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Half a month later…

A figure sat cross-legged in the endless void. However, his face was stupefied.


"No more! I can't take it anymore!" Right now, Lin Fan was teary eyed as he could barely endure the 'ordeal'. He had popped in so many pills that it was almost revolting right now, his entire mouth filled with the fragrance of pills. Initially, this was quite the exciting thing to do, and he was filled with an unlimited amount of motivation. But now that half a month had pa.s.sed doing precisely that, he was even harboring thoughts of suicide.

"b.l.o.o.d.y mother*cker! To think that even popping down pills could get so disgusting! Who in the world could compete with me like this?" Lin Fan was indignant in his heart. There were simply too many pills that he truly wanted to puke out.

However, it wouldn't do if he didn't continue popping them down! These were experience points, an endless and limitless amount of experience points!

His cultivation state was soaring as though it was planted right on top of a rocket.

Ancestor Immortal upper level.

Ancestor Immortal full cultivation state.

In just a mere half a month, Lin Fan had raised his cultivation state to such an extent. Right now, what he wanted to do was to surpa.s.s the Ancestor Immortal state.

However, there was a huge difficulty in doing that. Right now, the pills no longer gave him as many experience points as they did before. And yet, his mouth was getting numb from all the munching.

There were an a.s.sortment of flavors: some sweet, some salty. As a matter of fact, there were even some bitter and astringent ones. With all sorts of weird random mixes, there was an endless variety of flavors.

If anyone else were to find out that he had been popping pills to such an extent, they would definitely have died from a fit of anger. Who was he kidding? Others would fight to their necks all for a single pill and yet this guy here was popping them down till he was about to puke? Looking at the remaining pills in the Heaven and Earth Smelt, Lin Fan's heart froze up. Just what should he do about it?

If he didn't pop them down, he would definitely feel reluctance in his heart. After all, these were all experience points! This was especially the case given the treacherous situation he was in right now. If he did not raise his cultivation state quickly, Lin Fan would definitely feel uneasy in his heart.

Fine! Thinking more was useless. He then buried his head and continued popping the pills. He definitely had to get beyond the Ancestor Immortal state and enter an even more mysterious one.

"Eh? What kind of sh*t Immortal Pills are these? To think that they would only increase my experience points by 10,000! This is too trashy!" Lin Fan looked at the Lower Grade Immortal Pills in his hands with contempt. This was especially the case given that he was almost about to vomit just by looking at pills. What could a mere 10,000 experience points even amount to?!

Toss it away!

And just like that, a Lower Grade Immortal Pill was tossed away by Lin Fan. At the same time, he knew about the effects of that Lower Grade Immortal Pill: it could increase one's innate potential, and that was all.

For Lin Fan, innate potential was worth jacksh*t. Heck, it was not worth even a single cent! Given his innate Trainer technique, he could even train a moron into a genius without any side effects at all!

What Lin Fan did not know was that that Lower Grade Immortal Pill had floated around and seeped into the void before eventually landing in a city, in the middle of a derelict yard where a young man wearing tattered clothes was working hard on cultivating.

If Lin Fan had known where the pill had landed, he would have definitely given a stifled laughter. Perhaps, in the fantasy tales that Lin Fan had read in the past, miraculous encounters in the form of pills were actually just picked up by some lucky trashes after someone like Lin Fan was too lazy to pop them and decided to throw them down.

But of course, the current Lin Fan could not be that bothered anymore. Even if he couldn't pop them down anymore, he would have to pop them down with his life. As for those Lower Grade Immortal Pills, they no longer served any purpose. He then started picking selectively and chose only to pop down Middle Grade, Upper Grade, and Supreme Grade Immortal Pills.

The days and nights switched places, as Lin Fan no longer bore any concept of time. Right now, he was just thoroughly immersed in the notifications of his experience points.

One day, Lin Fan clutched at his mouth: he could truly pop no more. It was so disgusting that he was about to puke.

'Ding…Congratulations on cultivation state leveling up.'

'Cultivation State: Saint Immortal.'

At this moment, the notification from the System had Lin Fan excited. Finally! He had finally broken through to become a Saint Immortal!

In a flash, Lin Fan felt as though he was fusing with the Heaven and Earth.

'Saints shall never die and the Dao shall never end.'

Ever since he became a Saint Immortal, Lin Fan's body underwent some extreme changes as well. Every single move and action he made seemed as though it was carrying forth the powers of the Heaven and Earth. In fact, there was even a mysterious world gradually being formed within his body.

And to Lin Fan's surprise, after breaking through to the Saint Immortal state, all the concepts of levels were gone! There was no more lower level, middle level, upper level, et cetera. There was only a single state - Saint Immortal.

Standing up, Lin Fan looked at the pills within his Heaven and Earth Smelt. His eyes shone with disgust as though he had just been contracted with Immortal Pills Anorexia.

However, he had no other choice. There were so many Immortal Pills! It wouldn't do to not pop them down. All of these were experience points!

Steady! He definitely had to go at it steadily. Otherwise, he was sure that he might probably even end up as the number one most hated person in the world by Immortal Pills.

If anyone else were to find out about this plight that Lin Fan was in right now, they would definitely spit out a mouthful of old blood. Beastly! This was way too beastly! Was he still a human?

To think that he could call this astronomical amount of pills disgusting! At times, those people would even have to fight with their lives at stake just for a single Immortal Pill!

Looking at the number of Immortal Pills in the Heaven and Earth Smelt, Lin Fan was too lazy to even count them. He then tossed them all into his storage so as to pop them down slowly in the future.

Right now, all the Legendary Items for crafting weapons were acc.u.mulated in his storage. There was a need for Lin Fan to cultivate them all into Immortal Weapons.

With a thought of his, those Legendary Items that were just like mountains flew out straight into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"Craft Weapon."

"Automatic crafting."

Vring, vring…!

Instantly, the Heaven and Earth Smelt started vibrating intensely. By now, the entire Heaven and Earth Smelt was stuffed completely by these Legendary Items for crafting weapons.

Mere people were always extremely cautious toward crafting weapons. After all, a small mistake could result in a huge loss. However, Lin Fan was just always so flamboyant at crafting weapons. Tossing every single material inside, anything crafted out was entirely dependant on luck.

"If I can't get a proper Legendary Weapon with even these many materials, it would be really one h.e.l.l of a f*cking dogsh*t!"

Lin Fan was still someone who was slightly greedy, l.u.s.ting over creating his Legendary Weapons.

He had witnessed the wondrous effects of his Legendary Weapons, all of which possessed a supernatural strength.

Taking the Nine Five Legendary Brick as an example, that was the Legendary Weapon that Lin Fan was the most pleased with uptill now.

Accompanying him for his entire journey till now, that item had a remarkable track record on the battlefield!

The Heaven and Earth Smelt started vibrating out violently as all the materials inside were being refined. They were then automatically regrouped, leaving one to wonder about the sort of item being created.

'Ding… Congratulations on crafting Middle Grade Immortal Weapon. Yet to be named.'

'Ding… Congratulations on crafting Upper Grade Immortal Weapon. Yet to be named.'

'Ding… Congratulations on crafting Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon. Yet to be named.'

The notifications from the System was relentless.

Lin Fan had been waiting the entire time. As for those Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons, Upper Grade Immortal Weapons, and whatnot, he did not bother with them at all.

He was waiting to see if there was any special Legendary Weapons, or perhaps one of those one-time use items.

'Ding… Congratulations on crafting Lower Grade Immortal Weapon.'

'Ding… Congratulations on crafting Middle Grade Immortal Weapon.'

Lin Fan's disappointment was mounting with each pa.s.sing notification. There b.l.o.o.d.y truly didn't seem like there was anything good!

The Legendary Weapons in Lin Fan's possession right now were all crafted out of the most basic of materials. And now that he had so many top quality materials here, wouldn't it give him even a bit more chance?

But, just at this moment, a sound traveled out as Lin Fan's brows relaxed and he broke into a wide smile.

'Ding…Congratulations on crafting Special Item.'

With that, a bright burst of light shone out.

Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy, "It's a hit! It's really a hit!"

But when he caught sight of the item, his entire face was stupefied. 'What the f*ck is this?'

Was the System trolling him?

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