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"You're b.l.o.o.d.y looking to die!"

Old Master Qi Tian could tolerate it no more as he roared out into the sky, causing the world quake violently. Old Master Qi Tian was an Immortal King no matter what. For him to face such a provocation from a junior, how could he possibly endure it?

Even after being one-upped by Han Juntian, he could still forget about that. But, to think that even a young disciple would dare to come and holler at him with such bold words now! If he did not teach this kid a lesson, he would really not know the difference between Heaven and Earth!

Lin Fan chuckled calmly, totally unbothered by everything happening in front of him. The Old Master Qi Tian was truly pretty scary. If they were to just depend on their true skills, he might be killed by the other party in just a single breath.

But, the situation was different right now; he was someone with resources.

"Whether or not I'm looking to die is not something that you get to decide, Old Trash Qi Tian. Also, it's not as though you've got a high chance of getting out alive today anyway." Lin Fan remarked calmly. Sweeping his sleeves, he placed a single hand behind his back as he clutched the Lin Brand's Soap silently in his hands.

That handsome face of Old Master Qi Tian had long been scrunched up in anger thanks to Han Juntian. As for that third eye on his forehead, it was shining out with a bright beam of light that was locked onto Lin Fan.

At that moment, the entire scene fell silent; everyone was waiting. While they did not know what the actual situation was like, they knew that Old Master Qi Tian was h.e.l.l bent on slaying this junior disciple before his eyes right here. As to whether or not the Senior Old Masters of the Heaven and Earth Sect would actually do anything to rescue him, that was something no one would dare to bet on.

Old Master Qi Tian had already made his words clear earlier on. If any of the Senior Old Masters of the Heaven and Earth Sect were to step out, the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect would duke it out with the Heaven and Earth Sect till the end, even if it meant bearing the risk of being annihilated. That changed things entirely.

If the Heaven and Earth Sect and the Kunlun G.o.d Sect were to really go at one another head on, the eventual outcome was one that required no imagining. Both sides would definitely lose out heavily. By then, it wouldn't be impossible for the other sects to seize the opportunity and have the two trampled mercilessly beneath their feet.

Heaven and Earth Sect…

Looking at everything before him, Qing Yangzi's heart was skipping furiously. He direly wished that he was at the scene right now to drag that lad away. Now that the situation was so treacherous, he was still spouting out threats in the face of Old Master Qi Tian! Wasn't that just b.l.o.o.d.y courting death?

"Senior Brother Lin is way too tyrannical! He's amazing!"

When Qing Yangzi heard those words, he barked out, "Amazing you're a*s! He is b.l.o.o.d.y looking to die! What sort of a character is Old Master Qi Tian? That is a powerful being of Immortal King state! What does he even have to go up against the Old Master Qi Tian with? Hais! That lad is really a ball of worries!"

That disciple lowered his head silently. Even though there was nothing wrong with what Elder Qing Yangzi had just said, he still could not deny that Senior Brother Lin was way too tyrannical.

At this moment, Lin Fan was standing in the air without a single care for the world. Sweeping his robes gently, he seemed like he wasn't bothered by Old Master Qi Tian in the slightest bit. He then curled his finger, "Come on! At this final moment of your life, hurry and burst forth with your most exceptional and glorious brilliance. I believe that once this is over, you're not going to have a chance to shine once more."

At that instant, the entire world fell silent.

Everyone present held their breath. In their hearts, this scene before them was simply way too tyrannical. This guy's brazenness completely knew no bounds!

If it were any disciple in their own sects, they would have killed that disciple with their own hands at the first available moment. A disciple that was specialized in bringing trouble for the sect? Who in the world could stand that?

Furthermore, this person before them was Old Master Qi Tian! Who did he think he was?

Old Master Qi Tian sucked in a deep breath of air. He felt as though he had lived his past thousands of years for naught, truly for naught. He boasted of a strong might and was an existence that everyone in the Endless Mainland would fear and respect. But, to think that a single junior would dare to act so brazenly in front of him. If he did not kill this junior right here, where was he supposed to place his face in the future?

No! This kid must definitely not be allowed to live! He had to kill this kid for sure!


Taking a single step forward, Old Master Qi Tian caused a series of circles of power to ripple out from the center of his foot in the air.

"Kid…Your death has arrived. Today, no one will be able to save you." Old Master Qi Tian snorted out coldly. With a single heaven encompa.s.sing palm, an unparalleled Immortal Art was deployed. The might of that Immortal Art was extraordinary and could shock the entire world across the time and s.p.a.ce.

"That's the Crushing Gigantic Palm! It was this single Immortal Art that had helped Han Juntian level up to his Immortal King state just now! Right now, Old Master Qi Tian is intent on using this move to have this disciple crushed to death!"

"I wonder if those Senior Old Masters of the Heaven and Earth Sect would actually step in. But, I doubt they would do so."

"Right now, Han Juntian is already a powerful being of the Immortal King state as well. Perhaps, he might choose to do it himself."

"Impossible! Han Juntian has been severely injured from what happened earlier. Even though he's at the Immortal King state right now, he would definitely not step in. And even if he did, he wouldn't be able to hold out against this palm of Old Master Qi Tian."

The ma.s.ses were rife in discussion about this matter. In their eyes, the Heaven and Earth Sect had already taken an advantage out of this, so there was no reason for them to continue being so audacious any longer.

But, who would have that this disciple did not have any intentions of retreating at all! Instead, he had decided to provoke Old Master Qi Tian even more wantonly!

They did not know what sort of resources this lad would have for him to dare to act as brazenly as such.

When Han Juntian caught sight of this, his heart quivered. Naturally, there was no way he could have this lad die right here. He then cast his sight toward the endless void and hoped that the Senior Old Masters would step in to resolve this situation.

"Grandmaster, Senior Old Masters! None of you step in! There's no way this Old Trash Qi Tian is able to do anything to me!" Right now, Lin Fan was extremely excited. He was waiting... Just a little more and it would be time for a miracle to be witnessed! There was no way he could allow anyone to destroy this perfect chance of creating a miracle!

"You…!" Han Juntian was fl.u.s.tered right now. He did not know just what this disciple wanted! Was he b.l.o.o.d.y trying to die?

Old Master Qi Tian slapped down with his palm. 'What other capabilities does this lad have? Is he just going to depend on those Immortal Weapons floating behind him?'

Against a truly powerful being of the Immortal King state, all of those Immortal Weapons were practically useless.

"Junior! GO TO h.e.l.l!" Old Master Qi Tian roared out with a boundless might that descended down from the skies. That single palm seemed as though it could cover an entire world with its vastness and unmatched power. A single glance over was more than enough to rattle one's heart, sending an endless fear reaching into the depths of one's core.

Lin Fan stood there and smiled calmly, unbothered with everything in the slightest bit.

This exceptionally flamboyant and c.o.c.ky disposition of his was one that had many people shaking their heads, and wanting to chop this guy up at the same time.

This was just a momentary flash of brilliance. Who knew, this lad might just be taken down finally in the next second.

There was completely no hope left right now.

Even though the Old Master Qi Tian had taken a loss, he was no weakling.

But in that next split second, Lin Fan slowly took out the hand from behind his back before speaking out calmly.

"I have an item named soap. You can have it as a gift!" Lin Fan chuckled before tossing the soap out. Flying through the air, the soap gave off a bedazzling glisten.

When Old Master Qi Tian caught sight of this item, his face changed. For some unknown reason, his hand suddenly reached out to grab it!


A fragrant aroma conquered his nose.

Snow white through and through, this was something special.

Grabbing the soap in his hand, Old Master Qi Tian's eyes shone with a strange glint. He could not figure out just what this was.


All of a sudden, that soap slipped out of the hands of Old Master Qi Tian!


Looking at that soap floating gently in front of his feet, his heart skipped a beat. He was having a…mysterious feeling!

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