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There was truly no one else left to focus on!

At this moment, everyone had shut up completely. There were terrified, shocked even. Was this person before their eyes even a human!

Just how in the world did he produce this many Immortal Weapons?

Even Old Master Yin Shen, who was hiding in the void, had shut up by now. He had witnessed the explosion from earlier on. That was something that could only be described by the word 'nightmarish'.

Right now, Lin Fan's tyranny was unparalleled. He stamped down with his feet, the air above his head filled with dominance as he pointed out into the void with a single finger.

"Old Trash Yin Shen, b.l.o.o.d.y come out for Your Daddy if you've got the guts, Your Daddy promises that he will definitely not kill you!" Lin Fan roared out overbearingly, "But if you don't dare to come out, then you better f*cking stand on one side and watch! If you beep beep anymore, Your Daddy will use his Immortal Weapons to whack the sh*t out of you, Old Trash!"

At this moment, the ma.s.ses were just dumbfounded. This was abnormally terrifying!

Even though Old Master Yin Shen had not joined any sect, he was a well known Saint Immortal veteran in the entire Endless Mainland. His cultivation state was earthshattering, while his powers were so profound that there was barely anyone who could match him. But right now when he was being pointed right in the face and lambasted to his very core, he couldn't even dare to let out a single fart at all!

Old Master Yin Shen, who was hidden in the void right now, was flushed entirely red. To think that this fella before him would dare to humiliate him as such! That was something that had him totally enraged. However, when he caught sight of all the Immortal Weapons behind the back of this person, his inner heart went totally silent. He wasn't a brash person. If he were to be smashed by all of these Immortal Weapons, the only outcome awaiting him would definitely be a tragic one.

He might as well forget it! Enduring for a moment would help him in escaping a miserable fate. This lad was simply way too tyrannical. He had no choice but to admit that.

"Hmph! It's good that you know how to shut up." Lin Fan declared domineeringly, then looked up into the void, "All of you had better listen up! Today's affair is between Your Daddy and the Kunlun G.o.d Sect! If any of you b.l.o.o.d.y dare to act audaciously, I'll have you know that Your Daddy's Immortal Weapons are no joke, and will blow you guys into smithereens instantly!"

All the powerful beings hiding up in the void knitted their brows, feeling that this lad was truly way too insolent. If it were anyone else, they would have long struck out and taken him down. But, given the way the situation had unfolded right now, they were just left feeling miserable.

This number of Immortal Weapons out there was something that had them completely shocked. If they were to truly self destruct, what could they do?

But right then, something strange happened.

"Insolent! Your Ancestor has roamed throughout the Endless Mainland for a thousand years, and yet a young one like you dares to be so haughty?" The void exploded out as a figure bolted toward Lin Fan.

"That's the Old Master Dong Xu, a newly minted Saint Immortal! Seems like he must have gotten triggered by that lad!"

"Well, that lad is really way too c.o.c.ky anyway. We'll let Old Master Dong Xu be the guinea pig then!"

Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he pointed out his finger, causing a Middle Grade Immortal Weapon to tear through the void.



The Middle Grade Immortal Weapon exploded instantly. Caught up in the shockwaves of that explosion, Old Master Dong Xu's body quivered.

These Immortal Weapons were way too heaven revolting! To think that they wouldn't even require channeling time to explode out just like that! There was no room for anyone to prepare themselves at all!


The body of Old Master Dong Xu exploded as his blood sprayed everywhere. It was a horrifying sight to behold.

"Y-YOU…!" Old Master Dong Xu's face was filled with terror. That single Middle Grade Immortal Weapon had nearly taken his entire old life already! He clearly found out that the force of this Middle Grade Immortal Weapon's explosion was way too devastating!

"You're still not dead?" Lin Fan was surprised. To think that this Old Master Dong Xu would have managed to stay alive. That was pretty awkward now.

"Forget it! I'll gift you another Middle Grade Immortal Weapon then. If you're still not dead, Your Daddy will spare your life." Without even waiting for Old Master Dong Xu to reply, Lin Fan took out yet another Middle Grade Immortal Weapon and threw it over.

"N-NO…! NO MORE! PLEASE NO MORE…!" Old Master Dong Xu screamed out, regretting his impulsiveness right now. Why did he have to act strong and rush toward this guy while everyone else remained silent?


'Ding… Congratulations on killing Saint Immortal powerful being.'

'Ding… Experience Points + …'

The strength of this Old Master Dong Xu could not make it. Even amongst the Saint Immortals, he was nothing more than a bottom feeder, and did not even have any strong mystic skill to back him up. For him to be blown up just like that by two Middle Grade Immortal Weapons… How shameful!


At this moment, everyone was frozen in shock. To think that a Saint Immortal being would have been messed up by two Middle Grade Immortal Weapons just like that! Did he b.l.o.o.d.y have to go to that extent?

Lin Fan coughed out gently, "Alright, all of you watch carefully now. This is the consequence of acting brazenly. Now, who else is indignant? If you're indignant, come on and step out!"

The entire scene was silent as though crows were squawking in the area. No one made a single peep of a sound, all scared silly by that supreme might of Lin Fan and his Immortal Weapons.

Lin Fan had also started to realize that as long as he got a little more savage, all of those Old Masters and Saint Immortals would turn into trashes immediately that were not worth even a single mention!


Having finished with that, Lin Fan walked up ahead.


The disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect stumbled backward immediately. They were all extremely fearful of Lin Fan right now. In their eyes, this man was simply way too scary!

This was especially the case with that dense cl.u.s.ter of Immortal Weapons behind him. That was the epitome of horror that rattled their hearts!

"Where is everyone from the Kunlun G.o.d Sect? Is this all you guys can amount to? Your Daddy is going to have you guys mowed down today!" While Lin Fan's words were really tyrannical, he knew that wanting to achieve something like that would just be a dream right now. Unless he was an Immortal King, the most he could do was act out some bullsh*t and put on some tough words, and that was all.

During all this, the Wheel Saint King was grabbed away by Tai Qiantian singlehandedly. A precious treasure as such was something that must absolutely not be left out there. Furthermore, Chan Yingtian wasn't even dead yet. With a trace of his consciousness still remaining, he would naturally be able to revive from it.

But for the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, this was still a huge loss of face nevertheless. To think that a mere Heaven and Earth Sect disciple would be able to f*ck over two Vice Grandmasters of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect just like that. Who in the world would believe this if it were told outside?

Right now at the Heaven and Earth Sect…

Countless disciples were gathered at the public square with their heads raised high. In the void was an image that was displaying Lin Fan's tyrannical reign over the Kunlun G.o.d Sect right now.

The Outer Sect disciples were shocked.

The Inner Sect disciples were excited.

The Remnants were absolutely thrilled.

As for the Grandmaster Candidates who had returned, they were absolutely impressed.

Some of the Outer Sect disciples felt as though this had opened up a brand new world for them.

"Is that Senior Brother Lin of our sect? So tyrannical! So incredible!"

"You kidding? That's of course!"

"How did Senior Brother Lin manage it? How is he in possession of so many Immortal Weapons?"

"Horrifying! This is simply way too horrifying! For a single person to trample the Kunlun G.o.d Sect with such tyranny and take down two Vice Grandmasters… That sort of strength is just heaven revolting, isn't it?"

"Gosh, I told you so, right? Our Heaven and Earth Sect is the strongest!"

All of the Grandmaster Candidates were truly impressed right now. They could not help but admit that they weren't comparable to this man at all. Just the sort of guts he had alone was something that they could not match up with.

Going over to the Kunlun G.o.d Sect singlehandedly? Even if they had ten guts, they wouldn't have dared to do the same!

In the crowd, Qing Yangzi's face was stumped, only to be replaced with a look of excitement. He could not wait to tell everyone that he was the one who had brought this lad back into the sect!!!

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