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Lin Fan was an existence that had a super cheat mode on. Ever since he had learned the Five Elements Sword Will from the Heaven and Earth Sect, he had fused it together with his own Sword Will, creating an even more mysterious Sword Will from there on.

The moment he deployed it, a supernatural might was generated along with it.

That bearded elder felt his heart skip a beat. However, by the time he had reacted to it, all he saw was a single figure appearing before him. That seemingly normal finger of the other party was expanding before his eyes rapidly. At the same time, he could sense a Sword Will that he had never seen before in his life emitting from that fingertip.


The finger was pointed at the forehead of the bearded elder, and a series of ripples circled out.


"Brazen!" Ning Yuanjian roared out. Along with a few other elders, he sent out a few strange looking Sword Wills to kill Lin Fan.

"Hahaha…!" Lin Fan retreated immediately as he stood up in the void gently, his hands clasped behind his back.

" I've got to say that's pretty disappointing. Even though he's a Golden Immortal state upper level being, his potential is simply far too low. No wonder why so many supreme paragons can skip levels and kill powerful beings now."

At this moment, Lin Fan truly understood why supreme paragons could kill powerful beings who were at higher states than themselves. It was because for the sake of raising their cultivation states faster, some people had forsaken their foundations entirely. Hence, compared to some supreme paragons, the difference ended up being simply way too great.

In the Rising Dragon City…

Lin Hanyu's three senior sisters were long flabbergasted.

"So strong…!"

In their eyes, Lin Hanyu's younger brother was simply way too strong. To think that he would be going about with such ease even when fighting against the Grandmaster of the Metal Sword Sect along with some other elders!

And just at this moment, something even more shocking happened before their eyes. The bodies of those two elders suddenly started undergoing a huge change!

The elder who was infected with the Doomsday aura was suddenly screaming out tragically as though his body had been invaded by something that made it decay swiftly! His Laws of Golden Immortals were breaking down rapidly in the void before turning into rocks that disintegrated into dust and scattered into the universe.

"How could this be…?" That elder might have never imagined that he would be taken down by a single move of the other party.

"Huehue..." Lin Fan chuckled out. How could a single move of his be that simple? The descent of Doomsday was never something simple, especially when it was bringing along with it the Power of Biggra.

Even if the other party wanted to use their powers to defend against it, they would stand no chance at all.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Golden Immortal state upper level being.'

'Ding…Experience Points +…'

When Ning Yuanjian caught sight of everything before him, he shouted out, "ELDER HU…!"

However, Elder Hu had truly died just like that. He didn't even have the ability to reincarnate his consciousness at this moment.

"You…!" Ning Yuanjian glared at Lin Fan madly. But at that very moment, the bearded elder started wailing out miserably as well.

When Lin Fan had pointed out with his finger, an extremely frightening Sword Will had penetrated into the body of the other party.


At that moment, a snapping sound rang out.

With his head pushed up, a bright burst of light erupted from the forehead of that bearded elder before shooting to the Heavens.



His body ruptured in the next moment, causing countless holes to appear on it with beams of sword lights shining out of them one after another.

The entire body of the bearded elder convulsed as though he was unable to withstand this boundless Sword Will.


The cries were relentless.

The body of the bearded elder was just like a porcupine right now, being torn apart by the Sword Will.


In the next instant, he exploded and vanished away into the Heaven and Earth like smoke.

'Ding…Congratulations on killing Golden Immortal state upper level being.'

'Ding…Experience Points +…'

'Ding…Cultivation State leveled up.'

'Cultivation State: Golden Immortal state middle level.'

At this moment, Lin Fan could feel his body's strength rising once again! It was especially the case for the Laws of Golden Immortals, which had become even more robust and thicker by quite a few times compared to before.

This was a change in the quality of his foundation.

Pleasurable! Truly pleasurable!

The fastest way of leveling one's cultivation state was indeed by killing!

He had to battle all the powerful beings between the Heaven and Earth in order to reach the pinnacle.

On the other side, the fall of two of his elders made a huge impact on Ning Yuanjian.

He had brought along six people, but only four were remaining right now. This was a truly huge blow for the Metal Sword Sect.

At the same time, Ning Yuanjian could not believe that the strength of this man before him would actually be this formidable! Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

Lin Hanyu and the others were long watching everything with wide open jaws.

Two of the elders from the Metal Sword Sect had fallen. In fact, they did not even know how those two died. There was no apocalyptic battle that happened, just a few simple actions that had those two elders ending up dead.

At what sort of a level was this strength! How could it be this horrifying!

All of those commoners raised their heads, having forgotten all about time and everything else. They were just completely drawn in by what was happening up in the void.

This was the first time they were witnessing a fight between immortals!

There was no sight of an entire world being destroyed with a single move. And yet, those people died extremely horrendous deaths. This was especially the case for that person who was pierced through by an infinite number of swords. In their eyes, that was an ever so majestic sight!

Lin Family's courtyard…

"Son, good luck! Fight on!" Lin Haoming was excited beyond words right now. Incredible! Way too incredible!

However, Mrs. Lin's face was filled with worry. As for Lin Lan'er, she was shouting and yelling. She felt that her Big Brother was truly way too tyrannical!

On the other side, the other seven Family Heads were equally dumbstruck. This was what a true battle should be like!

At the moment of the Metal Sword Sect's descent, how mighty did their forces seem? But, in the blink of an eye, the Metal Sword Sect had already lost two elders! This was something that had all of them feeling terror from deep within. It was no ordinary terror, but an absolute one.

"Grandmaster, the opponent is way too strong!" The remaining elders of the Metal Sword Sect spoke up.

Ning Yuanjian's face was grim right now as a burst of raging flames blazed from within his heart, "Tribute swords to kill the enemy."

At this moment, Ning Yuanjian roared out as that bronze colored skin of his shone with a brilliant gleam. This gleam of light shrouded the entire world as his figure started getting blurry. To think that he would actually deploy some incredible mystic skill that would have him fuse with that gigantic bronze sword beneath him!

At this moment, the bronze sword started trembling violently. Those initially shallow imprints on its body started floating out as an ancient Sword Will burst forth from it.

The remaining three elders tensed their faces up, then formed a triangular formation, causing the Laws of Golden Immortals to revolve around the world.

"Tribute sword!"


A burst of light shot up into the Heavens, causing an extremely formidable power to shroud the entire world. Seeing this, Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin.

Interesting! This was simply way too interesting!

That bronze sword was an Immortal Weapon. To think that someone would possess a mystic skill as such to enable a fusion with the Immortal Weapon so as to bring forth an even more immense power!

At this moment, the power of the bronze sword was getting more and more immense. Just a slight movement could cause the entire void around it to explode out. This was a boundless Sword Will that could slice through the void and destroy everything in its path.


"Interesting! Truly interesting indeed! Come at me if you want!" Lin Fan laughed out loudly.

"Level up!"

At this moment, the power of the bronze sword suddenly broke through from its Golden Immortal full cultivation state to an even higher state!

Ancestor Immortal state lower level.

A fight as such that spanned through different cultivation states was simply way too tyrannical!

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