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Lin Haoming and the others placed down the chopsticks in their hands. The seven Family Heads understood in their minds that it was probably time to settle the scores now.

At this moment, Ning Tiekun and the other two were extremely horrified as their hearts pounded furiously.

Senior Brother Lin stood in front of them without saying a single word. However, the invisible pressure that he brought forth was just like a gigantic mountain that crushed down onto their hearts, causing them to shiver and fear from within.

"Senior brother…!" Zhou Jun and w.a.n.g Yun gulped their saliva, looking exceptionally frantic at this moment.

"What do you guys propose that I should do?" Lin Fan spoke up as he lowered his head to look at these three people. His heart was blazing with a slow burn right now. Bold… Really bold! To think that they would dare to come and show off in front of his family!

"Senior brother, we truly did not know! This Ning Tiekun was the one who had dragged us over! Even if you gave us ten guts, we would not have dared to act audaciously in front of your family and close ones, Senior Brother Lin!" Zhou Yun and w.a.n.g Jun cried out.

Senior Brother Lin was one of the Grandmaster Candidates! Even if he killed them, the sect would not make any noise about it. At the most, they'd give him a slight reminder. But, the worst thing was that they were the ones at fault right now! Even if Senior Brother Lin wanted to kill them, the sect would absolutely do nothing about it!

Lin Haoming stood there, feeling extremely gleeful. This was his son! He was feeling way too proud right now. Even though he had been messed around mercilessly by the other party earlier on, now that his own son was back, what could all the pains he had suffered earlier on amount to?

The other seven Family Heads had the same thoughts as Lin Haoming. Even though Young Master Lin did not have that much of a relationship with them, the seven great families were all watched over by him still.

What could all these disciples who acted all high and mighty because they were in some sects amount to?

Now that Young Master Lin was back, didn't they have to kneel down onto the ground obediently one by one still?

Usually, when they were having their meals, they would look for performers to play some music to add to the mood of the meal. But today, while everything was a little unexpected, the sounds of those head thudding during their meals were ever so melodious despite being a little annoying.

"Ah, son! Actually, those two junior brothers of yours weren't really disrespectful to me." Lin Haoming spoke up for both of them. These two were his son's junior brothers. No matter what, they were part of the same sect. If he were to get too extreme with things, his Little Fan might attract some trouble for himself.

The moment Zhou Jun and w.a.n.g Yun heard that, they were filled with immense grat.i.tude in their hearts. With that, they thudded their heads even more furiously toward Lin Haoming. To think that at the end of the day, it would be senior brother's father who would speak for them! At the same time, the hatred they had toward Ning Tiekun was getting more and more torrential.

It was all because of this fella! If not for this fella, they would naturally not have something as such happening to them!

d.a.m.n it!

As long as they could escape out of this sh*t, they would definitely discipline this Ning Tiekun properly.

"Both of you may be spared from death, but you will still be punished accordingly. Do you guys know what you're supposed to do?" Lin Fan's voice was calm.

However, the entire house fell silent.

Lin Hanyu looked at her younger brother in stupefaction. She had not imagined that her younger brother would have grown to such an extent. Those two people were Inner Sect disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect. For a small sect like hers, that was already an esteemed status which they could never hope to compare with.

As for her other three senior sisters who were standing there, they seemed even more dumbfounded. Not only did they not dare to say anything, they did not even dare to let out a single peep.

Everything happening before their eyes right now was already having them sh.e.l.l-shocked to the point they did not know what they could say anymore.

Zhou Jun and w.a.n.g Yun exchanged glances with one another. They did not have any intention of resisting in their eyes; instead, it was relief. They were relieved that they did not have to die at least.

This should be the greatest leniency that their Senior Brother Lin could have shown to them. If they still could not please Senior Brother Lin even at this point, they would absolutely deserve it even if they were killed.

At this moment, Zhou Jun and w.a.n.g Yun stretched out their hands and extended both arms straight. Gritting down on their teeth, their powers rumbled furiously.



"To have the father of our senior brother serve us wine, these pair of hands of ours deserve to be severed!"

There was no bloodied scene at the place. Those pair of hands just dissipated into smoke under the effect of the channeled powers.

However, both of them had the strength of Immemorial Ancient state beings. Therefore, they COULD regrow their limbs.

"Scram on one side. After we return, head back to the sect to receive your punishments." Lin Fan said coldly. If he did not show his might right now, things would really go out of hand.

When some of the commoners caught sight of what was happening within the house, they exclaimed out.

"So tyrannical! Young Master Lin is way too suave! To think that he would just have both of them sever their arms by themselves!"

"Huehue… Tyrannical? If not for the fact that Master Lin had spoken of mercy for both of them, I don't think they could have gotten out of it alive!"

"That's overexaggerating it, isn't it? No matter what, they're from the same sect."

"What's so great about that? Didn't you see the status of Young Master Lin in their sect? Both of them were shocked silly the moment they caught sight of him! Even if Young Master Lin were to kill both of them, I'm sure nothing will happen to him at all."

"That's true as well. I wonder what's going to happen to that last fella now. I heard that he was the Young Master of some sect or something! He seems to have a pretty high status, doesn't he?"

The commoners of the Rising Dragon City were discussing fervently right now. Since when had they ever seen such a scene before? Everything that had happened today had their knowledge of the world expanding widely.

"Thank you! Thank you for your grace of not killing us, senior brother!" Zhou Jun and w.a.n.g Yun cried out, their face filled with snot and tears. They were truly petrified in their hearts earlier on.

But, when they heard those words of their Senior Brother Lin, both of them could finally heave out a sigh of relief at that moment.

Moving to one side, they lowered their heads and did not dare to speak at all.

When the three senior sisters of Lin Hanyu looked at the both of them, their bodies could not help but break out in shivers. This was especially the case for two of those senior sisters. When they recalled their att.i.tude back on the dining table, they felt a cold chill run down their spines.

Thankfully, Lin Hanyu was their junior sister. This younger brother of hers should not do anything much to them, right?

At the same time, they truly had not expected that Lin Hanyu would have a younger brother as such. If they had known about it, they would have definitely tried to build a closer relationship with her.

They would definitely not have acted as they did till today.

They couldn't help but feel an immensely deep regret.

At this moment, Lin Fan stood before Ning Tiekun, who was drenched with sweat from head to toe, feeling impossibly afraid in his heart. When he looked at the former's eyes, he felt as though his entire soul was being sucked right into them.

"I…I…" Ning Tiekun's nerves were in such a wreck that he was stuttering uncontrollably.

He was truly frightened within his heart at this moment. He then turned his gaze toward Zhou Jun and w.a.n.g Yun, hoping that both of them would speak up for him. However, their faces were indifferent as they ignored him entirely.

"S-Senior Brother Lin! My father is the Grandmaster of the Metal Sword Sect! Please spare my life!" Ning Tiekun said.

Right now, the biggest trump card he had was the ident.i.ty of his own father. He was hoping that the other party could let him off on account of his father.


All of a sudden, Lin Fan raised Ning Tiekun up.

"Does the family of I, Lin Fan, look like something you can humiliate?" Lin Fan asked with an icy voice as his tone was filled with a killing intent. It was as though he could squish Ning Tiekun to death at any moment now.

The moment Ning Tiekun heard these words, all the color drained from his face.

"Y-You're going to kill me?" Ning Tiekun could not believe that the other party would truly want to kill him!

Zhou Jun and w.a.n.g Yun both felt their hearts skip a beat. They knew that Senior Brother Lin was truly going to kill this Ning Tiekun now.

"Hmph! Remember this. The outcome of humiliating my family is to wash away the sins with your life." At this moment, Lin Fan's killing intent was torrential.

As for the ma.s.ses out there, they were even more taken aback, seeming to be frozen in the face of this scene before them.

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