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There was no way the three of them could defend against Qin Shengjun's attacks, not even at the death of them.

As his Laws of the Immortal Dao wrapped around the entire void, he grabbed the three of them just like holding little chickens in a palm, rendering them totally immobile.

"Qin Shengjun! What are you thinking of doing?"

Just at this moment, a bright flash of light streaked through the void as a boundless might caused Qin Shengjun's palm to disperse.

"Vice Grandmaster!" When the three of them caught sight of who it was, their hearts leaped with joy. They knew that if their Vice Grandmaster had not made it in time, they might have had to hand their lives over here.

The person who had arrived was a Vice Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect indeed. He sported an entire head of red hair that seemed just like a sea of fire. Every single strand of hair on that head of his brought with it an endless amount of berserk power.

"Chi Huoshen…!" Even after seeing who it was that had arrived, the anger in Qin Shengjun's heart was not appeased just yet.

"Qin Shengjun! What are you thinking of doing? Have you forgotten our agreement? To think that you would dare to try and strike at my disciples!" Chi Huoshen knew of Qin Shengjun's strength. If they were to really duke it out, it was not easy to determine who would win just yet.

"Have them hand the things over. Otherwise, even if it's you, I will not show any mercy!" Qin Shengjun barked out. Now that things had come to this, there was no going back anymore. He had to get all of his stuff back. Even if he were to fall out with the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, he would not hesitate at all.

"Vice Grandmaster! That Qin Shengjun is trying to frame us! After we followed him into the treasure ground, he lured us into a dangerous area. If not for the fact that we were suddenly sent out of the place, I'm afraid all three of us might have had to fall there! And now, this Qin Shengjun is trying to get us to hand over some items, but we don't even know what he's talking about!" Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li declared loudly and hurriedly.

Now that their Vice Grandmaster was here, their lives were at least secured. But, that Qin Shengjun is simply way too arrogant. To think that he would want to have them killed even now! He was just disregarding the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect totally!

Chi Huoshen looked at the three of them and could not make out a single trace of concealment in their eyes. This treasure ground was something that the Kunlun G.o.d Sect was extremely curious about as well. Everyone was wondering who the person who had left this treasure ground behind was.

At this moment, Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li continued speaking up, "This treasure ground is called the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache or something like that! We were surrounded by that bunch of living beings and could not have a chance to look for the treasures at all! Everything was planned out by Qin Shengjun! He had no intention of letting us get anything useful from within in the first place!"

"Triple Emperor Heaven Cache!"

Chi Huoshen froze for a moment as though he was recalling about something. His face then took on a stark change, "To think that it would be the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache! In the legends, this is the treasure ground left behind by the Immortal King Triple Emperor after he was crushed to death by the Heavenly Lord Dao because he had forcefully tried to trespa.s.s into the Heavenly Lord state!"

Qin Shengjun's face froze up. This time around, he had taken a huge loss by obtaining his Triple Emperor Heaven Cache. Even though there were still some treasures within, all of his most important treasures were gone! This was something that he could not tolerate at all!

Chi Huoshen's eyes shone with a look of thirst. This Triple Emperor Heaven Cache was far from simple! It was left behind by an Immortal King, an existence beneath just the Heavenly Lord state! The amount of treasures within was probably as vast as the oceans!

Not only that, the Immortal King Triple Emperor was a powerful being of the immemorial ancient times! He was not someone that even the Senior Old Masters of their sects could compare with!

Even though he had not seen those Immortal Kings for himself, he knew in his heart that all the Immortal Kings of the immemorial ancient times could probably kill the Senior Old Masters of their sects with a single finger!

That was the difference between even Immortal Kings!

Triggering his consciousness, Chi Huoshen relayed this matter back to the sect. Right now, this matter was of grave concern, as the treasures of an Old Ancient Immortal King were involved. No matter what, they would have to get their hands on it.

"Chi Huoshen! How dare you sneak out information of this! All of you are coveting the treasures of I, Qin Shengjun! The Kunlun G.o.d Sect had better wait and see!" Qin Shengjun did not dare to stay any longer as he dove right into the void and escape into the distance.

If it was just a mere Chi Huoshen, he would not have been bothered. But, the way things were continuing on, by the time those powerful beings of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect were to arrive, he would definitely not be their match no matter how heaven defying his strength was.

"Stay there…!" Chi Huoshen reacted to it and chased after Qin Shengjun immediately. Instantly, the three of them were the only people left in the void around that area.

"Senior brother, what should we do now?" Zheng Qiankun asked.

"Head back of course." Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li said. This matter was no longer something they could control.

Their Vice Grandmaster, Chi Huoshen, had already given chase. With their strength, even if they were to catch up, they would be nothing more than cannon fodder.

And just as the three of them were prepared to leave, Lin Fan appeared before the three of them while hugging Mo Qingxuan.

"The three of you, please hold up!"

The three were startled as they turned their gaze toward the person who had just arrived, "Who are you?"

Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li got cautious. For the other party to appear here without any reason at all, it definitely couldn't be anything good.

But, Lin Fan was pretty elated right now. To think that just casually walking around would lead him to b.u.mp into Grandmaster Candidates of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect! This was just some heaven revolting fortune right here!

The two people who had gone off earlier on were not people that Lin Fan dared to mess with for now. Their strengths were a little too sick there. Even though he had been hiding really far away, he was truly afraid that he might have been discovered by the two.

Yet, the reality was just so wonderful! To think that neither of them noticed him at all! Or perhaps, they were just too preoccupied with others to think about anything else.

"Someone from the Suppressing Demons Heaven Faction?" When Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li caught sight of the token on Mo Qingxuan's waist, he remarked warily.

"That's right! This is the daughter of the Suppressing Demons Heaven Faction's Faction Leader!" Lin Fan chuckled out while saying as he started contemplating about the methods he could employ to kill these three fellas.

At this moment, Zheng Qiankun seemed to have identified Lin Fan as the three of them started communicating telepathically.

"Senior brother, that guy seems to be the person our sect is h.e.l.l bent on killing, Lin Fan of the Heaven and Earth Sect." Zheng Qiankun sent his voice.

Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li was stunned, "Are you sure you haven't recognized the wrong guy?"

"No, I've seen the image of this guy's face countless times, I'll definitely not identify him wrongly." Zheng Qiankun replied with certainty this time around.

Fairy Bi Liu was a little worried, "Senior brother, this man is extremely violent and savage. Even our Vice Grandmaster, Tian Fengling, wasn't able to take him down. If we were to strike out hastily, we wouldn't stand much of a chance against him."

"Yes! In that case, we'll just hold him here first. Once our Vice Grandmaster returns, this fella will be left with no way out." Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li continued.

"Oh, so that's the precious daughter of the Suppressing Demons Heaven Faction! I was rude earlier on. I wonder what your name is, senior brother there?" Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li asked politely.

"My surname is Lin, and my name is a single word, Fan… Lin Fan." Lin Fan chuckled out.

Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li's face changed slightly before chuckling out, "Ah, so it's Brother Lin. I've long heard of your great name!"

"Not really, not really. Those are all just rumors. I wonder if something has happened to the three of you guys?" Lin Fan asked.

Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li chuckled out slightly, "Nothing much! We were just getting ready to look around randomly. If you've got nothing on, Brother Lin, how about joining us on our journey? We can all look out for one another that way!"

Lin Fan burst out into laughter, "Sure, sure! No problem! It is exactly what I had intended!"

Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li chuckled, "Brother Lin, you first, please!"

Lin Fan waved it off with his hand politely, "You first, please!"

"No, no! Brother Lin first, please!"

"Let us not push around! You can go first, please!" Lin Fan continued.

Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li felt that they probably should not get themselves tied up over this issue of who went ahead first. Since that was the case, he would take the first step ahead then.

"Since that's the case, agreeing is the best respect I can give!" Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li smiled.

Lin Fan nodded his head, "Yes, that should be the way."

Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li gave a stifled laugh as he took a step forward. He then turned around to look at his fellow juniors, "There's a city 10,000 miles ahead. How about we just go there casually and take…a seat?"


A strange sound came forth.



The moment Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li turned his head around, Lin Fan made his move…

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