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That set of Middle Grade Immortal Weapon was composed of 9,999 Immortal Swords that were Supreme Grade Utmost Treasures, and carried an unparalleled might. It was much stronger compared to most other Middle Grade Immortal Weapons, and could even be on par with Upper Grade Immortal Weapons.

But, the current situation had Mo Qingxuan entirely flabbergasted. To think that this fella would just devour the Middle Grade Immortal Weapon right before her eyes!

Horrifying! This was simply horrifying!

The Middle Grade Immortal Weapon already had a Weapon Spirit. But, not only was Lin Fan not destroyed by the Weapon Spirit after devouring it, Mo Qingxuan had unimaginably lost every bit of connection she had with the Middle Grade Immortal Weapon!

Even though she was the daughter of the Faction Leader of the Suppressing Demons Heaven Faction, being able to obtain this set of Middle Grade Immortal Weapon had been no easy task.

Amongst the Immortal Weapons, set-type Immortal Weapons were worth the most, and were more expensive than most other Immortal Weapons.

This set of Heavenly Essence Desolate Crushing Sword Formation was one of the top 20 Immortal Weapons in the Suppressing Demons Heaven Faction, with offense and defense combined into a single body. When it attacked, the strikes were relentless as it released a Crushing Desolate Sword Qi. Even if it were a Golden Immortal full cultivation state being who was stuck within this Sword Formation, they would find themselves drained to death.

Heck, even an Ancestor Immortal state being would have to spend quite a bit of effort to escape. But, to think that a treasure as such would be devoured by this fella just like that! If not because the difference in strength between them was too great, Mo Qingxuan might not have been able to stop herself from rushing up and killing this guy.

"What now? Why do you seem so moody? Was it because you could not bear to lose that set of Immortal Weapon?" Right now, Mo Qingxuan's face was terrible and extremely infuriated indeed. However, she did not dare to voice out her dissent. When Lin Fan saw that, he knew that he had to ask in sn.i.g.g.e.rs. He loved the feeling of being able to disturb others while they could do nothing about it at all.

Mo Qingxuan shook her head, "Just what do you want with me? How about letting this matter end right here? Once I leave this treasure ground, I can give you all the treasures I have with me."

Lin Fan was slightly confused as he let out a look of astonishment, "What sort of a person do you take me, Lin Fan, as! You were the one who brought me into this treasure ground! How can I do something such as chasing my benefactor away! For the treasure ground exploration this time around, you can rest at ease! As long as I'm around, nothing will happen for sure!"

Mo Qingxuan looked at Lin Fan with an absolutely miserable face. She felt that she had just met a lunatic. But on second thoughts, that should be about right. If this guy weren't a lunatic, why would he kill the Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect in front of the ma.s.ses?

How else would he kill the Hall Master Black Demon for nothing?

Everything…every…single…thing…pointed toward this man being a lunatic.

At this moment, Lin Fan hugged Mo Qingxuan even closer to him, "What do you think is up with this place? We seem to have walked quite a bit now, but how are we not seeing even a single person yet?"

Mo Qingxuan did not know what to say, but she did not dare to hide anything from him. "This is only the outer perimeter of the treasure ground. The true treasure lies in the core region."

"Oh, so that's the case." Lin Fan nodded his head and smiled before casting his sight even further up.

Within this treasure ground, the Spirit Qi was rich; but at the same time, there were hidden lethal dangers around them. Even though Lin Fan was strong, he did not dare to get careless here. Who knew what would happen? Therefore, he had to take every step with care and conscientiousness.

As he was dragging this Mo Qingxuan along with him, if there were any dangers that he could not escape from, he could just easily toss her out to fend against them.

Even though this Mo Qingxuan was really gorgeous, anyone who wanted to f*ck him over would be his enemy. Be it men, women, the elderly, or the young, all of them deserved to die instead!

As for this treasure ground, Lin Fan did not know what was up with this place. But, if Mo Qingxuan had dared to bring a few people in with her, she must definitely know about some hidden spots or something.

Somewhere in the void…

Qin Shengjun had brought the three disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect with him inside the treasure ground.

"I have already brought you guys here. The rest of the encounters will depend on you guys." Since Qin Shengjun had agreed to the conditions of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, he naturally would not go back on his words.

He had known about this treasure ground since a long time ago. Back before he had even reached the Immortal state, he had already obtained the key to reach the core of this treasure ground. However, because he wasn't strong enough back then, he did not dare to divulge it out. Later on, after his powers were raised gradually, he returned to this place. But because of his strength lacking still, he was unable to reach the depths, and could only search the outer perimeters.

But, even just the outer perimeter alone had a lot of treasures which Qin Shengjun had taken in all for himself, thereby crafting out his legendary name in the Endless Mainland.

Now that his strength had been raised to a monstrous level, as long as he could enter the core region and inherit the legacy, his path toward revolting against the Heavens could be initiated entirely.

Nine Sects? Six Factions? None of them mattered to him at all.

The three Grandmaster Candidates of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect exchanged glances with one another. Not daring to follow Qin Shengjun, they ended their accompaniment and went on their own way.

After looking at the three of them leaving, Qin Shengjun let out a grin. How could he share a treasure ground as such with others? Letting the three of them in was naturally of no concern to him.

All the treasures in the outer perimeter had already been taken away by him, leaving not even a single chicken feather. Even if they wanted to flip this entire place upside down, they would absolutely not be able to find anything.

At this moment, Qin Shengjun disappeared from where he was and headed toward the core region.

There was a mysterious aura beckoning him from the depths of the ground.

Walking the entire way with Mo Qingxuan, Lin Fan had not come across anything useful at all. With his sharp judgment, he could tell that this place seemed to have been pillaged before by others.

In the outer perimeter, there were some holes where things clearly had been moved around by someone else before them.

At this moment, Lin Fan looked over at Mo Qingxuan, "If you know of anything, you had better let me know now. Otherwise, this harmonious relationship between us may take on a stark change real quickly."

This was a strange treasure ground, unlike any other secret ground. In most secret grounds, one would most likely be able to obtain treasures on their way toward the core region. But, they had been searching this place for such a long time now, and still found nothing.

Mo Qingxuan's face changed slightly, but she concealed it well, "I truly don't know anything about this place. I've never been in here before."

Lin Fan chuckled out and lifted his finger while twirling it as a stream of Buddhist light shrouded his fingertips.

"Do you know what this is?" Lin Fan chuckled.

Mo Qingxuan's brows furrowed. This aura caused her to feel pretty uncomfortable.

"This is a mystic skill of the Buddhist race, called the Great Buddha's Light of Purification. It is used to purify all beings in the world who are dishonest. Even though your cultivation state is at the Ancestor Immortal lower level, it would still be really easy for me to purify you. And once you're purified, you will lose all your free will entirely, just like a walking corpse. Say, if I use this on you right now, you're going to have to obey my orders from now on. Anything I'd ask of you, you'd do readily…" Lin Fan said with a light tone as though he was talking about something really casual.

However, these words were like surging waves in the ears of Mo Qingxuan.

'Turn into a walking corpse!'

'Lose her free will entirely!'

'Impossible! Absolutely impossible!'

"Up ahead, you would need to open up yet another dimension before you can get into the true treasure ground." Mo Qingxuan did not dare to hide anything anymore and spilled the beans. She had realized that this fella was really way too scary.

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin as he fondled Mo Qingxuan's head, "That's the way! Cooperate with me, and I'll ensure your safety. After all, it's been a long time since I've done something so ruthless. Although, I'd say that these hands of mine aren't rusty at all."

Mo Qingxuan, "…"

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