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"Eh? To think that we're outside. But, there're still quite a number of things I've yet to pillage inside!" Lin Fan checked out his surroundings with a pained look on his face. He had just seen some good stuff, but did not manage to timely reap them in. Now that was really tragic!

Seemed like his luck wasn't all that good after all.

Mo Qingxuan looked at Lin Fan with an absolutely strange look on her face. She felt that this person was no human at all. He was way too savage!

Each time he touched something important in that treasure cache, he would reap it all in immediately. And to think that he wasn't satisfied even now! If any single item from that treasure cache were to be let out into this world, it would invoke a fight over them amongst countless people!

Lin Fan looked around him, not seeing even a single person nearby, "Time to go. Boring…"

Entering the treasure cache this time around, Lin Fan did not come across Qin Shengjun at all. This was an extremely huge treasure cache in a different dimension. But thankfully, Lin Fan's fortune was good as he encountered the most valuable thing available in the treasure cache, the 'Pill' text character.

That 'Pill' text character was a treasure that the Immortal King had refined for a long time and was fused with everything from the Pills World. Now that it was gone, the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache was probably not so perfect anymore.

This was especially the case after the loss of those seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons. If even one of them were brought outside and allowed to regain its Laws of the Immortal Dao so that it could unleash its fullest might, it would have been an immensely horrifying scenario. It was even more so considering that it was a set. But, it was a pity that there was no longer a need to discuss about that possibility. Those seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons had been eaten up by Lin Fan.

As for the Legendary Items for crafting weapons, they were naturally precious beyond anything else. Even though Qin Shengjun wasn't particularly gifted in the crafting of weapons, those Legendary Items were still an astronomical wealth that he could exchange for countless treasures!

Somewhere else…

When the Grandmaster Candidates of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect caught sight of the situation around them, their pale faces gradually recovered.

"Just what in the world happened? How are we outside now?" Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li asked.

"Senior brother, we've got no idea what's going on either. Initially, we had thought that we were going to die there as well. But all of a sudden, we were purged out of that place." Golden Immortal Qian Kun, Zheng Qiankun, replied.

"That d.a.m.ned Qin Shengjun! To think that he would dare deceive us in order to lure us in there! If not for this sudden power of repulsion, we might have had to fall in there!" On that supremely beautiful face of Fairy Bi Liu was a trace of wrath.

When they spoke of Qin Shengjun, all three of their gazes went dark. That was an extremely devious fella. If not for the fact that those living beings in there had not managed to cultivate out the Laws of the Immortal Dao, they would not have been able to survive till now.

"Go. We have to hurry back right now and report this issue over to the Grandmaster. I'm sure all of you must have heard that voice from earlier on as well. Triple Emperor Heaven Cache... The name of this treasure ground is the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache. Even though I've got no idea what that is, I'm sure the Grandmaster and the others must know about it." Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li said.

"Alright!" The both of them nodded their heads. They were very nearly unable to escape, which was an issue they would remember in their hearts.

While they were no match for Qin Shengjun, as long as they were to report this matter back to the sect, the sect would definitely avenge them.

Triple Emperor Heaven Cache... A single mention of it was enough to tell that it was an extraordinary place. For Qin Shengjun to be in possession of such a treasure cache, were they still going to be able to rest easy against him in the future?


The three of their bodies shifted in a flash, preparing to dive into the void and get out of this place. But all of a sudden, the void was sealed up, rendering them unable to leave.

"Who's there?" Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li's face tensed up as he looked around warily. To think that there would be someone stopping them in their path at this moment!

But when they made clear who it was, all three of them exclaimed out, "Qin Shengjun!"

At this moment, Qin Shengjun's face was looking pretty terrible as though he was deranged. Both of his eyes were bloodshot, seeming like he could just devour anyone alive right now.

"Hand my things over." Qin Shengjun's voice was hoa.r.s.e as though he had just received an immense blow.

He could not believe that everything that he had left behind from his past life was gone!

Those seven Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons were gone! That 'Pill' text character that could spill out countless of pills was gone! Even the Legendary Items for crafting weapons that were floating around in his cosmos were gone!

He was thoroughly crazed right now!

These were all his wealth which no one was allowed to put their hands on! And this time around, these three fellas were the only other people who had entered the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache with him! Other than them, who else could have taken the treasures away?

"Qin Shengjun! What are you talking about? What items of yours? We took nothing at all!" Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li said.

"You didn't take anything? The three of you were the only ones who had entered the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache! If you guys didn't take it, who did? How dare you bunch of b*stards take away the things inside while I was busy refining the treasure cache! This is my last warning to you... Hand my things over!" Qin Shengjun barked out angrily.

This Triple Emperor Heaven Cache was extremely important to him, especially that 'Pill' text character, which was more important than anything else. Now that all of those precious items were gone, how could he not get worried and fl.u.s.tered?

"Don't accuse us out of thin air! The three of us were scammed by you and led into that endless pit of living beings, almost getting killed by them! And now, you're here demanding items from us? Qin Shengjun ah, Qin Shengjun! Is that the disposition that someone who is the strongest in the G.o.d Essence Sect should act with?" Zheng Qiankun spoke up.

They were harboring a belly of rage as well. Not only did they not manage to find anything in that treasure cache, they were ha.s.sled by those living beings and had nearly lost their lives! And now, one should look at this Qin Shengjun who was here trying to demand his items from them? Could he get any more shameless than this?

"There is a limit to my tolerance. Don't force me to make a move against you guys." Qin Shengjun snarled out as his eyes revealed his killing intent. It was as though he would definitely slaughter the three of them if they did not hand over the items.

He had been searching in the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache for a long time, yet he could not find any of that stuff. All of his hopes were extinguished at that moment.

He was even starting to regret why he had to bring these three along with him. If not for the fact that he was too hurried and required the Kunlun G.o.d Fire of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect to refine his unparalleled mystic skill, nothing as such would have happened!

Even if he did not refine his unparalleled mystic skill back then, as long as he were to obtain the pills in the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache, he would definitely have been able to skyrocket and become a peak existence!

But right now, he had nothing left. All the most important treasures in his treasure cache were gone! This was a huge blow for Qin Shengjun.

Even though Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li and the other two were afraid of him, they hollered out at this moment, "Don't you get overboard now!"

Qin Shengjun roared out in laughter, an extremely deranged laughter, "Good! Since that's the case, I shall have all of you taken down now!"

"Not good…!"

At that moment, Qin Shengjun struck suddenly. Sweeping out with a palm strike, he slammed it out at the three of them.

More than ten years ago, Qin Shengjun was the number one on the True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll, someone who could even kill True Immortal state beings. After so many years had pa.s.sed now, no one even knew what extent his cultivation state had reached.

But at the moment when Qin Shengjun struck out, his berserk powers burst out and pushed at them. Their hearts suddenly froze up! To think that they couldn't even summon the strength to resist him!

"How dare you take the items of me, Qin Shengjun! All of you shall die!" Qin Shengjun was enraged right now. For the sake of the items in the Triple Emperor Heaven Cache, he was giving it his all. Even if he were to rouse the anger of the entire Kunlun G.o.d Sect, it did not matter to him anymore.

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