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In the past, because Lin Fan's cultivation wasn't high enough, his Physical Body State was always higher than his cultivation state, which always troubled him. But, things were different now. Now that his cultivation was strong enough, it was sufficient for him to raise his physical state himself.

The scenery of his surroundings right now was pretty decent, so he landed down onto the ground and walked ahead carefully, with no end in sight to the land around him.

Lin Fan raised his fist while his powers rumbled out, then hurled out a violent punch toward his chest.


"F*cking awesome!" Lin Fan let out a pleased face. This was a feeling that was absolutely soothing for him.

'Ding…Eternal Ancient Imperishable Body Experience Points +300,000.'

Lin Fan burped out slightly and had the blood within his body rumbling out again as though it could burst out at any moment now.

The feeling of this punch was indeed pretty decent, giving him a lot of experience points. He felt that if he were to continue thumping just like this, the effect would be pretty good.

Yet another punch was sent down, and a reverberating sound exploded out as that ma.s.sive impact arose.

The might of this single thump was nothing to be scoffed at.

'Ding…Eternal Ancient Imperishable Body has leveled up.'

'Ding…Eternal Ancient Imperishable Body evolved into Eternal Immortal Body.'

'Ding…Congratulations on evolving Physical Body State: True Immortal state lower level.'

Lin Fan felt that he was truly so d.a.m.ned b.l.o.o.d.y smart! To think that he could think up such a plan!

A few days later…

Lin Fan's Physical Body State was already at Mystic Immortal full cultivation state.

The speed of this leveling process was extremely fast indeed.

Wherever Lin Fan pa.s.sed by, a huge crater would be formed. This was because each time Lin Fan thumped himself, the power would ripple through his feet and slam out onto the ground.

At this moment, there were two figures hidden in the endless void.

"Just what in the world is he trying to do?" A middle aged man who was slightly plump gasped out in astonishment. He had two axes behind his back which shone with an extremely sharp glint.

It was as though they could cleave down the entire Heaven and Earth. They were definitely nothing simple for sure.

"I've got no idea. However, Grandmaster has instructed us to kill this person on his way. But, looking at how he's behaving right now, it IS pretty curious indeed. We've already been tracking him for a few days now, yet he's just been thumping his chest day and night. Not only that, the strength which he has been using is only getting greater. Could he have veered onto the path of the devil?" The other person had a beard that was just like a wave, extending down all the way to his belly. Right now, his eyes shone with a curious expression.

This was a situation that had both of them feeling super perplexed. They had truly not come across someone who would abuse themselves as such.

Every single punch thrown down was extremely cruel and possessed the power of Golden Immortals.

"We had better be careful. This man is one of the Grandmaster Candidates. We must definitely be clean in our attacks and make sure he's dead in a single strike. Thereafter, we'll make our escape immediately." The man with two axes behind him said cautiously.


At this point, Lin Fan had already noticed that there were people who were hidden in the void. However, he was in no hurry at all. He would not move till the enemy moved. It was time to raise his Physical Body State before thinking about anything else.

But, in order to have these guys trapped in a real pit, Lin Fan still pondered over it while going on with his business. He felt that he must definitely come up with a plan.

At this moment, Lin Fan reared his head into the sky and shouted out, "My Physical Body State is invincible! I will definitely be able to raise my Physical Body State!"

Raising a single fist of his up high, he wrapped it with the Laws of the Golden Immortals. That tremendous power infected the Heaven and Earth, causing the entire world to dim in the face of its light. He then hammered down with an enraged punch onto his chest.


Lin Fan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood furiously before continuing on his path of thumping and walking.

"HAHA! Good! This is awesome! I'm finally bleeding!" Lin Fan laughed out excitedly without reservations, the sound traveling all the way into the void.

As for the two people who had been hidden in the void the entire time, they were just completely stumped.

"He MUST have definitely veered onto the path of the devil! Otherwise, no one else would abuse themselves like him!"

"That's right! I can feel the blood within his body rumbling out furiously. There's a feeling that it's about to erupt out at any moment."

"Or perhaps, we might not even have to strike and that fella would hammer himself to death, eh?"

"Yes, there's a high chance of that happening. However, let's not hurry and take our time. If he doesn't die at the end, all we have to do is deliver the final blow."

"Alright! To think that one of the Grandmaster Candidates of the Heaven and Earth Sect would actually cultivate himself into worthlessness right now. He is truly making a big fool out of himself!"

"My Physical Body State is already invincible right now! Even an Immortal Weapon would not be able to strike Yours Truly to death!" At this moment, Lin Fan took out the Eternal Axe and chopped down onto his shoulder. A spurt of blood sprayed out of where he struck.

"Hais! Seems like I haven't perfected my cultivation yet. Time to continue cultivating."

Even though the Eternal Axe had only made a brief appearance, it already had the eyes of the two people in the void totally enthralled by it.

"That axe is an Immortal Weapon! And by the looks of it, it seems to be a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon!"

"I don't think that's the extent of it! That axe probably surpa.s.ses even Supreme Grade Immortal Weapons! Didn't you see how the cold flash of the axe sliced through the void and disintegrated everything in its path right when it appeared?"

"Just what sort of a mystic skill has that guy been cultivating such that he would lead himself into such a state?"

"I've got no idea. But in my opinion, it is definitely far from simple."

"This time around, we're really going to get so lucky! Lady Luck is truly shining upon us! To think that we could b.u.mp into something like this!"

Yet another few days pa.s.sed…

Lin Fan couldn't even recall how many mouthfuls of blood he had spat out by now, but his Physical Body State had already long reached Golden Immortal state lower level. For him, this was a complete leap in the quality of his physical base.

Right now, the expression that he was giving off was exceptionally awful, and his face was frightfully pale. It was as though he could die at any moment now.



Fist after fist, he rained them down on his body constantly. It was so bad that the two people up in the void could barely look at him.

This was way too miserable!

During this period of time, the both of them had been following him intently, and had witnessed the thousands of mouthfuls of blood that the other party had spat out. The world was practically stained with his blood! This was truly beyond miserable!

"I'm even harboring thoughts of just helping him end his life now!"

"Rather than letting him suffer as such, we might as well make our move and help him head to Paradise."

"There's no hurry. Let us wait and see how long more he can endure this. Right now, all the Laws of Golden Immortals are practically destroyed in him. I don't suppose it will be much longer before he will just die."

"For a Grandmaster Candidate of the Heaven and Earth Sect to die just like this…Ah, it's truly such a sorrowful fate!"

"That's right."

At this moment, Lin Fan was feeling ecstatic in his heart as he sensed the skyrocketing Physical Body State of his. However, he was pretty surprised as to why the two fellas were still not coming out yet.

Did they really want to watch Yours Truly hammer himself to death?

These two fellas were way too greedy, weren't they?

That was truly a little overboard now!

But, he might as well forget it. Since that was the case, Lin Fan would do as they wished. Although, given the current situation, he still had to raise his Physical Body State first no matter what.

Yet another few days later, Lin Fan chuckled out in his heart. Under the frightful gaze of those two people, Lin Fan sent a fateful punch bearing an infinite power slamming down on his chest.


'Ding…Eternal Immortal Body leveled up.'

'Physical Body State: Golden Immortal state middle level.'


At this moment, Lin Fan raised his head straightway and sprayed out his blood in a 180-degree arc. This was the true meaning of painting the skies red with his blood.


Lin Fan collapsed onto the ground. h.e.l.l, even the position he fell was ever so graceful and domineering. The two people up in the void were petrified before exclaiming out furiously.

"Veering into the path of the devil! He's truly dead!"

"Quick! Hurry and go check it out!"

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