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"Senior brother, the reason why the Grandmaster allowed us to come here this time around is to see if we can find out which almighty being left this treasure ground behind. Seeking treasures is secondary."

Fairy Bi Liu, Yu Xiao'er, spoke up at this moment. Dressed in dark green, she looked ravishing beyond words. Yet, even though she was a woman, her cultivation state was earthshattering. Furthermore, any disciple who could become a Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect was definitely extraordinary indeed.

Rumors had it that this Fairy Bi Liu was the reincarnation of some old ancient immortal, so she could cultivate again easily. But, whether or not those rumors were real, no one truly knew.

"Yes. Even though this Qin Shengjun brought us in here, he did not bring us to any place important. He has been keeping guard against us." Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li, Jin Jiuli, commented.

Jin Jiuli had a muscular build and looked extremely menacing. He was once a commoner somewhere in the Endless Mainland. But, he was scouted by Tai Qiantian and brought back to the Kunlun G.o.d Sect.

His entire body cruised with power that was boundless, definitely not something that ordinary people could compare with. I was just that in front of a heavenly genius such as Qin Shengjun, any single bit of light they had seemed dim in comparison. But for most ordinary people, they were still existences that others could never reach up to.

"However, that Qin Shengjun would have never imagined that back when he had borrowed the Kunlun G.o.d Fire to refine his mystic skills, the Grandmaster had already implanted yet another mystic skill on him. No matter where he went in this world, the Grandmaster would be able to know where he was." Golden Immortal Kun Dong, Zheng Qiankun, said.

At this point, Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li, Jin Jiuli, was the one with the highest cultivation state here. Sweeping his sleeves, he said, "Watch out for your safety. If that Qin Shengjun's killing intent is triggered toward us, there's no way we're going to escape from his grasp. If we meet any precious treasure, remember that we must not fight with Qin Shengjun over it. All we want to know is the almighty being who left these treasures behind."

"Understood, senior brother." Both of them nodded their heads in agreement. If anything happened to them, it would most definitely be because of Qin Shengjun.

Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li, Jin Jiuli, got his powers to rumble out as he pointed a finger into the sky. All of a sudden, a long river appeared out of the void, seemingly imperceptible. From within that river, an authoritative voice boomed out.

'Great Tracking Technique' was one of the unparalleled mystic skills of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. Even though it had no attacking function, it was the most tyrannical skill used for tracking down others. Once they were locked on, there was basically no way they could escape from it.

"Go that way!" Ancestor Immortal Jiu Li spoke up. He then brought his two juniors with him and dove into the void toward Qin Shengjun's direction.

"Hmph! Tai Qiantian planted a tracking mystic skill on me and thought that I wouldn't be the wiser? Since that's the case, I'll play along with it and lure them over here. There are quite a number of powerful living beings in the core region here anyway. It's not a bad idea to have them help me hold back some of these living beings."

Qin Shengjun had made use of the Kunlun G.o.d Fire to refine his mystic skill, so how could he not know that Tai Qiantian had used some tricks on him? However, none of that mattered. Since that was the case, they might as well come on then!

Lin Fan brought Mo Qingxuan ahead. When they came to a stop, he realized that the skies up ahead were a little overcast. In his opinion, this treasure ground was truly extraordinary.

It was really like an entire world in itself. Someone who could cleave out such a world must definitely have quite an incredible strength, and must have been eternally indestructible. This was an amount of strength that could chill anyone at the mere thought of it.

"Is it here?" Lin Fan asked.

Mo Qingxuan nodded her head, "That's right. After entering, this was the place that the small key had guided me over to."

At this moment, Mo Qingxuan took out that small crystal shard. The crystal shard burst forth with a brilliant gleam of light as it seeped right into the void just like a sharp knife and sliced it open.

To have a dimension hidden within a dimension, this was truly incredible!

Lin Fan grabbed Mo Qingxuan along with him and entered that dimension. With that, the scene before his very eyes started changing.

When Lin Fan caught sight of the scene before him, he was taken aback. This was a world of a difference compared to out there!

He could see an entire sky of planets as though they were part of the cosmos!


A meteorite bolted past them, causing a tremendously huge stir.

"This place…" Lin Fan felt his heart tense up before taking a closer look. This single dimension seemed as though it was being supported by some gigantic formation. That was because not too far in the distance was a single lone pillar that stood tall. At the same time, there were countless mysterious symbols etched on the pillar, along with all sort of diagrams of weird beasts.

As for the other pillars, Lin Fan had not caught sight of any just yet. But, the situation around this place was definitely not right. He had to be careful with his moves.

While Mo Qingxuan knew about these things, this was the first time she had entered this region as well.

Just at this moment, a meteorite that was the size of a small mountain flew toward Lin Fan.

That speed! That strength! If it were any other person knocked by it, they would definitely evaporate into dust and cease to exist!

However, Lin Fan pushed out with his palm and slammed it onto the meteorite, gripping it tightly in his hand. The meteorite was so huge that it covered Lin Fan's body entirely, such that he couldn't even be seen anymore.

'Ding…Congratulations on discovering Heavenly Mysterious Blood Crystal.'

'Heavenly Mysterious Blood Crystal: Legendary Item for crafting weapons. One of the materials for crafting Upper Grade Immortal Weapons…'

Lin Fan wasn't bothered about Immortal Weapons or whatnot. But, he knew of the value of some of the materials.

It was especially the case for this Heavenly Mysterious Blood Crystal. This was some good stuff here! And now that he had such a huge piece of it in his hands, this was just b.l.o.o.d.y heaven revolting!

At this moment, the surface layer of the meteorite peeled off and exposed its true ident.i.ty. When Mo Qingxuan caught sight of this item before her, she was momentarily stumped.

"That's the Heavenly Mysterious Blood Crystal! And, for such a huge piece to appear…T-This…!" Mo Qingxuan was totally stunned. Even back in her sect, she had never once seen such a huge Heavenly Mysterious Blood Crystal!

Without saying anything more, Lin Fan kept it in his storage.

"Just who in the world was the one who had left this treasure ground behind? How could it possess such abundant wealth!" Mo Qingxuan was absolutely astounded, with a face of disbelief as though she had been rooted from shock.

"HAHA! This is a good place indeed!" Lin Fan burst out in laughter. He then saw that there were quite a number of meteorites not too far away, varying in size. Some of them were smaller than the Heavenly Mysterious Blood Crystal, while others were way larger.

Lin Fan's body disappeared in a flash as he grabbed those meteorites. A st.u.r.dy power burst forth from him as he gripped these meteorites tightly in his palms.

Anyone under the Golden Immortal state could die when facing these meteorites. Given their magnitude, speed, and strength, one would require an incredible amount of might in order to stop them in their tracks.

'Ding… Discovered Earth Abyssal Fire Rock.'

'Ding… Discovered Power of Golden Sand.'

'Ding… Discovered Time s.p.a.ce Mysterious h.e.l.l Metal.'

Just like that, Lin Fan pillaged all of them without a single bit of consideration! Anything he met with, he would swipe it clean!

Mo Qingxuan was just watching with wide open jaws right now. She felt as though she was hallucinating, with everything seeming so surreal.

She had witnessed all of those Legendary Items earlier on. Even if a single one of them were cast outside, countless martial artists might break their necks in the scuffles over them.

They were all materials for Upper Grade Immortal Weapons. There were even some which were used for crafting Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons!

"Go! Continue pillaging! Let's go!" Lin Fan had not expected to have such a good fortune. At the same time, he caught sight of something even more interesting up ahead.

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