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Lin Fan said out softly while his eyes shone with an infinitely berserk look. To think that that brain-dead r.e.t.a.r.d would try to take on the Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon of Your Daddy with his bare hands! Just how much courage would that take? Just that courage alone had Lin Fan honestly impressed and exasperated at the same time. Couldn't there be some powerful beings who had a normal intellect in this world?

"How could this be?"

Chan Yingtian's face changed as he could sense the auras of the two Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons starting to go wild, seeming like they could blow up at any moment.

"Sealing Heavens!"

"Lad, you're thinking too much! In my hands, do you really think that your Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons can get to explode?" Chan Yingtian hollered as a sealing rune flew out and wrapped the two Immortal Weapons while forcefully suppressing the Weapon Spirits within to wipe away Lin Fan's consciousness from them. But, the moment that power started to gush into the Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons, it was pushed out right away!

This single scene had Chan Yingtian feeling extremely horrified. In his eyes, this was just absolutely unimaginable and impossible!

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin, "Here come the fireworks."



The entire Heaven and Earth quaked violently. The force produced by the self destruction of two Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons could only be described as heaven tormenting. The Spirit Qi and Laws of Immortal Dao produced spread across the sky, seeming to be unrestrained and without a master, forming an extremely mysterious image. A series of mists shrouded and enveloped the entire Heaven and Earth within. However, everyone knew that what lay within was just a plain stretch of destruction. If anyone dared to step in, it was probably going to be hard for them to even remain alive.

A series of tragic wails rang and reverberated throughout the entire world. From within that mist, the only thing that could be heard was Chan Yingtian's miserable shrieks.

Lin Fan stood there nonchalantly, without a single trace of emotions on his face, "For the Vice Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, Chan Yingtian, to die under the self destruction of two Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons, that should do well to serve as accompaniment for his burial.

All the people from the spectating sects were totally confounded by this scene right now.

In their eyes, this was just simply unbelievable. With two Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons exploding, the amount and nature of force produced was absolutely enough to rattle the entire world and the firmaments.

With a single Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon exploding, anyone in the radius of hundreds of thousands of miles would evaporate into dust instantly. But somehow, these two Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons were really way too strange. To think that the power bursting forth from them would be concentrating toward a single spot rather than spreading out!

Lin Fan's brows furrowed a little. He had been waiting for a long time now, yet there was no notification from the System. This was too darned strange! Was this guy still not blown up into smithereens even after the self destruction of two Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons?

This Chan Yingtian was way too resilient, wasn't he?

Right now, Lin Fan did not even wait for the ma.s.ses to react. According to him, Chan Yingtian must be severely injured right now, and was probably close to death. Thus, he tossed out a few Lower Grade Immortal Weapons and caused them to explode right away.



Those few Lower Grade Immortal Weapons blew up, but there was still no notification of Chan Yingtian's death from the System.

"Senior brother…!"

Chi Huoshen did not know what was going on, neither did he know how his senior brother was doing. However, he knew that the self destruction of two Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons was no joke.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed and he felt extremely bothered. He was still not dead even at this moment? Just what in the world was going on here?

But just then, an infinitely bright beam of light pierced through the mist that was left behind while an authoritative might suppressed the entire world.

"So fierce!" Lin Fan was astounded. This was way too unreal, wasn't it? To think that he would still not be dead after the self destruction of two Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons! Just what in the world was going on here?

After a while, the shockwaves of the explosion dissipated gradually.

Chan Yingtian's body had dissipated already, and in its place was a wheel. There were a ton of intricate runes and symbols marked on the wheel, and right in its center was a trace of consciousness. Within the consciousness floated a baby that emitted a golden glow, with sutras of a mystic skill from the Buddhist race on his arm.

"Wheel Saint King!"

At this moment, all the spectating sects exclaimed out.

Just what in the world was this sh*t? Seemed like the thing that was protecting Chan Yingtian's consciousness must be this mysterious wheel here. For it to be able to hold out against the explosion of two Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons, this was clearly no ordinary ent.i.ty.

But just right then, the void suddenly exploded as a gigantic gray hand tore through, trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the wheel.

"To think that this Legendary Item of the Heaven and Earth, the Wheel Saint King, would be hidden in the body of Chan Yingtian. Kunlun G.o.d Sect, I've really got to give it to you guys." A vast demonic voice cut right into the battlefield, most probably here to s.n.a.t.c.h away the Wheel Saint King.

"Old Master Yin Shen! You had better not get brazen!"

Far from the depths of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect came an extremely sharp aura that slammed right into the gray arm, severing it instantly. With that, the gray arm crashed down and floated in Lin Fan's direction.

"Tai Qiantian…!" Yin Shen roared out. He had not expected that Tai Qiantian would actually strike out. Wasn't that guy in the midst of fighting with Han Juntian right now? How could he spare his attention over here?

When Lin Fan caught sight of that demonic arm, his mind whirled out as he hurriedly rushed forth and threw it into his storage.

This Old Master Yin Shen must definitely be another powerful being. This arm of his could probably be refined into something good! This was Your Daddy's battlefield! For someone to b.u.t.t in just like this, they were not giving him any face at all!

"Young one, return the arm of Your Old Master." Old Master Yin Shen growled out. Within that arm were some Laws of the Old Master Yin Shen's life itself. If he were to lose them, that would be a hundred years of his powers gone just like that!

Right now, Lin Fan was in an extremely pleasant mood as he spoke up right away, "Return your mother! Your Daddy picked it up because he was capable. Why should I return it to you? Also, is your name written on this arm?"

"You're looking to die…!" The Old Master Yin Shen barked out furiously as his killing intent was clearly triggered.

The fact that Lin Fan had come knocking onto the doors of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect singlehandedly was already something pretty unbelievable for the sects spectating. But now that things had escalated to such an extent, it was just totally stupefying.

They had not expected that this fella would be formidable enough to be able to take down two of Kunlun G.o.d Sect's Vice Grandmasters in a row! That sort of strength was just heaven revolting!

And, the reason why the Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect would not come out was something that everyone could guess. He must definitely be held down by the Grandmaster of the Heaven and Earth Sect, Han Juntian.

Otherwise, given his character, there was no way he would just sit by idly with all this commotion happening right in his front yard.

At the start, the powerful beings hidden in the void were only intending to spectate the happenings quietly. But at this moment, now that Chan Yingtian's true body had been destroyed to reveal the Wheel Saint King hidden within, it had naturally invoked their sense of greed.

The Wheel Saint King was a type of Legendary Item birthed by the Heaven and Earth, and possessed the great Dao of the Heaven and Earth. With it, one could instantaneously comprehend any single mystic skill in this world, and also achieve a state of indestructible reincarnation. If one could contain the Wheel Saint King within their bodies, the power they could control would be extremely formidable and unrivaled.

Even though Chan Yingtian was a Saint Immortal, he was one of the mightiest beings amongst the Saint Immortals. However, if he could refine that Wheel Saint King completely, being a Saint Immortal would be a thing of the past, as he would definitely level up to an even higher state.

"HAHAHA! Thinking of killing me? I've got to see if you guys have the guts to even come close to Your Daddy!" At this moment, Lin Fan went ham.

"All of you, come on out! My Immortal Weapons!"


Lin Fan reared his head and spread his arms wide open so that the gazes of all the people in the surroundings could just land on him. At that moment, the initially calm void behind him started vibrating out violently.

One by one, those Immortal Weapons floated out of the void and cl.u.s.tered behind him densely.

Lower Grade Immortal Weapons, Middle Grade Immortal Weapons, Upper Grade Immortal Weapons, and Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons…All of the Immortal Weapons that Lin Fan had crafted suddenly burst out of his body all at once, lining up in an orderly manner behind him.

The amount of power emitted out of those Immortal Weapons shook the entire world. When everyone caught sight of this, they were just totally dumbfounded.

"YOUR DADDY JUST WANTS TO ASK… WHO ELSE b.l.o.o.d.y WANTS A PIECE OF ME…?" Lin Fan bellowed out as an explosion boomed across the void.


In this instant, everyone was frozen solid.

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