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Somewhere in Glory Sect where birds chirped happily amidst the fragrant scent of flowers…

This ground was slightly distant from the bustling main area of Glory Sect. And beyond the cliff was the strong crashing of waves from the raging sea below.

Facing the sea, the flowers bloomed beautifully.

This was a place of peaceful cultivation, a place enough to let anyone forget about their pain and find peace within the recesses of nature, going back to their own roots.

And on the cliff stood a young man facing the raging seas. The cold wind blew at his long curls, but that resolute face of his had a look of haggardness.

Those eyes which should have been filled with vigor and strength dimmed with empty darkness, containing indignance.


The youth faced the seas and screamed out, venting the unwillingness in his heart.

The seas returned his scream with crashes of waves against the cliff walls, as though echoing his pain within them.

The youth knelt on the floor and repeatedly scratched at the floor. Due to the immense strength he used, his fingertips were filled with blood stains.

"A worthless man is indeed a worthless man! Even the mere ground can bully me!" This youth was Tian Yu, the man who lost his cultivation foundation in one strike as he sacrificed himself for his Senior Brother.

Tian Yu bashed at the floor indignantly. In those eyes, beads of hot tears repeatedly flowed down his cheek.

Even though the sect had not given up on him, he was unable to get through his own mental barrier.

Senior Brother and everyone else still treated him with affection as before, but he could not undertake such an impact on his mental self.

He was once a genius disciple of the inner sect, and in a split moment, he turned into a worthless piece of trash. Every time he looked at those disciples who used to look up to him, he could sense a look of pity coming from them.

They were taking pity at him.

"NO…!" Tian Yu faced the skies and hollered. He did not require any pity. He needed his cultivation foundation to recover, no matter the cost!

With hope came a future. One day, he would reach his own pinnacle once again!

But now that he was a piece of trash, there was not a single trace of hope left.

"Young man, you seem to be rather emotional." Just then, a tranquil voice came from the distance.

"Who?" Tian Yu turned around agitatedly.

Lin Fan had just descended from Jialan Peak after thoroughly enjoying his bath of affection amidst those lovely flowers. Upon catching the draft of the ocean breeze, he headed over in this direction.

But just as he reached here, he caught sight of a disciple venting out his emotions. Goodness, that unhappy aura he was giving out totally polluted this beautiful place.

Lin Fan stood there, and he could feel it deep in his heart.

Are you here to take pity on me? Get lost! Tian Yu doesn’t need anyone’s pity, no one…" Tian Yu was extremely emotional at this point, and he bellowed at Lin Fan wildly.

Tian Yu did not wish to see anyone, nor did he want anyone to sympathize with him.

He was a fighter, not a weakling.

"Your cultivation foundation has been ruined. If I were to turn back time, would you still sacrifice yourself for your Senior Brother?" Lin Fan recognized who this man before his eyes was.

Back then on the ark, the disciple they carried down...that was him.

And based on the rumors, Glory Sect had suffered great losses from this expedition, even causing an inner sect genius to have his cultivation foundation destroyed, and the sect could not recover it for him.

To fall from a height after climbing up long enough was an ordeal tough enough to endure for any person. It was as though one was thrown from heaven down to the depths of h.e.l.l without any chance of salvation.

Let alone the young genius before his eyes.

Experiencing countless battles and victories, he was yet to understand the feeling of dropping down to h.e.l.l. Now that he had his own taste, naturally, it wasn’t something he could handle easily.

"Who exactly are you? Get out of here immediately!" Tian Yu was distraught and could not take in any words.

Lin Fan walked over, and upon reaching, he looked at this fella through the system.

Indeed, this man was a genius.

The cultivation base floating above his head was enough to tell that if this man had continued on his path smoothly, his future would be bright beyond limits.

But behind that cultivation base, there was one more word.

And that was…


"Would you save him?" Lin Fan asked again, ignoring Tian Yu’s temperamental mood.

Tian Yu laughed coldly, as though he was mocking himself.

"Of course, I would. Why not? If that’s the answer you want, you can leave now!" Tian Yu lifted his head momentarily, and his gaze was that of a wild beast. He honestly did not want anyone to see him in this state.

But what he truly did not want to see was the look of pity coming from their eyes.

That trademark cheerful face of Lin Fan had now turned into one of a solemn expression, as though he was a peerless master from beyond. Those eyes of his held neither joy nor sadness, but a G.o.dly glow as though he could see through anything and pierced through Tian Yu’s inner heart.

"Would you listen to a story by Yours Truly?" Lin Fan asked gently.

Tian Yu lowered his head silently. He had long forgotten about this man in front of him. He collapsed and laid down on the ground, staring at the distant skies with his empty eyes, as though he was contemplating if there was any purpose to him continuing to live.

"Legends had it that in a barren land, there existed a village within the mountainous valley. That village was called the Stone Village. And within Stone Village was a young man, Shi Hao..."

Lin Fan’s voice was deep and low. Without breaking, he was crafting yet another episode of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Ever since he left Sky Heaven School, he had rarely said anything of the likes. But at the sight of this wasted disciple, Lin Fan felt the need to give him a helping hand.

And the most important point was that if all went well, he could bring this boy under him. Then, he’d have three servant disciples at his beck and call.

"With the supreme being’s roots, he had potential beyond anyone in this world. One could say that he was the chosen one."

Tian Yu initially had no intention of listening. But as he laid there silently, a spark came from his eyes.

He opened his ears and started listening carefully.

Upon hearing till the point where the man’s supreme being roots were stolen by his fellow clansmen and turned him into a worthless trash, Tian Yu’s emotions took a stir.

Essence was best when it was concentrated. The Chicken Soup Lin Fan provided did not contain any nonsense, just the key points.

One joss stick…

The time for three joss sticks pa.s.sed…

Tian Yu was deeply immersed in Lin Fan’s story, captivated beyond words. Initially lying down, he was now sitting upright, staring at Lin Fan fixedly.

"Broken into ashes, and from the ashes, a phoenix rose. The supreme being roots were fused once again, and he attained the highest level of being a peerless being…"

And finally, Lin Fan’s story concluded.

This time round, Lin Fan put in his 101% effort as a life coach into this story. It was like a devil’s advocate whose voice never left Tian Yu’s heart.

Tian Yu was no longer as frustrated as before, and he had simmered down. He repeated the last statement Lin Fan said repeatedly.

"Broken into ashes, and from the ashes, a phoenix rose."

"Broken into ashes, and from the ashes, a phoenix rose."

At this moment, Tian Yu gazed at Lin Fan with a thirst in his eyes, "Can my cultivation foundation recover just like his?"

Lin Fan smiled gently. Looking at the distance skies with his hands behind his back, it was as though he could see through everything. He replied unwaveringly.

"In front of Yours Truly, nothing is truly impossible."

Tian Yu’s expression changed. "Elder, whoever you are. Please, help me."

Lin Fan smiled and then burst out into a laugh. Tossing him a Biggra, "This is a gift from Yours Truly, for you to regain your confidence. Remember, Yours Truly is the master of Nameless Peak’s Saint Devil Sect, Lin Fan. After you’ve used it, then decide if you want to come and look for Yours Truly.’

He left as mysteriously as he came.

The back view of him walking away graciously was carved within Tian Yu’s heart, like a seed waiting to grow.

Gazing at the pill in his hands, Tian Yu grasped it tightly and a resolute expression burned across his face.

"Broken into ashes, and from the ashes, a phoenix rose."

‘I will definitely be able to reach my pinnacle, and walk the path of glory once more.’

Saint Devil Sect of Nameless Peak...

On his way back, Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red, ‘This act, 10/10.’

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