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Just as that thought bubbled into Lin Fan's mind, he was slapped right in the face for it.

The void up ahead of him suddenly started to solidify as though someone had frozen it. No matter how hard he tried, he could not pa.s.s through it at all.


Lin Fan was unconvinced as he sent forth a torrential Sword Will that had been fused with the Five Elements Sword Will. When it burst forth, a bedazzling sword flash sliced through the void and forced itself within.


Indeed, it ended up being useful.

Right now, Lin Fan's strength was nothing to be underestimated. This was especially the case after he had just slain two Ancestor Immortal state lower level beings, which had given his strength yet another boost. For someone like Lin Fan who could have already crossed through cultivation levels to kill powerful beings, he could even slay Ancestor Immortal state beings at this point.

However, something that stunned Lin Fan happened at this moment. When the void up ahead was sliced open, a G.o.d Mountain appeared and blocked his path ahead!

For a G.o.d Mountain to appear up in the void, what kind of insane bullsh*t was this?

The G.o.d Mountain was humongous, and had a sharp peak. There was even a G.o.dly gleam of light that shone and revolved around it in the void. On the peak of the G.o.d Mountain stood a solitary figure.

That figure looked extremely young; one could even say that he was elegant and suave, with an extraordinarily handsome face. However, his dressing style was simple and plain.

If there was a spirit in a mountain, he must be an immortal.

The Vice Grandmaster was fused into the G.o.d Mountain. It was as though he was the was the immortal right within this G.o.d Mountain.

"You don't have to run anymore. You will never be able to escape. If you had stopped in your tracks just now, perhaps I could have just let things be…You should have never, ever killed the two of them." The Vice Grandmaster, Tian Fengling, spoke out calmly.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed, "Hmph! They wanted to kill me and yet I'm not allowed to kill them? However, I'm finally seeing through you guys. Your Kunlun G.o.d Sect is truly so darned shameless. To think that you guys would be as petty as this. All I did was take down your Kunlun G.o.d Sect in the compet.i.tion, and yet you guys have the guts to send people to reap the life of Yours Truly? If this was made known to the outside world, everyone would definitely laugh their jaws off!"

"Speaking anymore serves no purpose." Even though the voice of Tian Fengling was calm, the wrath in his eyes was endless. While this was only an Essence Spirit, the aura emanated from it was absolutely apocalyptic, shaking the entire world.

As he pointed out with his finger, countless boulders swiveled out of that G.o.d Mountain. Even though these boulders only gave off a faint glow, they were filled with life!

Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat. He wasn't careless at all as he punched out with his fist while his body transformed.


An exclamation rang out, as though Tian Fengling had not expected Lin Fan to possess such strength. His killing intent then surged up; a disciple as such could not be allowed to live.


An illusory figure of a mountain enveloped Lin Fan within as a mysterious aura descended from the skies and restrained him within it. This was apparently a sealing mystic skill.

"Splitting Heaven Three Stances!"

Lin Fan's wrist flicked as the Eternal Axe in his hands started dancing. Cleaving out in the form of three axe shadows, they subsequently fused into one and slashed outward.


"Hmph! Wanna suppress Yours Truly? You're far from worthy!" Lin Fan yelled out. At the same time, he was busy trying to figure out what he should do in his mind.

Even though this was only the descent of an Essence Spirit, the strength a.s.sociated with it was something that Lin Fan could not deal with as of now.

This fella had surpa.s.sed the Ancestor Immortal state. Within every single move of his was the power of Heaven and Earth.

Lin Fan could only break through the opponent's Dao with brute force right now. But, it was hard to say whether the enemy had already been giving it his all or not.

On the other side, Tian Fengling was feeling extremely taken aback in his heart. He had not expected the strength of this disciple to be formidable to such an extent!

Every single mystic skill he used was an unparalleled mystic skill! A potential of this level was truly unmatched!

He must definitely not allow a second Qin Shengjun to appear, especially not in the Heaven and Earth Sect.

Over ten years ago, Qin Shengjun's cultivation state was merely at the Immemorial Ancient state, and he was still on the True Immortal Subst.i.tute Roll. But, over the past ten over years, this Qin Shengjun had surpa.s.sed everyone! Right now, his cultivation state was so profound that no one could guess at it at all.

That G.o.d Essence Sect was even giving off a feeling that it was a cut above all the other major sects right now.

Even though the Heaven and Earth Sect was formidable, their resources were roughly equal when compared to the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. And in terms of disciples, the Kunlun G.o.d Sect even had an edge. But, out of nowhere, the appearance of this one Lin Fan had the Kunlun G.o.d Sect feeling some pressure.

They got to know that this disciple had only joined the Heaven and Earth Sect three years ago. But to think that he would possess such a cultivation state already! What sort of tyranny and horror was that?

He must not be kept alive! Definitely not!

"Kunlun G.o.d Mountain! Suppress for all eternity!"

At this moment, Tian Fengling roared out as he burst forth with all his powers. As a result, a tremendous amount of energy erupted from his body and turned into a tangible river that circulated around the entire Heaven and Earth, causing a bedazzling gleam of light to shine down upon the world.

The pressure in Lin Fan's heart mounted even higher. To think that this Tian Fengling would have even more tricks up his sleeves!



The G.o.d Mountain that was blocking the path ahead started quaking before uprooting itself and flying out to suppress Lin Fan directly.

The ten fingers of Tian Fengling moved as a series of mysterious runes flew out of his palms and entered the G.o.d Mountain. The void cracked and exploded as the boundlessly huge G.o.d Mountain gave off a feeling of being absolutely unstoppable.

No matter where Lin Fan went to, he was within the region of control of the G.o.d Mountain.

'Holy f*ck!'

Lin Fan cussed out in his heart. He had not expected this Tian Fengling to be this vicious!

This Endless Mainland was truly so darned dangerous, and all the upper echelons of the sects were so darned shameless!

"I'll fight it out!"

Lin Fan roared out, and with both his palms supporting the Heavens, he pushed them over to the G.o.d Mountain.


A boundless power shot over with such might that Lin Fan's hands were actually trembling, with signs of tearing and breaking!

This was really playing it big now!

Even though this was only a single strain of Tian Fengling's Essence Spirit, the strength he possessed was definitely not something that Lin Fan could handle right now.

"I'll f*ck your mother! You had better just f*cking wait and see! If Your Daddy doesn't whack the sh*t out of you in the future, Your Daddy will take on your surname!" Lin Fan hollered in rage.


The G.o.d Mountain slammed down, suppressing all living things.

Seeing the scene, Tian Fengling's lips curled into a cold grin. As he swept his robes, the appearance of the G.o.d Mountain transformed and gradually took on the shape of a normal mountain peak. No matter who it was, they would definitely not be able to tell the difference between this and the G.o.d Mountain from before.

Even though Tian Fengling really wanted to kill Lin Fan, he considered the fact that the latter was a Grandmaster Candidate of the Heaven and Earth Sect. If he were to kill this fella, he might very well incur the wrath and vengeance of Han Juntian.

Even though they weren't exactly afraid of a single Han Juntian, they knew how sinister and vicious he was back before he took on the position as the Grandmaster of the Heaven and Earth Sect.

He believed that if Han Juntian were to take revenge, he would definitely not head straight for the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. He would just camp outside the Kunlun G.o.d Sect and kill every single disciple who went out.

At the same time, he would most probably slay every single last Grandmaster Candidate of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect as well.

By that time, things would be really troublesome.

Right now, Tian Fengling was only going to suppress Lin Fan here and isolate him from the outside world. The latter wouldn't be able to transmit his consciousness, neither would there be even a single bit of Spirit Qi for him to absorb. He would just trap this guy here for a hundred years, or maybe even a thousand.

Perhaps, he would be totally wasted by that time.

After taking a last glance at this G.o.d Mountain, Tian Fengling's Essence Spirit returned to him after dissipating into the void.

Under the G.o.d Mountain at this time, Lin Fan was cursing out at that guy's mother.

"MOTHERF*CKING PIECE OF F*CKING DOG SH*T!" Lin Fan could feel as though he was being shackled and couldn't budge even a single inch.

'This is f*cking bad now.'

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