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"Many thanks, Old Master Qi Tian! Rumors had it that your Unmatched Crushing Gigantic Palm could destroy every single thing in this world. Seems like the risk that Your Grandmaster had taken this time around has finally paid off! The bottleneck of that unparalleled mystic skill, Rebirth Through Flames, was also destroyed by that Unmatched Crushing Gigantic Palm of yours. Now that the Immortal Qi is gushing right into my body and has broken the barrier, how long more should I delay the Immortal King state?"

Han Juntian roared out in laughter as he let out a gleeful look on his face before yelling out, "IMMORTAL KING STATE!"


The entire world shook as a surge of Immortal Qi bolted right out of Han Juntian's body. That extremely tattered Immortal Gate swung right open with a single creak while a mysterious Immortal Qi was being emitted. All of the mystic skills from Han Juntian received a cleansing and started rumbling with life, as though they had just gained a soul.

One after another, those Mystic Skill Spirits started bellowing out in rage. All of these changing mystic skills absorbed the Immortal Qi that was gushing forth, and with a final roar, they were all upgraded.

This was the most important sign symbolizing the Immortal King state —the ability to convert all the mystic skills into Immortal Arts. This was a change in one's fundamental quality. Therefore, as long as one were to reach the Immortal King state, there would be no living being below the Immortal King state that could ever challenge and win against them. This was because there was now a distinct difference between them - the true difference between a human and an immortal.

"d.a.m.n IT…!" Old Master Qi Tian's heart was burning with rage right now. He could not believe that he had been made use of just like that!

From the very beginning, Han Juntian had never intended to borrow his might as a form of pressure at all — he was just looking to withstand that Unmatched Crushing Gigantic Palm of his! After that mystic skill was pushed to the level of an Immortal Art, it possessed a supernatural strength that could cause all living beings in the world to be crushed underneath it. Out of all the Immortal Arts, it had one of the greatest offensive power!

Lin Fan looked at his Grandmaster. To think that he would have really leveled up. This was way too horrifying and truly unimaginable! But then again, one should never look down on anyone in this world. For Han Juntian to be able to take on the seat of a major sect's Grandmaster, he was definitely no trash.

The entire Heaven and Earth Sect was bustling with commotion from top to bottom right now. The Grandmaster had truly done it! Immortal King state! The Heaven and Earth Sect now had yet another Immortal King! As there were no Heavenly Lords out and about, Immortal Kings were the strongest beings in the world who could wield control over the entire world and everything in it!

It was rare for a battle as intense as today to break out between the Kunlun G.o.d Sect and the Heaven and Earth Sect. But, to think that this war that was incited because of a single disciple could allow Han Juntian to level up to the Immortal King state. This was a war in which they were taking no loss in at all! In fact, they had even earned loads!

"HAHA! Old Trash Qi Tian! Did you see that? Your Kunlun G.o.d Sect really can't make it! Although, I do have to admit that you guys had quite a bit of credit in helping our Grandmaster to level up to the Immortal King state! While you may be pretty old, you've still got some use to you, haven't you?" Lin Fan burst out laughing. Even though Old Master Qi Tian was old, he had always maintained a youthful-looking body. But now that he was being called out as an Old Trash by Lin Fan, there was no way Old Master Qi Tian could endure that at all.

Even though Han Juntian had already leveled up to the Immortal King state right now, he was not as strong as he would seem to be on the surface. The injuries that he had sustained earlier on were still severe, and he had to heal up immediately. Otherwise, if he were to be taken down by Old Master Qi Tian, he would have no strength left to fight back. But of course, that was just an a.s.sumption that would not really come true. After all, the Senior Old Masters back in the Heaven and Earth Sect would not sit back and allow that to happen.

As for the powerful beings hidden up in the void, they did not even know what to feel in their hearts anymore except envy… pure envy.

They had not expected that Han Juntian would have made use of such an opportunity to level up to the Immortal King state just like that. And to think that it was all caused by the hands of Old Master Qi Tian himself.

If not for that special Immortal Art of Old Master Qi Tian, Han Juntian might have had to spend quite a bit of effort to break through this barrier of his. But now that everything had come to a fruitful end, it was done just like that.

On the other side, Lin Fan was still pondering about some things in his mind. Now that Han Juntian had stolen all the limelight of the show and taken all the goodies, he hadn't earned any benefits for himself just yet! This was way too much of a loss! Lin Fan definitely could not let this go just like that!

Halting in front of Han Juntian, Lin Fan said, "Grandmaster, head back first. Leave the rest to me."

He wanted to explode! He wanted to shine! How could he gain nothing out of this at all? Furthermore, given the current situation, there was a high chance this would end in a stalemate. If that were truly the case, Lin Fan would really have taken a huge, huge loss!

"Don't mess around anymore. I'm severely injured right now." Han Juntian said in a low voice.

"Grandmaster, I know that you're severely injured! But you've got to see the situation… You've already gotten your benefits and turned into an Immortal King, whereas I've gotten nothing! No matter what, you've got to let me squeeze out some benefits too!" Lin Fan was exasperated. This wasn't the way the script was supposed to play out! If he were to head back now, he would definitely feel extremely indignant!

Han Juntian was stumped, wondering why this disciple could live life this recklessly as though he wasn't afraid of death at all! b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, benefits? For the sake of leveling up to this Immortal King state, Han Juntian had nearly paid with his life! But this disciple… Well, goody good! It seemed as though he was viewing the Kunlun G.o.d Sect as a Benefits ATM! Benefits one after another? h.e.l.l! Did he have to go that wild?

Before waiting for Han Juntian to say anymore, Lin Fan took a huge step forth and glared right at Old Master Qi Tian, who was in a huff of anger right now, "Old Master Qi Tian, my Grandmaster has already squeezed out some benefits from you here, yet I, Lin Fan, has yet to gain anything good! Therefore, the duel shall continue with me as your opponent for the later stages! Don't say that I'm bullying you now though! I'll give you an incense's time to rest, and if need to, you can go ahead and call for reinforcements! I, Lin Fan, will definitely not say anything about it!"


At that moment, everyone was shocked into a daze.

Had this lad gone stupid or what? To think that he would dare to spout such words to Old Master Qi Tian! What the f*ck did he want?

"Brazen! Han Juntian, don't think that you can act so audaciously just because you have leveled up to the Immortal King state! Do you really think that our Kunlun G.o.d Sect folks are pushovers?" Tai Qiantian roared out as his eyes turned bloodshot.

He was truly indignant now. He and Han Juntian were clearly both at the same cultivation state! But, to think that the latter would actually level up to become an Immortal King state being, leaving him far behind in the dust!

They were both characters of the same generation who had been competing neck to neck. And now that Han Juntian had seized the advantage and entered the Immortal King state before him, that resolute heart of Tai Qiantian was starting to tremble. Was he really incapable of being compared with Han Juntian?

Han Juntian was thoroughly exasperated right now. But, just as he was about to say something, Lin Fan interrupted again, "Please, please, please! Grandmaster, I'm begging you! Please let me squeeze out some benefits! Go back and rest please. You're really not needed here anymore!"

After leveling up to the Immortal King state, Han Juntian's mood was initially pretty decent. But when he caught sight of Lin Fan's expression, he truly did not know what he could say for a moment or so.

He did not understand just what this disciple wanted. Why did he love to die this much?

Did that Old Master Qi Tian seem like he was such a good person to deal with? If pushed to his limits, Old Master Qi Tian would definitely get ruthless and lethal for sure!

Lin Fan did not want to beep beep with Han Juntian anymore as he roared out in anger, "TAI QIANTIAN! Shut your trap! Look at your c*ck face! Even after being out for such a long time, you're not even an Immortal King yet! Aren't you embarra.s.sed? You should hurry up and let up your seat for the younger ones to go and shut yourself somewhere instead of coming out to make a fool of yourself! And you, Old Trash Qi Tian! I, Lin Fan, will f*ck you over later! Is there anything you're indignant about that?"

"COURTING DEATH…!" Old Master Qi Tian was beyond incensed right now. He had not expected that things would reach such a point. With so many spectators present, the face of the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect must have been lost thoroughly today! From this day forth, their sect might even just become the b.u.t.t of all jokes in the other sects!

Old Master Qi Tian glared at Lin Fan in wrath. Eventually, he calmed down before speaking out with an extremely grim voice, "Forget it! Today, I, Old Master Qi Tian, shall have you killed right here and now. Your blood shall clean away the shame that the Kunlun G.o.d Sect has endured!"

Thereafter, Old Master Qi Tian focused his sights into the void.

"Old Masters of the Heaven and Earth Sect, I know that you guys are watching! But I, Old Master Qi Tian, am going to make my words clear today! If you guys dare to save this lad, I swear that even if the Kunlun G.o.d Sect has to go down in ruins, we will fight the Heaven and Earth Sect to the death…!"

At this moment, Old Master Qi Tian was truly burning with hatred. He was going to have Lin Fan slain right here and now for real.

Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red out before raising his head, "Senior Old Masters of the Heaven and Earth Sect! I, Lin Fan, am going to make my words clear today! Later on, I'm going to kill this Old Trash. You guys must not step in to stop me at all! Otherwise, I'm going to leave the sect!"

The ma.s.ses, "…"

Senior Old Masters of the Heaven and Earth Sect, "…"

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