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Lin Fan was feeling pretty good right now. In front of him, Ling Wuzun was just like a little baby who did not dare to act brazenly at all. Honestly, this was really quite the pleasurable feeling.

"How did you b.u.mp into those Kunlun G.o.d Sect disciples?" Lin Fan asked. The relationship between the Kunlun G.o.d Sect and the Heaven and Earth Sect right now was not good at all as they were in a state of war. However, it was still considered to be an obscure war where just the disciples would f*ck one another up, and had yet to escalate up to a full blown sect level war.

Of course, that was something that would not really happen, and neither would the sects allow for it to happen. After all, if the sects were to really come and one another's neck, the disturbance it would cause would be tremendous. At the same time, the amount of interests at stake by then would be way too huge as well.

Although, that was honestly just something to be decided at the Grandmasters and Vice Grandmasters' level. If the Senior Old Masters were to strike out, that would be yet another completely different story.

"Senior brother, hurry! Let us hurry back! I was with some junior brothers earlier on before we were surrounded by those people from the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. I was the only one who managed to get out. I wonder how the rest are!" Ling Wuzun remarked.

Without hesitation, Lin Fan grabbed him and crossed the void.

"There!" Ling Wuzun pointed out.

Casting his sight over, Lin Fan frowned. That initially pretty joyous mood of his was dashed immediately. After all, in front of his eyes were nothing but multiple corpses lying around.

All of those corpses were disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect. As for the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, they were long gone by now.

Ling Wuzun's face turned grim as he hurried up. He then turned around to Lin Fan, "Senior brother, they're all dead."

"Junior Brother Qing Yi…"

"Senior Brother Lin! Junior Brother Qing Yi is still breathing!"

Lin Fan rushed up. Without thinking twice, the lifeforce of Lin Fan's Mythical Parasol Tree burst forth and gushed into the body of Junior Brother Qing Yi.

"What happened to me…?" Qing Yi's brows were twitching as he jerked his eyes wide open. When he caught sight of the two people before him, his face changed, "Senior Brother Lin…!"

Lin Fan waved it off with his hand and looked at the surrounding corpses. All of them were dead, with their consciousness scattered. There was no chance for him to reverse the situation.

But just at this moment, Qing Yi cried out loudly as he hugged a corpse tightly and screamed, "Yue Lan…!"

"Senior brother, this is Junior Brother Qing Yi's partner. I heard that she was five months pregnant already. To think that she would meet such a tragedy…" Ling Wuzun commented.

Lin Fan understood that this was all because of him, so he promptly walked up, "Let me take a look."

Qing Yi looked at Senior Brother Lin with a look of thirst as he hugged Lin Fan's thighs, "Senior brother, please save her! I'm begging you! Please save her!"

Lin Fan was not G.o.d, so how could he have the power to resurrect her? However, as much as he could, he would still try and see if he could save her.

Under that watchful gaze of Qing Yi, Lin Fan shook his head. There was no chance of saving her now. Even if it were a Supreme Grade Immortal Pill, it would be useless. She was dead through and through. But all of a sudden, Lin Fan's brows twitched. He WAS sensing something different.

"Twisting Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth Impermanence!"

Using his fingers, Lin Fan grabbed at Yue Lan's bloated tummy; an Essence Qi burst forth from within her body instantly.

"Senior brother…" When Qing Yi caught sight of everything before him, his heart skipped a beat, wondering what his senior brother was trying to do.

"Don't disturb senior brother." Ling Wuzun said.

That Essence Qi was the Essence Qi of the infant. Even though the infant had already pa.s.sed away, this connate Qi here had retained everything of the infant. If this were an Immortal King being, he would have been able to reverse time and death, sculpting this into the shape of a human using some heaven revolting methods.

Lin Fan opened his mouth and a ferocious amount of lifeforce gushed out. He then selected a few Immortal Pills and controlled them in his palms before crushing them to create a thick, steady stream of Immortal medicinal power. Using that, he infused it into that ball of Essence Qi.

Even though Twisting Heaven and Earth was a move that was meant to be used on enemies, under Lin Fan's constant refinement, it possessed an endless myriad of mystic effects.

Standing on one side and observing, Ling Wuzun's face was just stupefied. Even though he did not know what this unparalleled mystic skill that Senior Brother Lin used was, he knew that it was definitely not normal.

This was especially the case after he caught sight of those Immortal Pills. The Laws of the Immortal Dao shrouding them were extremely bedazzling.

To think that they would really be Immortal Pills!

Qing Yi was feeling extremely anxious in his heart as well. At the same time, when he caught sight of how his senior brother had taken out those Immortal Pills, he did not know what he should say.

At this moment, Lin Fan raised his hand and grabbed out at the void.

"Heavens, come…!"


A boundless amount of Spirit Qi burst forth from the void and formed Spirit Qi Dragons one after another.

"Earth, gush…!"

As he slammed down onto the ground with a single palm, the essence within the abyssal trenches underground were all gathered within Lin Fan's palms as well.

This was the deployment of an unparalleled mystic skill that gathered the essence of the Heaven and Earth to sculpt out a physical body.

If any ordinary person were to catch sight of such a mystic skill, they would definitely be flabbergasted. This was coupled with the fact that the Mythical Parasol Tree within Lin Fan's body was the number one Mythical Tree in the entire world. The amount of lifeforce possessed by it was just incredible.


A light ball floated before Lin Fan's face and gradually took on the shape of an infant.

A pair of plump, little hands appeared, followed by a pair of plump, little legs…

"Heaven revolting mystic skill!" Ling Wuzun's heart froze with fear. He did not know just how strong Senior Brother Lin was right now! How could he be this formidable!

Methods as such were probably only achievable by the Grandmaster himself!

Suddenly, a baby's cry rang out in the air.

Lin Fan took back his hands, "Bring her back to the sect and groom her well."

Qing Yi stared at everything before him in absolute disbelief. It was only until he hugged the baby in his very hands that he dared to believe in the reality.

"T-This…!" He was completely stupefied by everything before him. Everything was way too incredible.

Lin Fan spoke up calmly, "Initially, she was already dead. But the connate Qi managed to retain her consciousness. This is a great fortune within a misfortune."

Honestly, Lin Fan was feeling a little bad right now, which was the reason why he was trying his best to forcefully change the fate of the Heaven and personally craft out a heaven revolting baby, with an unmatched potential and unrivaled wisdom.

Even though it was a female baby, as long as no huge issues were to occur in the future, it would definitely be no problem for her to become a powerful being who could reign over a part of the world.

Qing Yi looked at Lin Fan and was filled with immense grat.i.tude, "Thank you, senior brother."

Lin Fan waved him off, "It's alright. You guys head back to the sect first."

Ling Wuzun was surprised, "What about you, senior brother?"

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin, "Since the Kunlun G.o.d Sect has declared war, if I don't make them pay some price, they're going to think that I'm a pushover."

"Go back and report to the Grandmaster that this matter is not going to end this easily." Right now, Lin Fan's heart was burning with rage. How dare this Kunlun G.o.d Sect get so brazen! It was time to see who was afraid of whom, and who would be the one having the last laugh.

Ling Wuzun looked at that frighteningly cold grin on the face of Senior Brother Lin and nodded his head. Then, he took Junior Brother Qing Yi with him and left the place.

Right now, Ling Wuzun was truly convinced; even if he were to work hard for his entire life, he would never be able to reach the level of his senior brother.

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