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The many disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect were aghast right now, and somewhat ashamed. To them, this was a tremendous amount of humiliation. As one of the nine sects, since when had the Kunlun G.o.d Sect been subjected to such humiliation ever?

This was just a mere Grandmaster Candidate disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect who had decided to come and act so audaciously right in their faces. Not only that, he had even trampled over two Vice Grandmasters and taken in a huge amount of advantage from the Kunlun G.o.d Sect!

The number of powerful beings out in the world were as many as the clouds. All of them had roamed through the Endless Mainland supremely for countless of years now, and had been through all sorts of dangerous situations. But even then, the sight before them right now still caused their hearts to rattle with incredulity.

This disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect before them was extremely formidable indeed. Even though they could not make out his cultivation base, just the number of Immortal Weapons floating behind him were enough for them to be dumbfounded. In fact, even their feelings of greed were triggered at this sight. But of course, those were just slight feelings that they took action to suppress back down immediately.

The memory of the tragic fate Old Master Dong Xu had landed himself in was still fresh in their minds. The explosion caused by two Middle Grade Immortal Weapon's self destruction was something that could only be described as horrifying.

Even though the strength of Old Master Dong Xu was not as strong as theirs, this man before them did not just possess Middle Grade Immortal Weapons. He had Upper Grade Immortal Weapons, and even Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons. If he were to toss a few of them over, they might truly not dare to claim that they would be able to hold out against that.

The more they thought about it, the more terrifying it all seemed. They truly did not dare to go overboard here.

The injuries of Chi Huoshen and Chan Yingtian were grave right now. This was especially the case for Chan Yingtian, who was blown up until he only had a single trace of consciousness left. If he wanted to recover from it, that would definitely be no easy task.

Lin Fan peeked at the Lower Grade Immortal Weapons behind him and let out a grin. Pointing out with his finger casually, fifty Lower Grade Immortal Weapons flew out gently.

"Since you guys refuse to come out, Your Daddy can only choose to attack then!" Lin Fan roared out loudly as the fifty Lower Grade Immortal Weapons started to rumble furiously. When the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect caught sight of this scene, their faces turned frightfully pale.





The disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect were frantic as they ran off faster than anyone else could. But when they took a careful look, they calmed down right away.

Those fifty Lower Grade Immortal Weapons were not flying out at them. Instead, they were aimed somewhere in the distance.

Seeing that, the ma.s.ses heaved out a sigh of relief.

"That was close! Wayyyy too scary! Seems like it wasn't aimed at us!"

"That fella is simply way too savage! How can he do this? Those are all Immortal Weapons!"

"The disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect are really way too much! To think that they would dare to get this brazen! Do they really take our Kunlun G.o.d Sect as pushovers?"

"Where has the Grandmaster gone to? Why hasn't he appeared yet?"

"Eh? Not right. Guys, take a look…!"

When the ma.s.ses turned their heads over in a flush, their faces were drained of color.

"The direction those Immortal Weapons are aimed at is our sect!"

"Holy f*ck! What a beast! Is that guy thinking of blowing up our entire sect?"

"The combined explosion of fifty Lower Grade Immortal Weapons! That is an outcome that I don't even dare to imagine about anymore! How horrifying would that be?"

"HAHAHA…!" Lin Fan roared out in laughter, "Since no one from the Kunlun G.o.d Sect will step out, then Your Daddy shall just have to use some Immortal Weapons to blow up some fireworks for you guys!"

Even though fifty Lower Grade Immortal Weapons did not amount to much, the force of their combined explosion was definitely something not to be reckoned with. Wanting to rip even the void apart would not be an issue at all! Even though the Kunlun G.o.d Sect was huge, if these were to self destruct above the sect, it would be able to blow up at least fifty percent of their territory.

Just considering that alone was extremely horrifying! Fifty percent of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect's structures? For the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, that would be a huge blow for sure! And if any core or important structures were to be destroyed, that would be a tremendous loss as well!

The ma.s.ses who were hiding up in the void were just stunned by this scene.

"This disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect is so ruthless!"

"By the looks of it, there's definitely a need for Tai Qiantian to make his move. If he were to just allow these Lower Grade Immortal Weapons to blow up, even the gigantic defensive formation that the Kunlun G.o.d Sect has might not be able to defend against it!"

"But, how does he have any way of striking out at all? With Han Juntian holding him down, he can't afford to get distracted in the slightest bit anymore!"

"Do you guys think that those Senior Old Masters of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect would come forth?"

"Impossible! I heard that the Senior Old Masters of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect were all meditating to try and perceive the Heavenly Lord Dao. How could they have the time to get involved in these issues? If they were able to ascend into the Heavenly Lord realm, they would be able to create hundreds and thousands of sects as such in the blink of an eye!"

"That makes sense as well."

At this moment, the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect raised their heads and looked up into the void. All of those fifty Lower Grade Immortal Weapons were emitting a brilliant glow. As all of their Laws of Immortal Dao permeated into the void, they created a tremendous representation of strength.


Lin Fan roared out without hesitating at all. Since he was already here, he would f*ck them till the very end. Even though these actions of his might be a little risky, he wasn't fearful at all.

With Immortal Weapons to cover his a*s, he would blow up whoever dared to approach. At the same time, those Special Items of his were definitely enough to ensure victory. While Lin Fan might not be all that clear about what the effects would be like, he definitely had faith in those Special Items crafted by himself that they would never ever let him down.

As for all of these trashes before him, Lin Fan wasn't bothered in the least bit. They would definitely not be able to force him into a state where he would have to resort to using his Special Items.


At that moment, the entire world began to quiver.

"Holy f*ck! That fella is seriously going to explode everything! He really will not rest until one side falls!" Everyone hidden in the void was totally alarmed.

As for the other major sects and factions that were spectating the happenings through their unparalleled mystic skills, their hearts skipped a beat as well. This was way too shocking!

If the Heaven and Earth Sect were to come out on top of this war, they would definitely not be the same from this day forth.

Amongst the major nine sects, the G.o.d Essence Sect might be the only one that could even compare with them by then.


That gigantic defensive formation of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect started cracking under the pressure of the self destruction's might, unable to withstand any longer. With a clean, crisp sound, it disintegrated entirely in the next moment.

That formidable force of self destruction then pummelled down from the Heavens and crushed below. If no one were to step in, some of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect disciples who were closer to the impact zone would most likely evaporate due to just the shockwaves of that impact.

But just at this moment, a crack secretly opened in the void above the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. Thereafter, the force of the Lower Grade Immortal Weapons' self destruction was absorbed in and dissipated.

"That's enough! All of you, stop that!"

At this moment, a hoa.r.s.e voice sounded out. While the voice might be hoa.r.s.e, there was a hidden might within it still.

When Lin Fan caught sight of the situation before him, he was startled. F*cking h.e.l.l! The self destruction of fifty Lower Grade Immortal Weapons of his was wasted just like that without even blowing up a single person?

"Holy f*ck! That's way too f*cking savage!" Lin Fan was indignant in his heart.

"Who is that? Get the h.e.l.l out for Your Daddy! Do you think that you can f*cking say that it's enough just because you want to? Your Daddy is going to make you cry out for your father and mother!" Lin Fan roared out wildly.

Just at that moment, a figure appeared in front of Lin Fan suddenly.

"Grandmaster, are you alright?" Lin Fan asked.

Han Juntian nodded his head, "I'm fine. I was just fighting it out with Tai Qiantian earlier on. To think that it would take so long. Seems like I must be getting rusty."

Right then, Tai Qiantian was floating before the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect with a thoroughly incensed face as well.

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