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"Holy f*ck! What is up with this situation? Where have Old Master Qi Tian and Tai Qiantian gone?"

"Could both of them have been subdued by that fella?"

"Horrifying! This is way too horrifying! This is probably going to be one of the biggest news in the entire Endless Mainland!"

"Being able to witness this personally makes this trip totally worthwhile!"

At this moment, everyone was completely stupefied.

When Han Juntian heard Lin Fan's words, his entire face was dumbstruck, as though he had just seen a ghost.

"You were the one who caused everything?" Han Juntian asked.

Lin Fan's eyes fluttered over as he declared loudly, "I didn't cause that! That was something that came from the bottom of their hearts! That toy was something that I created, one that could display the innermost desires in one's heart. That Old Trash Qi Tian and Tai Qiantian must have always been f*cking around like that in the past. Therefore, when faced with the toy, they did not even care if there were any spectators as they continued that affair which degrades our moral culture. This Kunlun G.o.d Sect is really one h.e.l.l of a promiscuous place!"

Hearing the words that Lin Fan had just said, Han Juntian expressed his deepest doubts. If he were to take them at face value and believe in him, he would really be one h.e.l.l of a fool.

However, all of the powerful beings who were spectating nearby were truly starting to believe it just that slight bit in their hearts.

Could the upper echelons of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect truly be this promiscuous?

Lin Fan spoke up once more, "I am only a mere Saint Immortal state being! How could I have such capabilities? This means that Old Trash Qi Tian and Tai Qiantian must have always been engaging in such acts from the start! Hais! If I didn't test them out, I might not have believed in how dark and promiscuous this sect was!"

"Shut up! Geng Yangtian, is this the att.i.tude that your Heaven and Earth Sect wishes to portray toward mine?" A thunderous voice boomed out of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect as a formidable consciousness burst forth.

This trace of consciousness was boundless. Shooting right out of the depths of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, it eventually materialized into a physical body and stood tall in the void.

White robes that blanketed the entire sky spread out as that figure appeared before the ma.s.ses.

"What a formidable aura!" When Lin Fan caught sight of that person, his entire heart leaped with joy. What an incredible existence! He was even stronger than that Old Master Qi Tian from before!

"White Saint! That's the Senior Old Master of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect who has the highest hopes of turning into a Heavenly Lord! To think that this would actually alarm him!"

"Huehue! Given the current situation, how could he still not come out? The face of the entire sect is almost thrown away completely by now! Do you think that he can still sit by idly?"



Yet another few figures appeared behind White Saint's back.

There were more than ten Senior Old Masters that had appeared — this was the entire depth of Kunlun G.o.d Sect's resources!

The moment those Senior Old Masters appeared, the entire void seemed as though it was about to stick together. With so many powerful beings standing together, the might exuded out was so great that even the Heavens could barely endure this mounting pressure.

Han Juntian and Lin Fan stumbled back a few steps. Right now, this situation was no small matter; this wasn't something that most people could possibly handle.

With more than ten Immortal Kings standing there, the type of circ.u.mstances right now were beyond most people's ability to handle.

"White Saint, we had never stepped in right from the very beginning. It has always been the effort of this junior here. However, your Kunlun G.o.d Sect right now is truly way too disappointing. To think that an Old Master of yours could not even take down a single Grandmaster Candidate of my sect! Not only that, even your Grandmaster has been subdued! If word of this were to get out, I'm afraid you guys will just have everyone laughing with their jaws wide open!" At this moment, a Senior Old Master of the Heaven and Earth Sect appeared.

Geng Yangtian… He was a Senior Old Master of the Heaven and Earth Sect whose cultivation state was tantamount to the Heaven and Earth, possessing an unrivaled might. He was a powerful being from the same time period as White Saint.

"Greetings to the Old Master." Han Juntian bowed over to Geng Yangtian gently.

"Greetings to the Old Master."

Right now, Lin Fan had to depend on the Old Master to protect their lives. Therefore, he was naturally polite and well behaved.

Geng Yangtian took a look at Lin Fan before nodding his head, "Very well done! You've raised the morale of our sect."

Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out, "Thank you for the praise, Old Master. It's only something I should do."

Meanwhile, all the other Senior Old Masters of the Heaven and Earth Sect had arrived as well. Initially, they were all cultivating in seclusion. But none of them would have expected that the events of today would have caused such a huge ruckus.

Right now, the atmosphere of the scene was a little suffocating. Immortal Kings against Immortal Kings... This level of might was something extremely rare to come across even in the Endless Mainland.

All of the surrounding spectators were beyond excited right now. When would they ever get a chance to witness such a majestic sight?

And to think that even the Immortal Kings of the legends would be all appearing right now! This was just absolutely awestriking!

White Saint cast a single glance over at Lin Fan, then looked at Geng Yangtian, "Release them."

Geng Yangtian smiled out, "I can't decide on that matter. I've got to ask this disciple then. Are you willing to release them?"

Lin Fan looked at his Senior Old Master, then over at White Saint.

The cultivation state of this White Saint was a little high now, pretty formidable indeed. He was truly not someone whom most people could afford to offend. Yet…

Lin Fan took a step forward and looked over at White Saint with a proud manner, "Release your mother, I will! Your Daddy has captured them based on my own capabilities! Why should I let them go just because you demand for it? What sort of a little pea are you to demand that?"

With the Old Master as his backing right now, what did Lin Fan have to be afraid of?

Those words of Lin Fan that came out had everyone's jaws dropping to the ground.

WAS THIS LAD LOOKING TO DIE? That person before him was White Saint! THE powerful Immortal King who had the highest chance of leveling up into a Heavenly Lord in the entire Endless Mainland!

But, to think that this lad here would actually dare to rail out at even him! Was he not afraid of not being able to step out of his sect ever again?

If he were to ruffle the feathers of a powerful being as such, he would most likely be killed in a split second no matter where he went, unless he were to cower in his sect forever.

Geng Yangtian shook his head, "You must mind your tone when speaking with Senior White Saint."

"Oh, got it." Lin Fan nodded his head and changed his att.i.tude, "Senior White Saint, I'm truly sorry for that just now. I can't release them because you're not big enough for me to do so."

Right now, White Saint was truly incensed thoroughly by Lin Fan. This lad was truly just looking to die!

"Good! Very good…!" Instead of getting angry, White Saint burst out in laughter. He then looked over at Geng Yangtian, "Very good! The fact that the Heaven and Earth Sect is able to have a disciple as such is truly your good fortune! It must be because I, White Saint, have been in seclusion for such a long time that there's hardly anyone who remembers my capabilities anymore. Since everyone is present right now, you guys don't have to leave then! Let me practice my hands for a bit!"


"I heard that you're a Senior Old Master of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, but you don't look like anything much either." Just at that moment, everyone was completely stumped by a single sound they heard. When they cast their sight over, they realized that that lad had suddenly taken out Old Master Qi Tian out of nowhere.

He then took a ridiculous looking brick in his hand, and slapped onto the face of Old Master Qi Tian with violence!

At the same time, his other hand was hurling out punches onto the latter's face. That Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star erupted forth immediately, causing Old Master Qi Tian's entire face to be swollen and bruised. It was absolutely horrifying to look at.

A Senior Old Master of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect being held in the hands of someone and humiliated left and right was truly a frightening sight to behold.

Looking at everything before him, White Saint's heart burned with a raging blaze. He could not believe that the Heaven and Earth Sect would dare to treat a Senior Old Master from the Kunlun G.o.d Sect as such!

Geng Yangtian stood out, "White Saint, if you wish to fight it out, the Heaven and Earth Sect shall play with you to the end. But, you had better consider the consequences properly."

"HAHAHAHAHA…!" White Saint roared out in laughter before his eyes flashed with a deranged look, "Geng Yangtian! I suppose you must have forgotten about my other t.i.tle apart from White Saint, eh? Do you really think that I will be fearful of the consequences?"

"You…!" Geng Yangtian knitted his brows. He had suddenly remembered that back when White Saint had entered the Immortal King state, he was already an extremely maniacal character, one who would never ever bother about any consequences.

"You're starting to fear now instead, eh…?" White Saint spoke up before the other could say anything.

Lin Fan looked over at Geng Yangtian and suddenly realized that the Old Master WAS truly looking somewhat fearful. It was as though he was considering the implications of this.

Lin Fan could not help but sigh out in his heart. The Old Senior Master truly wasn't tough enough. If he had the Immortal King cultivation state, what would Lin Fan have to be afraid of?

"White Saint Old Dog, don't you get overly brazen now! How dare you force my sect's Senior Old Master? Do you really think that our Heaven and Earth Sect is fearful? I'll give you a huge present now! Receive it well!"

Right at that moment, Lin Fan carried out Tai Qiantian as well. Without saying anything more, a dagger appeared in his hand.

Three times in.

Three times out.

It was settled cleanly and perfectly.

"YOU'D DARE…!" White Saint roared out.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed, "Too late, too sad! If you want to fight, come and fight! It's not as though the Heaven and Earth Sect could be afraid of you! Old Masters, let's not waste our breath on them anymore! There is no room for cowards in the Heaven and Earth Sect! Does this White Saint Old Dog really think that we're afraid of him? Let us mow them over today and whack them till they start to doubt life itself! Do you guys agree?"

Geng Yangtian, "…"

Han Juntian, "…"

Everyone was left completely dumbfounded.

This was a b.l.o.o.d.y warmonger right here!

And also, agree your mother!

But right now, there was probably no way back anymore. This lad had just stabbed the Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect to death. They would most likely have to account for this today no matter what.

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