into that smelt!"

"Wow! Senior Brother Lin is so cool!"

"I wonder if senior brother has a partner."

"Don't go fantasizing now, will you? Even if senior brother doesn't have a partner, he's not going to take a liking to you!"

"Hmph! I'm confident in my mouth technique."

"Hue, flat chest! Can you sandwich it then?"

Lin Fan puffed out his chest. This day was simply way too awesome! Even though things had gone a little different from the way he had planned from the start, he still obtained a pocket-full of rewards. There was no loss for him this time.

After breaking through from the Saint Immortal state to the Immortal Lord state, he wasn't that far off from the Immortal King state now.

"Greetings to the Senior Old Master!" All the Vice Grandmasters and elders of the sect came forward to greet him. Watching that battle had their old blood pumping through their entire bodies. It was simply way too intense!

They were even wishing that they could just dive right into the fray and join in!

Qing Yangzi walked up front and gave Lin Fan a big thumbs up. Good showing!

Lin Fan smiled out gently in response. His heart was filled with immense pride right now.

After Han Juntian returned to the sect, he entered seclusion. Right now, he was going to have to stabilize his Immortal King state.

"Old Master, say, now that the Grandmaster has already broken through to the Immortal King state, is he going to step down?" Lin Fan asked.

Geng Yangtian coughed out gently, "N-No hurries there! Even though Han Juntian is now an Immortal King, he still has to rule over the sect for a good twenty years. This is a longstanding tradition in our sect."

Geng Yangtian naturally knew what Lin Fan was after. But to be honest, he was still a little fearful in his heart.

The battle between them and the Kunlun G.o.d Sect this time around was already enough to have him shocked until his jaws dropped down. If he were to let this lad take on the role of the Grandmaster right now, who knew what sort of trouble he would cause later on.

It was still better to hold it off for a little first.

In the past, there might still have been a comparison between Lin Fan and the other Grandmaster Candidates of the Heaven and Earth Sect. But right now, there was nothing to compare anymore. When those Grandmaster Candidates caught sight of Lin Fan, they could only spout out a single word.


As for contesting for the seat of the Grandmaster, they naturally did not have the capabilities to do that. At the same time, they knew that they had no more hope left either. The only chance they had was if they could climb up to a standard as high as that of Lin Fan.

Without lingering around for much longer, Lin Fan headed back for his own mountain peak. After obtaining so many treasures from the Senior Old Masters of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, he naturally had to make use of them properly.

Right now, he understood well that the Endless Mainland was still extremely dangerous. The most important thing to do was to still try and raise his cultivation state as high as he could.


Lin Fan took out all the items that he had obtained this time around.

Countless Immortal Pills!

Countless Weapon Crafting Legendary Materials

Countless Immortal Herbs!

All of these items floated out gently all around Lin Fan.

"Hais! What a magnificent fortune indeed! But, it is truly a pity that popping down Immortal Pills is really one h.e.l.l of a terrible experience!" Lin Fan shook his head helplessly in shame. However, for the sake of his personal safety, it was still better for him to just bite down his teeth and go along with it.

Although, before all of that, Lin Fan had to raise his Physical Body State first as well.

Now that he was already at Immortal Lord state, he naturally had to bring his Physical Body State up to the Immortal Lord state as well. This plan of cultivating both his insides and outsides was something that was extremely reliable.

Sitting cross-legged, he started hurling out punch after punch at himself.


'Ding… Experience Points + …'


'Ding… Experience Points + …'

Day after day, he lost track of how long it had been.

Lin Fan heaved in a deep breath of air as his eyes shone with a glint. His Physical Body State was finally there.

'Ding… Physical Body State has leveled up.'


He finally let out a sigh of relief. Right now, cultivation was a smooth sailing, in which he would not come across any troubles. While others needed to go into seclusion to comprehend the Heaven and Earth or make use of some pills to increase their cultivation process, Lin Fan only had to pop down pills and chop down people.

If others actually knew about that sort of cultivation method, they would definitely feel envy, jealousy, and hatred!

All of them would kill to have such a cultivation method as well! But, it was a pity that they'd never get the chance to do so.

Looking at the pills all around him, Lin Fan made some plans in secret.

If he were to leave them there, they would just be left there anyways. He might as well just swallow all of them down. If he were to die of disgust, he would just have to bow down to fate then.

It was only that some of the normal Immortal Pills were really things that Lin Fan could not even be bothered with. They gave him no benefits at all!

At that moment, Lin Fan raised his finger and pointed out, causing all Lower Grade Immortal Pills to fly out of that bunch of pills. Looking at them, Lin Fan's eyes shone with a look of disdain. He then slapped them out into the void.

"Scram off, you trashy useless pills!"


All of those Lower Grade Immortal Pills burst out of the place he was keeping himself in seclusion. Subsequently, then flew out of his mountain peak and floated up in the void before raining down on the sect.

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