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M-Madness! This was truly madness!

All of the powerful beings spectating no longer knew what they should say. How in the world did the Heaven and Earth Sect produce such a disciple? This guy was just trying to create trouble through and through!

And right now, they had finally understood as well - that lad truly DID have a solid foundation. Otherwise, there was no way he could have subdued Old Master Qi Tian.

And to their horror, that lad had even gone ahead and stabbed Tai Qiantian to death! This was just b.l.o.o.d.y heaven revolting!

Han Juntian looked over at Lin Fan, truly not knowing what to say anymore. This lad was too good at causing trouble. Not only that, wasn't he way too fast at striking out as well? He had gone ahead and stabbed Tai Qiantian to death without saying anything at all! This was just trying to go at it with the Kunlun G.o.d Sect till the bitter end!

"Old Masters, what are you guys still hesitating for? The path of cultivation was meant to be one where one could do anything they wished for anyway! If we're indignant, we f*ck them over! They have one less Senior Old Master now as well, so it's not as though we can be afraid of them, can we?" Lin Fan pushed.

Right now, he was truly getting hurried. If they still did not go for such a perfect opportunity, they would really be taking in a huge loss then!

Geng Yangtian was truly undecided right now. This was a huge matter here. Who in the world would just fight because they felt like it? At the same time, he could not help but feel a cold chill in his heart. Thankfully, they had noticed this early on. If they had allowed this lad to be the Grandmaster, wouldn't the Heaven and Earth Sect turn into a War Bulldozer?

But in all honesty, he did take quite the liking to this lad's personality. Only a tough personality as such could bring the sect forward to greater heights.

But of course, a personality as such had two sides to it. One would either become an extremely G.o.dly being, or they would die an extremely ghastly death.

White Saint's rage had attacked his heart entirely by now, "VERY GOOD, HUH? Killing my Kunlun G.o.d Sect's Grandmaster? No matter what, you guys will definitely have to account for this today!"

"Oi, White Saint Old Trash!" At this moment, Lin Fan raised his head and shouted out.

White Saint turned his face over with a grim, dark expression, "LAD! TODAY…"

Before waiting for him to finish, Lin Fan cut into his words, "White Saint Old Trash, don't speak now. The moment you opened your mouth, I already knew what you were going to say. Either you're going to have me dead thoroughly, or no one in the entire Nine Heavens and Ten Earths would be able to come and save me, or some sh*t like that. But, let me just ensure you that the Kunlun G.o.d Sect will definitely have to kneel before us today! Also, if you want to fight, come and fight! What's up with all the trash talk? There're too many people in this world who have died because they had too much trash to talk about."

"But of course, Tai Qiantian may not have mattered that much to you. What about this Old Trash here? How do you feel right now?"

At this moment, Lin Fan lifted Old Master Qi Tian. Right now, the latter was looking wretched than ever — there was no way he still had any bit of air signifying his status as a Senior Old Master of a major sect.

"How about now?" Lin Fan lifted Old Master Qi Tian in his arm and pointed over at White Saint while asking.

When Han Juntian caught sight of everything before him, his heart skipped a beat, "Lin Fan, slow down now. Don't get too worked up."

However, Lin Fan chuckled in response, "Don't worry, Grandmaster. I've never been worked up from the start."

When the Senior Old Masters caught sight of the scene before them right now, their mental states flared up. This lad here was just downright humiliating their Kunlun G.o.d Sect!



Before White Saint was even done with his words, Lin Fan's hand was lifted and dropped with a blade, sending that mysterious dagger digging right into the body of Old Master Qi Tian. A hole was cleanly dug with it, causing his fresh blood to gush out in a rush.

After being knocked unconscious by the Nine Five Legendary Brick, Old Master Qi Tian's powers had all sunk under, and there was completely no way for them to protect his body. Otherwise, given Old Master Qi Tian's strength, it was truly a huge question as to whether that dagger could have penetrated in the first place.

"Holy f*ck! That lad has really gone and stabbed it in!"

"Everyone, we better hurry and get further away from this place! This is definitely an inevitable battle right here! Who knows if we might be implicated in it!"

"Horrifying! This is simply way too horrifying! Is that lad truly not afraid of death or what!"

Everyone was mortified in their hearts, carrying faces full of disbelief. In their eyes, everything happening here right now was just way too horrifying.

Back when Tai Qiantian was stabbed to death, they were already appalled by it. But now that this guy had stabbed Old Master Qi Tian directly as well, what else could they say?

Lin Fan lifted up Old Master Qi Tian before rolling his eyes at White Saint, "Come repeat that again…"

Right now, all of White Saint's blood was literally rushing right into his head with rage, causing an endless fury to surge through him. He wanted to so d.a.m.ned b.l.o.o.d.y badly kill this lad mercilessly!


A maddened howl pierced the skies, causing a boundless might to explode forth from him, causing the Heavens to tremble. Some of the surrounding spectators with a lower cultivation state were rattled so badly that their blood was boiling furiously within them, turning them frightfully pale.

Not only was White Saint a Senior Old Master of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, he was also the number one powerful being in the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect. And yet, he was angered to the brink of insanity by Lin Fan right now.

He had never come across a person as such, and neither had he imagined that someone like this could exist in the entire world.

This was clearly an ant, yet he dared to challenge his authority!

However, Lin Fan was a character who feared neither the Heavens nor the Earth. No matter how incredible one was, if he was indignant, he'd just f*ck things up! It was either his death or the other party's demise, as there was no scope for compromise. If one were to swallow things in and hold back their arrogance just because the other party was strong, what sort of meaning was there to a life like that?

Besides, it was not as though a situation where he won as the weaker side had never occurred before.


Just as White Saint had said out those two words 'You'd dare', Lin Fan stabbed the belly of Old Master Qi Tian once more. This character of his that stabbed out right away just because he was displeased was something that had White Saint truly enraged by now.

While Geng Yangtian and some of the Senior Old Masters were not saying anything right now, they had started conversing telepathically with their consciousnesses.

They were just allocating the job scope —who would fight with whom, and how they should cooperate with one another later on.

A battle between Immortal Kings was not one to be underestimated. They had to allocate their roles properly first.

Han Juntian, who was in a daze the entire time, suddenly received a telepathic message from the Old Masters. They told him to retreat and avoid staying in front. He had just leveled up to the Immortal King state, and was severely injured as well. If he got embroiled in this battle, he might not be able to be of much help.

Han Juntian reminded Lin Fan to watch out for his own safety before retreating out of the battlefield slightly.

Lin Fan stood there silently. While he was feeling a slight tinge of nervousness in his heart, it was mostly excitement.

If he were able to stab this Old Master Qi Tian to death, this cultivation state of his was definitely bound to level up.

Above Saint Immortals were Immortal Lords.

He had already stabbed an Immortal Lord to death. If he were to stab this Immortal King to death as well, the experience points would definitely be enough.

Lin Fan hollered out toward White Saint, "Come on! Say something more again! I, Lin Fan, am going to set my words clear today! Do you think that I wouldn't be able to do anything to you just because you lay down some threats? If you want to fight, fight then! Who's afraid of whom? Today, this Old Master Qi Tian here is dead meat for sure!"

Old Master White Saint shut his mouth up right now. His heart was more fl.u.s.tered than anyone else's at this moment.

They must definitely rescue Old Master Qi Tian! That was a powerful being of Immortal King state!

How much resources must the Kunlun G.o.d Sect expend in order to groom a single Immortal King? How much time must they spend? This was not something that could be done just by acc.u.mulating pills for one to consume!

"Not saying anything?" Lin Fan's brows furrowed. He then sn.i.g.g.e.red out, "Even if you say nothing, Your Daddy is still gonna stab him!"


And just like that, three stabs were completed, and the world turned wonderful for Lin Fan at that moment.

'Ding… Congratulations on killing Immortal King state being.'

'Ding… Experience Points + …'

'Ding… Cultivation State leveled up.'

'Cultivation State: Immortal Lord.'

At that moment, Lin Fan's entire aura started going berserk.

"HAHA! White Saint! Say, has your entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect gone stupid or what? Also, are you guys still fighting or not?" Lin Fan roared out.

"YOU F*CKING b.a.s.t.a.r.d…!"

At this moment, White Saint was truly, truly incensed. He instantly sent a palm strike hurling out toward Lin Fan.

When Lin Fan caught sight of that, he retreated straightaway.

"Old Masters! It's your turn now! I'll leave this fella over to you guys!" Lin Fan shouted out.

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