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A few days later…

The entrance of the Lin Family was like a marketplace where people would gather to hang out and observe at every single moment of the day.

Not only had Young Master Lin returned, he had made such a strong return at that! It was just absolutely earth-shattering and jaw-dropping.

All the commoners naturally wanted to catch a glimpse of Young Master Lin's splendor. However, after crowding at the entrance for the past few days, they did not manage to catch sight of Young Master Lin at all. That was something that had them slightly disappointed.

But on second thought, what sort of an existence was Young Master Lin? How could they possibly see him as and when they wanted?

As for Lin Hanyu's three senior sisters, they could see him really often now. If this was any normal time, they would definitely lecture these commoners who were crowding around like this. But, given the current circ.u.mstances, they would not dare to do so even if they had ten guts.

Even when they had to head out, they were all smiles and amicable, without daring to engage in any insolent acts.

One particular day…

The sky above the Rising Dragon City were azure blue. But, just at this moment, a clattering sound of weapons rang out.

Many of those commoners raised their heads. All they saw was the void gradually turning darker as countless weapons floated there, covering the entire sky densely. A deep and sharp aura surged through the void, so boundless that it could rattle one's heart.

This was especially the case with those weapons that had lined the entire sky now. Amongst them, a particularly gigantic weapon floated gently up in the void. It shone with a bronze gleam, and was filled with an ancient aura.

"B*stard! Who was the one who killed my son? Get the f*ck out!" A tremendous voice boomed out in the void. The weapons that were floating there started to vibrate tremendously as they let out a reverberating sound.

All the commoners were quite fearful right now.

"What's that?"

"I've got no idea! Could they be here to seek Young Master Lin for revenge?"

"That seems to be the case! How in the world are those swords managing to float up in the void! Could there be some immortal who has descended?"

"It seems like the Metal Sword Sect is here for vengeance!"

"Young Master Lin doesn't seem to have left since that day! It's as though he was waiting patiently because he knew that the other party would come!"

Lin Hanyu raised her head as her face was filled with a look of worry. She did not know if her younger brother would be a match for them.

Even though the Metal Sword Sect could not be compared with the Heaven and Earth Sect, they were still an entire sect no matter what! And looking at the situation right now, they did not seem as though they were anything to be looked down upon. Who knew, they might even be sending their entire sect down!

At this moment within the void were a few elderly beings who were standing on top of that bronze colored longsword.

Amongst them was a man with a square face. His skin sported a bronze tan and his gaze were like that of a G.o.d, glaring at the Rising Dragon City below with a death stare.

At the moment of Ning Tiekun's death, his name token had exploded instantly. That naturally caused Ning Yuanjian to feel enraged beyond anything else. With that, he brought some of the elders of his sect over for the sake of killing the other party cruelly.

"Come out…!" Ning Yuanjian bellowed once more. This bellow of his was like a sharp sword that sliced out at the Rising Dragon City furiously.

As for the mere mortals here, he did not give a sh*t about them. Even if he were to ma.s.sacre this entire city, it would not appease the anger in his heart.

However, Ning Yuanjian forgot that this was the territory of the Heaven and Earth Sect. If he had remembered that, he wouldn't have acted as brazenly as he just did.

At this moment, the commoners who had raised their heads up toward the void started feeling frantic.

"What are those? They seem to be targeting us!"

"Save me!"

"Young Master Lin! Save our lives!"

The commoners exclaimed out in fear. Those longswords in the void materialized out of nowhere. During their descent, the void was even filled with crackling and exploding sounds.

"It's good that you're here."

At this moment, a voice burst forth from the Lin Family and a gigantic hand covered the entire Rising Dragon City all of a sudden. It then took all of those attacks into its palms, and with a slight strength, crushed them completely, causing the energies to scatter away.

Lin Fan's figure then came out of the Lin Residence before floating up in the void quietly.

"It's Young Master Lin! Young Master Lin is here!"

"This time around, we're going to be safe!"

Xiao Yuya raised her head up into the void and let out a startled expression. She had not expected the Metal Sword Sect to actually send so many people!

Ning Tiekun's father had arrived along with some other elders. This was a tremendous amount of might gathered there. She did not know whether even Hanyu's younger brother could handle this.

At this moment, Lin Fan looked at the few people up in the void while his lips curled into a grin.

Not bad, not bad indeed! They truly did not let him down.

Six powerful beings! One of them was a Golden Immortal full cultivation state being, while there were four Golden Immortal state upper level beings.

While there was no way the Metal Sword Sect could compare with the Heaven and Earth Sect, for them to possess such a formidable force, they could already be considered a pretty strong existence out there.

At this moment, there was only a single thought in Lin Fan's mind: he wanted to kill all of them. With that, his strength would most probably be raised by a significant amount.

"You are the one who killed my son?" Ning Yuanjian asked sternly.

Lin Fan chuckled out without answering his question directly. Instead, he let out a gleeful expression, "Seems pretty decent. That's enough, I suppose."

"What do you mean by that?" Ning Yuanjian's face changed, not understanding what the other party was talking about. But all of a sudden, Lin Fan moved from his position. His body instantly transformed into a long streak of light that bolted out to kill Ning Yuanjian and the others.

"You're courting death!" Ning Yuanjian had not expected that the other party would actually strike out following a single sentence of disagreement! He was evidently not prepared for this.

Lin Fan roared out as the Heavenly Dragon's Music burst forth. That mighty soundwave caused all of the weapons floating up in the void to break apart.

Given Lin Fan's current strength as a Golden Immortal, when he used the Heavenly Dragon's Music, the force sent forth was formidable just like an unparalleled mystic skill.

At this moment, Lin Fan's gaze was locked onto a particular elder, "You shall be the first to die."

Lin Fan's lips curled into a grin as he slapped out with his palm.

"Doomsday's Calamity!"

This mystic skill was one of Lin Fan's best. Even though it was a mystic skill that he had learned back in the Ancient Saint World, after cultivating it for such a long time now, he had cultivated it to the point of Dao long ago.

It now belonged in the realm of the unparalleled mystic skills.

Instantly, the entire sky turned pitch black as the aura of Doomsday descended, shrouding the entire world while rumbling out. The Spirit Qi extinguished immediately once it made contact with the aura of Doomsday. Even the void was being eaten up by that aura. That one single move seemed to be capable of eroding every single being between the Heaven and Earth.

A Doomsday Calamity G.o.d Spirit howled out in rage and bellowed.

The face of that elder changed starkly as he slapped out repeatedly with both palms, as though he was trying to deploy some unparalleled mystic skill of his own.


Lin Fan roared out. The powers in his body were just like a vast ocean that gushed out in a berserk fashion, engulfing that elder entirely.

So what if he was a Golden Immortal full cultivation state being? Even though that cultivation state was quite a bit higher than Lin Fan's, the latter's comprehension of his own skills had reached a horrifying extent over the three years-long battle with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

In the next instant, a tragic cry rang out.

That elder was shrouded in a Doomsday aura immediately, and that Golden Immortal body of his began to crumble. The Laws of Golden Immortals did not stand a single chance of resisting under the might of this Doomsday aura.

"You b*stard…!" Ning Yuanjian had not expected that things would turn out as such. To think that one of his elders would be taken down by the other party the moment they met!

Lin Fan chuckled out, "Don't get hasty now. Take your time. You guys will be up next."

"Five Elements Sword Will! Infinite Swords Fusion!"

Lin Fan's eyes shone with a bright flash as he pointed out his finger. A single Sword Will that surpa.s.sed everything bolted out of his body into the skies and tore through the void, slashing out toward yet another elder.

"Aren't you guys the Metal Sword Sect? Let's see how you guys deal with attainments of the sword today!"

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