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"What's wrong?"

Everyone suddenly went quiet. The horrifying might exuded out in the void had dissipated as well. That single tremendous move of Old Master Qi Tian had just disappeared midway all of a sudden, as though it had never once shown up! No one knew what exactly was going on.

Lin Fan was just waiting right now; he did not know what the situation was going to be like either.

'Lin Brand's Soap, it's all up to you now! If you were to succeed, you would be the most amazing from this day forth! And if you were to fail, you're going to have to cry for mercy alongside Your Daddy!'

The disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect were absolutely speechless right now as their gazes were fixed on Old Master Qi Tian. They did not know why he had decided to stop all of a sudden. Did something happen?

On the other side, Old Master Qi Tian looked down at that soap in front of his feet that was filled with a strange seductiveness. He felt as though his inner heart had been called out by some mysterious attraction, as a bewitching voice rang out in his mind.

'Pick it up.'

'This is YOUR soap.'

'YOUR soap has dropped onto the floor.'

'You have to pick it up.'

Old Master Qi Tian was stunned as his right hand quivered. He felt as though he was about to go pick it up uncontrollably anytime now. And yet, there was a nagging feeling that something was wrong about this!

At that moment, the entire place fell silent. Old Master Qi Tian lowered his head and glared at the soap with a death stare. No one knew just what was going on with him right now.

Han Juntian was astounded at this moment as well, wondering what was going on. He wanted to ask Lin Fan just what in the world was thrown out, when all of a sudden, he realized that the latter's expression was even more serious than his own. It was as though Lin Fan was himself waiting for something to happen.

Therefore, Han Juntian shut up and just waited quietly behind Lin Fan. If anything were to go astray, he would have to bail this disciple out no matter what.

All the Senior Old Masters of the Heaven and Earth Sect who were in the void right now were just as astonished. In their eyes, there was something really wrong with this whole situation. They knew of the strength that Old Master Qi Tian possessed. Not only that, his mental state was as resolute as the vast Heaven itself, something that couldn't crumble no matter what. But why was he being attracted to such a strange object for such a long time?

Strange… This was really strange!

There must be some problem with this thing somewhere. Although, none of them could make out just what was different about this soap at all.

At this moment, Lin Fan's heart skipped quickly. He could see that there was a thin thread coming out of the soap that coiled itself around Old Master Qi Tian entirely. Not only that, there were many other thin threads that were floating between the Heaven and Earth, as though they were waiting for Old Master Qi Tian's next move.

'Pick it up! Why aren't you b.l.o.o.d.y picking it up yet?' Lin Fan screamed out in his heart. 'Hurry up! Pick up the soap and lose your chast.i.ty! Hurry the f*ck up!'

Lin Fan did not know what was going on with the situation right now. Could it be that Old Master Qi Tian was so strong that he was able to fight back the effects of the soap?

However, Old Master Qi Tian's mind was whirling right now.

The angle between his feet and the soap was ninety degrees. There was definitely something wrong with this position. In theory, he should take a step back before picking it up.

But that was not right. He had to consider the position of his waist being bent over as well. If he were to face the South, he would be facing the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect.

The wisdom of the Immortal Kings was considered as the highest in the entire universe. Therefore, even a single angle would have them considering things from every single aspect to ensure that there were no problems at all.

"That's right! That should be the case."

At this moment, Old Master Qi Tian made a move that shocked everyone.

He bent over.

Sticking up his b.u.m.

Extending his hand.

Picking up the soap.

That set of motions had no issues with them at all.

"F*ck! It worked!" When Lin Fan caught sight of this scene, his heart leaped with joy. This guy was f*cking finally picking it up!

"What is Old Master Qi Tian doing?"

"I've got no idea. Just what in the world is that white object? Why is Old Master Qi Tian trying to pick that up?"

"Strange! This is way too strange!"

"I don't even know what's going on at all! Just what is that Heaven and Earth Sect disciple trying to do?"

Right now, Lin Fan's feelings were exceptionally excited. At that very moment when Old Master Qi Tian had bent over to pick up the soap, all of the threads emanating out of the soap went berserk as they spread out toward all the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect.

Those threads had no material body, neither did they produce any form of ripples. Even if it were a powerful being of the Immortal King state, they wouldn't be able to detect them at all.


Tai Qiantian was locked down!

When Tai Qiantian was locked by these invisible threads, that initially alarmed face of his took a stark change. Looking at the position Old Master Qi Tian was in while bending down right now, he let off a berserk aura.


His entire body flashed out; moving out swiftly, Tai Qiantian appeared beside Old Master Qi Tian.



His left and right hands got to work as he slapped out on Old Master Qi Tian's b.u.t.t cheeks with an extremely weird smile on his face.

"Time to pick up your soap…!"

"Holy f*ck!"

"Just what in the world is that mother*cker trying to do?"

"Motherf*cking h.e.l.l! Blind! I'm going to go blind!"

"Who in the world can save me? What the h.e.l.l is going on right now?"

"Oh, Good Lord! What did I just see? What in the world just went into my eyes?"

"What are Old Master Qi Tian and Tai Qiantian doing? What are they trying to do?"

All the powerful beings hidden up in the void were stupefied right now.

All the powerful beings in the various sects were all confounded.

Han Juntian could only watch everything with his jaws wide open. Just what in the world was going on? But when he looked over at Lin Fan, he realized that the expression of this disciple had changed somewhat — he was now bearing an excited look on his face!

Could all of this have been done by this disciple?

Kunlun G.o.d Sect…


"Old Master…!"

"What are you guys doing…?"

"Don't do that! Please, please don't do that! The face of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect is really entirely gone right now!"

"Save us! Can someone come and save our Grandmaster and Old Master? How could they put on such a pose? NOOOOO…!"


Some of the disciples from the Kunlun G.o.d Sect spat out mouthfuls of fresh blood. Looking at everything before them, their mental states could not help but feel rattled. There was completely no way for them to endure everything happening before their eyes right now! They were absolutely heartbroken! Was this still the Grandmaster that was revered in the hearts of everyone right now?

Was this still the Old Master that they all respected?

Could they really not know what they were doing?

In the depths of Tai Qiantian's consciousness, he was roaring out, "WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON HERE?"

Even though those were the words his consciousness was screaming, the words that were mumbled out of his mouth right now were entirely different.

"Haha! I've finally seized the chance! You've finally picked up the soap…!"

The heart of Old Master Qi Tian was the same as Tai Qiantian right now, unable to believe that he could do something like this. Yet, his mouth went…

"That's right! I've picked up the soap! You've seized the chance!"

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, his entire heart skipped with joy. His chance was here now. He then took another step forth and disappeared from where he was.

Even though he really wanted to witness what was about to happen next, there would definitely not just be one of these Senior Old Masters in the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. If some other Senior Old Master were to head out, he would really have no choice by then.

Even though this Lin Brand's Soap could be used three times, there was still only one of it.

"You two beasts! How dare you guys commit such an act under broad daylight! This is really a disgrace for our moral culture! Let me teach you guys a good lesson!"

Lin Fan appeared instantly before the two of them. Without waiting for the two of them to spout any c.r.a.p, he took out the Nine Five Legendary Brick and slapped both of them unconscious immediately before tossing them into his Heaven and Earth Smelt.


Right at that moment, the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect trembled violently, and a torrential might burst out.

The other Senior Old Masters were here!

Lin Fan retreated immediately and hid behind Han Juntian.

"Grandmaster, let's not retreat just yet! Let me see who the person coming out first is. Perhaps I can squeeze out even more benefits." Lin Fan remarked excitedly.

Han Juntian looked at Lin Fan with an absolutely flabbergasted expression.

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