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The Heaven and Earth Smelt was a toy gifted by the System, a Legendary Weapon for crafting weapons. Moreover, not only could this Heaven and Earth Smelt refine weapons, but anything in this world that was cast within it.

The only thing was that Lin Fan did not know what sort of an item Ning Yuanjian and the others would be turned into.

If he did not use this Heaven and Earth Smelt and chose to exchange blows with an Ancestor Immortal state powerful being instead, that might truly have had been dangerous, and the victor couldn't have been determined easily.

But, it was a real pity for Ning Yuanjian that there were too many tricks up Lin Fan's sleeves. The Heaven and Earth Smelt aside, even his Biggra was extremely powerful. Once he deployed that, it would definitely bring forth a supernatural amount of power.

'Ding…Congratulations on refinement success.'

'Ding…Crafted: Puppet G.o.d Soldiers (Sword Man)'

Lin Fan was stunned as though he could not recover to his senses.

What in the world was this Sword Man sh*t?

'Sword Man: Unique Item. Using an Immortal Weapon as a foundation, the Sword Dao and a powerful being's Essence, Spirit, and Vitality is infused into the Immortal Weapon. Chance of crafting is 1/10,000'

Lin Fan spread his arms and opened up the Heaven and Earth Smelt, causing a bronze longsword to bolt out from within. This bronze sword looked extremely curious and had a pair of hands and legs. It was a LITERAL Sword Man.

Not only that, its cultivation state was pretty extraordinary. To think that with the refinement of the Heaven and Earth Smelt, it had even reached the Ancestor Immortal state middle level! This was simply heaven revolting!

As Lin Fan opened his palm, the limbs of the Sword Man disappeared and it turned into an ordinary bronze sword that flew to him.

The Sword Man had the craftiness of a hundred soldiers and was decisive in killing. This was devious and sinister weapon.

Lin Fan flicked his wrist and sent the sword flying up into the void, bringing along a streak of light with it.

'Just stay here and guard over the Rising Dragon City properly then.'

The long streak of light turned downward and the Sword Man dug deep into the ground. A brilliant Sword Will then surged forth into all directions around the Rising Dragon City, wrapping it up within.

"Source Sealing Technique!"

"Utmost Sword Will!"

Lin Fan was still really concerned about the safety of the Rising Dragon City. Given his current strength and his attainments toward sealing, a seal laid down by him was truly something that most ordinary people could not break through at all. Even if a powerful being wanted to break through it, they would have to spend some effort on it.

Honestly, this Metal Sword Sect was just courting death. They might not have known which sect's territory this Rising Dragon City was even until this point.

"What's going on with the situation right now?"

The ma.s.ses of the Rising Dragon City were filled with bewilderment. They did not know what was happening here. The sight that was up in the void earlier on had them lost within it for a long, long time, as they were unable to return to their senses.

"Check it out! Young Master Lin is back!"

"Where have those people gone to? Could they have all been defeated by Young Master Lin?"

Lin Fan landed down from the void and returned to the Lin Family.

"Ah, son! What just happened?" Lin Haoming came forth while asking perplexedly. He did not know what the general situation was, but the scene from earlier on already had them all scared silly.

"It's alright. Everything has been settled." Lin Fan said with a grin.

Right now, this Rising Dragon City was definitely not to be underestimated, with an Ancient Immortal state middle level powerful being watching over it. If any ordinary person were to find out about it, they would definitely be so shocked that their eyes would open wide. This would just frighten the life out of normal people!

"Big Brother, I knew that you're the strongest!" Lin Lan'er said excitedly.

"When do you want to head over to the Heaven and Earth Sect?" Lin Fan asked.

Lin Lan'er hesitated for a moment before giving off a bright, sweet smile, "No hurries. I still want to stay at home for a bit longer!"

Lin Fan did not have much expectation toward these things. Even though he was someone who had reincarnated over, since he had some relationship with this Lin Family, he would naturally look after them and care for them.

If he were to reign supreme over the entire world one day, even if this Lin Family were made up of complete trashes, they would still remain prosperous for all eternity. But, if he were to fall, even if they were to join the Heaven and Earth Sect, it would not be of much use.

The next day…

Lin Fan was prepared to leave the Rising Dragon City. He had been delayed here for quite a bit of time now, and was anxious to head out and play for a little. He had gotten wind of some places worth checking out from the sect. Perhaps, he might be able to raise his strength once he went there.

At this moment, there were two women standing before Lin Hanyu and the others. Even though these two women looked young on the surface, they were actually pretty old in actual age.

After one's cultivation states were raised, they could ensure that their facial features remained the same forever. While most women would like to remain young, there were some who would like to take on the features of elderly women, as they felt that it would probably give them a more authoritative feel.

As for these two women, they were the Grandmaster and an elder of the Hundred Flower Sect respectively.

After Xiao Yuya sent over the news, the Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect was naturally concerned about it.

She had not expected that an Outer Sect disciple of her sect would come from such a family background where her younger brother was one of the Grandmaster Candidates for the Heaven and Earth Sect! That was a status of paramount importance back in the Heaven and Earth Sect!

Within the Endless Mainland, there were many sects. However, only a few of them could be considered and addressed as major sects. If one wanted to pull some connections with these major sects, it wasn't as easy as it sounded.

The reason for the Grandmaster's arrival was to try and persuade Lin Hanyu to stay within the sect. That was the only way for the other party to ever pay some attention to their Sect.

"Grandmaster…" Lin Hanyu and the others greeted politely.

The Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect beamed with a wide smile on her face as she stepped forth, "Hanyu, the sect has treated you decently. You must not leave our sect."

Her words were just so straightforward and overbearing.

Lin Hanyu froze for a moment, naturally understanding the intent behind her Grandmaster's words. She then nodded her head, "Don't worry, Grandmaster. Back then, Hanyu's life was saved by the sect. Therefore, I will definitely not leave the sect."

"Good, good!" The Grandmaster of the Hundred Flower Sect was extremely happy.

Lin Hanyu then spoke up again, "Grandmaster and elder, since you guys have come this time around, how about going with me to meet my younger brother?"

"Good, good…!"

This was exactly the purpose of their visit. To be able to make an acquaintance with a Grandmaster Candidate of the Heaven and Earth Sect was a grand affair!

Lin Family's Main Hall…

When Lin Haoming got to know that these two were the Grandmaster and elder of his daughter's sect, he was naturally polite to them. But, because his son was so incredible, he naturally stood with a straight back and didn't have the feeling of being inferior to them.

His son was the Grandmaster Candidate of the Heaven and Earth Sect! That was an extremely distinguished status!

"Fan'er has left." Lin Haoming said once he found out about the purpose of their visit.

"Ah!" The faces of the Grandmaster and elder of the Hundred Flower Sect were filled with disappointment. To think that the other party would have left!

"Hanyu, before your younger brother left, he handed me two items to pa.s.s over to you." Lin Haoming took out two items from within his storage ring.

One of them was a Lower Grade Immortal Weapon!

This Immortal Weapon was something that Han Juntian had given to Lin Fan. But, because he had no use for it, he thus had Lin Haoming pa.s.s it over to Lin Hanyu instead.

Because this Lower Grade Immortal Weapon had been through Lin Fan's personal touch of refining twice, its power had been raised considerably where it could be used both offensively and defensively. Even though this was only a Lower Grade Immortal Weapon, it was definitely enough to match up against a Middle Grade Immortal Weapon.

When the Grandmaster and elder of the Hundred Flower Sect caught sight of this Immortal Weapon, they were stunned beyond words. This was AN Immortal Weapon! To think that Lin Hanyu's younger brother would be this rich!

Even if it were them, they could not help but feel some envy in their hearts over it.

The second item was a single pill that could raise one's potential.

Right now, this was the most that Lin Fan could do. After all, the Endless Mainland was simply way too dangerous. As long as they did not cause as much trouble as he did, they should practically be safe with these things.

As for Lin Fan at this moment, he had long left the Rising Dragon City. In a single blink, he traveled thousands of miles away.

This speed was just astonishing and absolutely matchless.

After a while, Lin Fan came to a stop. He felt that it was about time for him to start cultivating properly now.

The fact that his Physical Body State had not been raised was something that had him feeling pretty worried.

In the past, he needed the help of others for this. But right now, he no longer had that option.

He could only depend on himself.

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