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The next day…

After what happened the previous day, Lin Fan was more at peace in his heart. Now that the Grand Master came by along with the two Senior Elders and looked at him with joy on their faces, there was nothing much to be worried about apparently.

But, what Lin Fan couldn’t figure out was the situation regarding pill cultivating. So, was he allowed to continue or not? There wasn’t an actual resolution to it.

As Lin Fan exited his house, Zhang Ergou came forth immediately and greeted, "Master!"

After what had happened yesterday, Zhang Ergou could foresee his splendid future by staying here. Now that the Grand Master and Senior Elders had come by the peak to offer Master their support, goodness, their path forward was definitely bright.

"Hmm…" Lin Fan nodded agreeably. His mood was pretty decent today as well.

Just then, a large group of people appeared at the peak’s entrance. Stunned momentarily, Lin Fan wondered if it were the Danding Peak guys here yet again.

But upon closer inspection, he was puzzled.

What were these things?

Short, stumpy and black skinned creatures with sharp pointy ears and bulky arms…

"Mon…monsters!" Zhang Ergou jumped in shock. After all this time in the servant’s circle, he had yet to see something like this. Comparing them to a human, they did not seem like one. But yet, they did have certain features seemingly like a human.

"Who’re you guys?" Lin Fan frowned and stepped forward, asking in a resonant voice.

Each and every one of these black guys carried a tool in their hands. The tools looked foreign to Lin Fan, unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Just then, a voice rang out from nowhere straight into Lin Fan’s ears.

At the same time, Lin Fan realized that he was the only one who could hear this voice.

"Lin Fan, these are the Earth Demons that reside beneath Glory Sect. They are the world’s best workmen, and their purpose here is to build the foundation for your peak."

This was the voice of Grand Master Yan. Lin Fan looked at these Earth Demons curiously. He had seen various wild beasts in his adventures, but this was the first time he had seen something like this.

"Mas…master! What are they?" Zhang Ergou asked.

Lin Fan chuckled, "Don’t worry. These are Earth Demons specially sent over for us by the sect to build our houses."

"Earth Demons?" Zhang Ergou asked warily, following which, his curiosity built up as well.

Just then, one of the larger Earth Demons walked towards Lin Fan and mumbled a bunch of gibberish, "Er Gwa Er Gwa Ra Ra Blah."

The dull green eyes of this creature seemed to be filled with questions as his finger was trying to gesticulate something in the air.

Since it was his first time seeing such a creature as well, Zhang Ergou was extremely curious, "Master! What are they saying?"

Lin Fan was extremely frustrated as well. G.o.dd*mn it, these guys aren’t even speaking in human language, how would Yours Truly know? But looking at Zhang Ergou’s puzzled eyes, Lin Fan remained silent for a moment.

Now that he was the master, if he did not even know such a thing, how could he keep Zhang Ergou under his thumbs?

To converse with this Earth Demon, Lin Fan thought of a good plan.

Lin Fan did not speak, but he smiled and nodded towards it. He then pointed towards his and Zhang Ergou’s wooden house followed by yet another series of nods.

Lin Fan did not care if it understood what he was talking about. No matter what, simple sign gestures like these were more than clear. These guys should deal with it on their own.

Just then, the Earth Demon started its gibberish again, and with those rough fingers, drew up and down blindly in the air.

Looking at his Master’s smooth conversation with the Earth Demon, Zhang Ergou was thoroughly impressed. In this world, what could truly daunt their great Master?

This man was truly his idol.

Feng Bujue came out of his house, and upon seeing these little black creatures, he too got a shock. He then hurried over to Zhang Ergou’s side.

"Senior Brother! What are these things here for?" Feng Bujue checked them out cautiously.

"Shh! Don’t speak! Master is in the midst of conversing with these Earth Demons! We who don’t understand s.h.i.t, let’s just keep quiet and not interrupt!" Zhang Ergou scolded.

"Oh! Right, right…" Feng Bujue nodded and then stood silently by Zhang Ergou, observing their master.

"Okay, okay…!" Lin Fan raised his right hand and drew a circle with three fingers. (He said the okay, okay in English)

Since he could not understand these creatures as well, he might as well put up a bigger show by throwing some random words of English inside. After all, no one was the wiser.

In the end, as though it had finally understood Lin Fan, the Earth Demon turned around to his fellow comrades and communicated with their gibberish.


The group let out a series of growls. Following that, they raised their tools dancingly and headed out in every direction.

"Master! What did that last gesture they did mean?" Zhang Ergou asked.

"Oh, it means ‘No problem!’. A deep and difficult language like this isn’t something you can understand so easily. Alright, let us head down the peak and let them carry on with their stuff." Lin Fan replied confidently.

"Yes!" Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue nodded their heads. They were just thoroughly convinced that their master was the best ever.

Just as Lin Fan was preparing to leave the peak, he took a look back, somewhat worried. After all, he did not speak the same language as these critters. Who knew, both sides might have no clue of what went on at all. Now that they were just leaving this peak to them, who knew what might actually happen to this place.

And at the same time, the leader of the Earth Demons looked towards Lin Fan. He opened his mouth widely, revealing rows of sharp teeth as though saying, ‘You guys head on. Leave it to us!’

These Earth Demons had lived within Glory Sect for thousands of years under the care and protection of Glory Sect. They need not give anything in return, except that if Glory Sect ever needed anything built, they’d do it.

Now that Nameless Peak required their craft, to these Earth Demons who loved building stuff, it was something they thoroughly enjoyed.

Even though they understood jacks.h.i.t about what that human said, it was a culture long pa.s.sed down to them to communicate with their own sign language.

To them, it was a form of greeting to the customer; a customary exchange of ideas about the building process.

As the contractor, naturally, they had to pa.s.s down these traditions.

But since the other party would usually understand jacks.h.i.t, what was to be built was just up to these Earth Demons in the end.

Lin Fan, along with his two disciples, reached the bottom of the peak.

The pa.s.sing by outer sect disciples had no fear towards him, just the utmost respect.

"Good morning Junior Master Lin!"

"Good morning Senior Brothers!"

Lin Fan nodded his head silently, enjoying such adoration. Looking at the affection given to him by these outer sect disciples, he felt that everything he had done was worth it.

So, this was what it was like to be revered by the ma.s.ses. This was simply awesome.

Zhang Ergou too puffed his chest and walked behind Lin Fan.

It was simply such a grand affair to accompany their great Master out. But if it were not for the presence of his master and junior brother, all these gazes would be fixated on just him.

How nice would that feeling be?

"Master! I’d like to visit the servants quarters! After all, that was my old home. I’d like to visit them." Zhang Ergou requested.

"Yes, go on." Lin Fan waved his hands.

In Lin Fan’s perspective, if not for the presence of his two disciples, all these gazes would be fixated on just him.

How awesome would that feeling be?

Looking at his master and senior brother, Feng Bujue felt that he was being an extra.

"Master, I’d like to visit my old friends." Feng Bujue felt like he should excuse himself.

"Yes, go on." Lin Fan smiled.

Finally, he got his two disciples to scoot off.

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