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'Ding… Congratulations on crafting success.'

'Ding… Congratulations on crafting out Special Item.'

'Ding… Lin Brand's Soap.'

'Effects: If one were to bend over and pick up the soap after it drops on the floor, they would receive a back attack from someone of the same s.e.x.'

'Warning: It has a high wounding power and should only be used with caution. Number of usages: 3.'

"I'll f*ck your mother! Why are you always crafting all these nonsensical items?" Lin Fan was stunned. He was a b.l.o.o.d.y Saint Immortal powerful being at the very least right now! Anything else aside, just that strength alone would put him as one of the powerhouses of the entire Endless Mainland! And yet, he was still crafting out stuff like this! Was the System trying to do him in?

What should he do when he faced an enemy in the future? Throw the soap at them? That image might actually be rather pretty. High! The System must be high right now!

Lin Fan sighed out, truly not knowing what he should say anymore. At times, he clearly wanted to just craft out something good, yet one could look at the things crafted out instead. That Nine Five Legendary Brick was a perfect example of something good. One could take it out easily, and it looked tyrannical and mysterious as well.

Even though this soap that he had crafted out wasn't a one-time use object, what was the difference between three times and one time? Also, he did not even know what the effects would be like.

Looking at the snow white bar of soap in his hand, Lin Fan secretly took a whiff. Holy sh*t! F*cking h.e.l.l! This aroma was tyrannical! To think that it would bring this kind of serious fragrance along with it! Lin Fan then tossed the soap into his storage.

Arranging the Immortal weapons he had crafted, Lin Fan was pretty pleased.

Ten Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons.

Fifty Upper Grade Immortal Weapons.

Hundred Middle Grade Immortal Weapons.

Two hundred Lower Grade Immortal Weapons.

The Legendary Items for crafting weapons within that Triple Emperor Heaven Cache were just heaven revolting! For it to possess that many Legendary Items, was it trying to ma.s.s produce Immortal Weapons?

However, what Lin Fan definitely did not know was that if those Legendary Items for crafting weapons were to be truly used for crafting, there would be a huge rate of failure. Even being able to craft a single Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon out of those would have been pretty decent already.

For someone as sick as Lin Fan who could create an Immortal Weapon with every single casual craft, he could practically become an Immortal Weapon wholesaler right now! Sick! Way too sick!

"Eh? There's news from the sect?" At this moment, Lin Fan realized that the token from the sect was flashing with a bright light. Other than a symbol of his ident.i.ty, this token acted as a medium for transmitting messages as well. If there were any major issues, the sect would make use of the token to transmit it to every single disciple.

Upon receiving the news, Lin Fan's brows furrowed. 'Interesting!'

The Heaven and Earth Sect and the Kunlun G.o.d Sect had broken out into a full-scale war.

Even though it was not yet at the point where everyone from the top to bottom of the sect was gathered to attack the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, it was still at a state whereby any single Kunlun G.o.d Sect disciple met outside was to be slain without any mercy.

At the same time, there was a private message from Han Juntian's consciousness in the token.

"Lad, the sect has really stuck out for you this time around. If you don't grow to a state Your Grandmaster can be pleased about, Your Grandmaster will definitely teach you a good lesson."

After receiving the message, Lin Fan's face was filled with exasperation. What the h.e.l.l did this have to do with him again? But, based on everything that had happened earlier on, he could more or less guess that this issue must have truly had a great deal to do with him.

He had killed four of the Grandmaster Candidates from the Kunlun G.o.d Sect in a row. If it were any person who had a bad heart, they might have even died of a heart attack over the news. Naturally, this was definitely not something that the Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, Tai Qiantian, could ignore.

Lin Fan looked far into the distance. Since this matter had something to do with him, he naturally could not just ignore it. If this were him in the past, he would definitely go into hiding. With that weak strength of his, wouldn't he just be killed if he were to go out?

However, things were different now. With his strength being raised to this extent, coupled with the few hundreds of Immortal Weapons, even in just dragging the fights on, Lin Fan could outlast all of those fellas.

Seemed like the most tyrannical battle of his entire life was about to begin. Lin Fan's heart was filled with an endless thirst as well.


Without thinking much about it, he dove right into the void and headed toward the Heaven and Earth Sect.

After a long time, Lin Fan came across someone familiar somewhere. In the void, he saw a figure that was escaping frantically.

"Beasts! You guys are really beasts! I, Ling Wuzun, did not even bother you guys! What are you guys trying to do?" Ling Wuzun was wailing out terribly. After coming out of the sect to cultivate, he had been through quite a number of things and had met quite a lot of people. All of those things gave quite a boost to his cultivation state.

Back in the sect, Lin Fan was just like a gigantic mountain that was crushing down on his body, leaving him totally incapable of fighting back.

Earlier on, he had met some disciples of the sect. Ling Wuzun had even let down his pride as a Remnant to travel along with them. But to think that he would b.u.mp into bloodthirsty Kunlun G.o.d Sect disciples along the way!

Without saying anything, those Kunlun G.o.d Sect disciples started whacking him straight up. Their methods were extremely ruthless as well, leaving him with no chance to speak up at all!

It was only later on that he understood the reason why - the Heaven and Earth Sect had declared war against the Kunlun G.o.d Sect.

"That fella is a Remnant of the Heaven and Earth Sect! If we were to kill him, we would be able to obtain a reward from the sect!" A bunch of disciples from the Kunlun G.o.d Sect had a bright glint in their eyes as though they had just caught sight of a huge prey.

Ling Wuzun's strength wasn't weak at all. However, neither were these disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect! Every single move they made caused lightning to crackle out. There was even a Mystic Immortal full cultivation state powerful being amongst them!

Ling Wuzun didn't run far before he was rounded up by those disciples. When he looked at them all, he felt his heart skip a beat, "What are you guys trying to do?"

Ling Wuzun gulped down his saliva. The world outside was extremely treacherous. Initially, as long as he depended on his own strength and did not mess with any sick and twisted powerful beings, he would not run into any troubles. But right now, he was no longer the one looking for trouble with others; others were the ones who were knocking up his door.

"Heaven Encompa.s.sing Palm!"

The Mystic Immortal disciple of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect struck out immediately as he slapped out with his palm and covered the entire sky, shrouding Ling Wuzun within it. That formidable power found itself gushing right into the depths of Ling Wuzun's heart.

It was impossible to defend against…absolutely impossible!

"Scorching Sun's Blaze!"

Ling Wuzun roared out as a gigantic Sun appeared behind his back, scorching the entire world with its flames.

"Hmph! Remnant Ling Wuzun of the Heaven and Earth Sect, you shall die here!"


Under the might of that palm, that blazing Sun was breaking apart gradually before turning into bright sparks that dispersed in the void.

Ling Wuzun's face was aghast right now. He had not expected that things would come to such a state! He was absolutely no match for the other party at all!

The other party's cultivation base was at the Mystic Immortal full cultivation state, a little bit higher than his.

"Ling Wuzun, how has your strength not grown at all?"

Just at his moment, a voice traveled out of the distant void. When Ling Wuzun raised his head to check it out, he was stunned and his expression changed slightly.

When the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect heard this voice, they turned their heads over and leaped with joy, "HAHA! To think that it's another disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect! As long as we kill him, the rewards would be even more fabulous!"

Lin Fan floated out gently in the void and looked at these disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. Lifting his hand casually, he crushed down with a strength that withered everything in its path, slapping them to death immediately.

With noobs as such, Lin Fan did not even want to waste his breath on them.

But for Ling Wuzun, this was quite a huge blow. Those fellas had chased him half to death, and yet, they were all killed instantly in the hands of Lin Fan! Just how great a difference did they have in strength?

"Senior Brother Lin…" After barely escaping death, Ling Wuzun's face was totally helpless as he greeted politely.

Lin Fan came beside Ling Wuzun and sized him up from head to toe, "There's some slight improvement in your strength, but it's not great. You've got to work much, much harder."

Ling Wuzun bowed his head low and replied, "Yes, I will always remember your teachings, senior brother."

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