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Fire clouds spread throughout the sky instantly as a gigantic red palm tore the void. Protecting those disciples behind it, the enormous palm then grabbed out at those Immortal Weapons.

"To think that there would finally be an important character appearing! Now, that's what makes things fun!" Lin Fan roared out. The aura emanating from that gigantic red palm was far from normal, definitely not something that those disciples could compare with.



Those Immortal Weapons exploded at the same time. The amount of power that was burst forth from the resulting detonation was absolutely earth-shattering, to the extent that one would not even dare to look straight at it. Even the owner of that gigantic red palm could feel his heart rattling slightly in the face of it.

The gigantic red palm was blown apart before being regrouped back once again.

At the same time, a figure appeared in the air seemingly out of nowhere. Looking at everything before him, Chi Huoshen could feel his spirits quivering slightly. Those Immortal Weapons that had exploded earlier on were absolutely genuine products.

Even though they were only Lower Grade Immortal Weapons, they were still Immortal Weapons nevertheless, weapons that countless disciples could only dream of.

"Vice Grandmaster…!"

When the disciples who were rescued caught sight of who it was that had arrived, their hearts leaped with joy and heartfelt emotions. To be fair, how could they not be? If the Vice Grandmaster had not stepped out to save them, they might have been killed by the other party already!

The self destruction of Immortal Weapons was something not to be underestimated at all. If even Senior Brother Liu could not hold out against it, they definitely stood no chance at all.

Chi Huoshen glared at Lin Fan in rage, "You are Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect, the sinner who killed four of our sect's Grandmaster Candidates!"

"That's me indeed! However, if you were to count in the one from moments ago, that would make five of them! I truly wonder how many more Grandmaster Candidates has the Kunlun G.o.d Sect still left. How fun would it be if I could kill all of them!" Lin Fan chuckled out.

"You're looking to die!" Chi Huoshen was enraged. He had not thought that someone would dare to come knocking on their doors openly to provoke them. He was surely looking to die!

"Looking to die? Nononono… YOU guys are looking to die. Since Lower Grade Immortal Weapons can't blow you to death, how about trying this?" Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin. In the following moment, another Immortal Weapon was tossed out under the frightful gaze of Chi Huoshen and the rest.

"This…!" When Chi Huoshen caught sight of that Immortal Weapon, his face was struck with a paralyzing disbelief.

Upper Grade Immortal Weapon…!

To think that this guy would be throwing out an Upper Grade Immortal Weapon!

"Blazing Sun Scorching Heavens!"

Chi Huoshen blared out in rage as his entire body seemed to be consumed by the scorching sun, shining with a bright shade of red. In fact, the shade of red was so brilliant that there was even a trace of golden glow coming forth from it!

This was a sign of fire based mystic skills being cultivated to their utmost extreme states.

The entire Heaven and Earth shook while red clouds rumbled out. Slapping out with his palm, Chi Huoshen sent dragons of fire coiling over and ripping through the entire world.


The self destruction of an Upper Grade Immortal Weapon was absolutely unimaginable. When everyone felt that berserk power that was spreading out, their entire faces were scared silly.

Horrifying! This was way too horrifying!


At this instant, the entire void blew up. Unable to withstand the force of this explosion, some of the disciples were sent flying off immediately. There were even some of them whose bodies started ripping out from within because of being at such a proximity that they were dragged in by the berserk power.

"How's that? If one isn't enough, I can give you one more!" Lin Fan burst out laughing.

Chi Huoshen's cultivation base was at the Saint Immortal state as well. However, because he had been in that state for a long time now, his powers were profound. Otherwise, most ordinary people would definitely not have been able to withstand this.

With the explosion of an Upper Grade Immortal Weapon, a black hole was blown through the void, causing the void currents to flow out and rip everything in the surroundings apart.

"d.a.m.n it! G.o.d d.a.m.n IT! YOU ARE JUST COURTING DEATH!" Chi Huoshen yelled out.

Under the power of the explosion, Chi Huoshen's body was blown into half straightaway. But, the fact that he could still remain alive was pretty surprising in itself.

"Vice Grandmaster…!"

When the disciples caught sight of the situation before their eyes, they were totally stupefied. They had not expected that their Vice Grandmaster would be forced into such a terrible state. In fact, they could even tell that some of the Saint Immortal Laws within his body were starting to break down!

This was a grave injury he had sustained!

"Huehue... Vice Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, and yet that's all you amount to! Seems like I'll just have to kill a Vice Grandmaster first today." Lin Fan remarked nonchalantly. As though he had just tossed out a piece of garbage, he threw out another Lower Grade Immortal Weapon.

In his eyes, a Lower Grade Immortal Weapon was truly just like garbage. Even if a Lower Grade Immortal Weapon were to drop on the floor right now, he would be too lazy to pick it up.

As for the other sects that were observing the entire situation play out, they were just shocked beyond their senses right now.

"Just what sort of a background does this disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect have? How could he be in possession of this many Immortal Weapons?"

"Shocking! This is way too shocking! I've never ever come across such a situation before! Self destructing Immortal Weapons? How rich must one be in order for them to do something as such?"

"Have you guys noticed an issue? All of those Immortal Weapons don't even require any build up time before they explode! Their detonations were all instantaneous!"

"How could that be? All Immortal Weapons would require time before they blow up! How come this fella's Immortal Weapons do not have that requirement?"

"Even the most powerful Weapons Crafting Master in the entire Endless Mainland cannot possibly craft out Immortal Weapons of this level!"

"Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect…This lad is just like the Devil himself. If he doesn't die today, we must make sure that we never ever trifle with him in the future."

At this moment, the Lower Grade Immortal Weapon was traversing through the void and flying out in the direction of Chi Huoshen. As long as it arrived in his face, it would definitely blow up right away.

"d.a.m.n IT!" Chi Huoshen screamed out while struggling. If he were hit by the explosion of that Lower Grade Immortal Weapon's, there was a very high chance he might truly fall here today!

"The Heaven and Earth Sect is really going overboard with the bullying. You guys deserve to die."

Just at this moment, a thunderous voice boomed while a jade white hand extended out of the void. As though it was grabbing a chick, it held onto the Lower Grade Immortal Weapon in its palm.

When Chi Huoshen caught sight of who it was that had arrived, his heart leaped with glee, "Senior brother."

The person who had arrived was another Vice Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, Chan Yingtian.

"Degenerate! For killing the disciples of my sect and bullying my junior brother, you utterly deserve death." Chan Yingtian looked like a young man, with a set of sparkling pearly whites and blushing red lips. He totally looked like a pretty boy.

"How could that be? To think that you would be able to suppress the self destruction of an Immortal Weapon!" Lin Fan exclaimed.

Chan Yingtian looked at Lin Fan the same way he would view an ant, "The vastness of the world is not something the likes of you can fathom."

"I don't believe it." Lin Fan snorted out coldly. His palm flipped out as a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon flew out to suppress Chan Yingtian.

"Yet another self destruction? It's really a pity for these Immortal Weapons to be following you." Chan Yingtian replied in a low voice. As though he had mastered some mystic skill of the Buddhist race, he pinched out with his finger gently. With that action, all mystic skills were dispelled in the air as he grabbed the Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon in his hand with ease.

When the spectating sects caught sight of this Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon, they were absolutely taken aback.

"Just what sort of background does that lad really have?"

"Lower Grade Immortal Weapons, Upper Grade Immortal Weapon, and now a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon? Just how many Immortal Weapons does he have?"

Those who were learned were poor, while those who thrived in martial arts were rich.

This was the case in the Endless Mainland as well.

The way Lin Fan was expending this many Immortal Weapons so extravagantly was something that was absolutely inconceivable to everyone around. Even those big sects did not have such resources for someone to waste them in this way!

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Catch it again if you've got the guts!" Lin Fan roared out as he tossed yet another Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon.

Chan Yingtian's eyes shone with a strange look. He had not expected for this lad to be this rich! Grabbing out casually, he caught the Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon in his hands once more.

"HAHAHA…! This is good then. I'll just have to refine both of these Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons of yours then!" Chan Yingtian said as he moved his finger, sending a stream of power within the Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons and beginning to refine them.

When the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect caught sight of this, they clamored out excitedly. To think that that fella would still want to have the Immortal Weapons self destructing! Now that their Vice Grandmaster had suppressed them down, it was time to see what other capabilities he had!

"Oi, what's your name?" Lin Fan asked.

"Vice Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, Chan Yingtian."

Lin Fan nodded his head. That 'angered and exasperated' look he had earlier on vanished entirely and was replaced with a cold smile, "Your Daddy doesn't kill nameless dogs. Also, do you really think that the Immortal Weapons crafted out by Your Daddy are really so easy for you to take down?"

"Huh?" Chan Yingtian was stumped, not knowing what the other party meant by that. But in the next second, he understood what was going on.

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