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Within the Lin Family house…

Ning Tiekun was all smiles as he stepped aside and said politely, "Brother Zhou, Brother w.a.n.g, please take a seat."

The two of them, Brother w.a.n.g and Brother Zhou, didn't feel shy as they walked out briskly toward the main seats, "Brother Ning and fellow junior sisters, please take a seat as well."

Ning Tiekun sat down following both of them. The remaining three junior sisters did not stand on ceremony as they sat down on the left and right as well. The only one who was displeased in her heart was Lin Hanyu as she stood by the side without budging a single inch.

Xiao Yuya pulled at Lin Hanyu and whispered softly, "Sit down. These two aren't people we can offend. It'd be best not to create trouble for your family."

Lin Hanyu then sat down with reluctance. In her heart, she was filled with regrets. Had she known that this would happen, she would not have chosen to return. Or in fact, she could have returned alone as well. Everything that was happening right now had her feeling extremely aggrieved in her heart.

While the seven of them sat here, the Family Heads of the eight great families were just like servants right now, surrounding them while serving them tea, wine, and food.

Just what sort of face should someone have to command such a scene?

Being summoned here, the other Family Heads of the seven great families felt extremely indignant as well. Since when had they ever endured humiliation as such? That Ning Tiekun was just calling them by their full names directly and having them serve left and right as though he was calling out to his servants.

"Pour wine for both of them." Ning Tiekun chuckled out before inquiring straightaway, "Now, senior brothers, what brings you guys to this small place?"

Zhou Jun raised his wine gla.s.s and gulped it down with a single swig, "We pa.s.sed by this area and decided to head down and take a look while buying back some items of the secular world back for our fellow senior and junior brothers."

"Oh, so that's the reason. Well, leave that matter to me!" Even though Ning Tiekun was the Young Master of the Metal Sword Sect, he was smooth and slick in relationships. Toward the disciples of big sects, he was always polite and reserved. However, he was always cold and haughty toward those weaker than him.

"We'll have to trouble you then, Brother Ning." Both of them laughed out before raising their wine gla.s.ses and toasting one another, drinking to their heart's contentment. Even though they were only Inner Sect disciples in the Heaven and Earth Sect, to disciples of other sects, they were people with an esteemed status.

They naturally knew that Ning Tiekun was trying to suck up to them. At the same time, they were more than willing to give him the opportunity to do so.

As for these commoners who were serving them wine and food, they both felt that it was the honor of these people. After all, it would be prideful for them to be able to tell the world that they had once served the disciples of 'so and so' sect.

"Brother Zhou, Brother w.a.n.g, this plain and simple place has nothing much to offer. I'm afraid that you guys will have to make do with it." Ning Tiekun's tone bore a heavy disdain.

When the Huang Family Head, Huang Yan, served both of them wine, his hand trembled for a moment and spilled some of it onto the table surface. When Ning Tiekun saw this, he flew into a rage and barked out, "What are you doing? If you can't even do something as simple as such, what use do you have?"

Even though Huang Yan was the Huang Family Head, how would he dare to be insolent in the face of these disciples of sects? His face was drained of color as he went into a flurry while apologizing profusely.

"Hmph!" Zhou Jun snorted out coldly. As an Inner Sect disciple, he was naturally prideful. But of course, he would not go to the extent of striking out at a mere mortal with that slight bit of cultivation state.

"Uncle Huang, let me do it." Lin Hanyu's tone was displeased as she walked beside Huang Yan. Taking over the wine jar, she served Zhou Jun wine personally.

Zhou Jun smiled out. A beautiful woman with good wine… This was pretty decent.

While the faces of the other Family Heads were normal, they were totally incensed in their hearts. Detestable! These people were too darned detestable!

At the entrance of the Rising Dragon City…

A streak of light landed.

The first thing that struck the minds of the commoners was fright. But when they saw that it was a human figure, they heaved out a sigh of relief. As long as it wasn't anything non-human, it was fine!

Returning to the Rising Dragon City three years later, Lin Fan did not sense much of a change. The city entrance was still the city entrance. Heck, even the tiles had barely changed their position.

Stepping a foot into the city, Lin Fan could tell that it was lively as ever.

When he thought of that Lin Haoming, Lin Fan could barely hold in his laughter. If that guy knew just how strong he was and what his position in the sect was right now, Lin Fan truly did not know how high that guy would fly.

After entering the Golden Immortal state, Lin Fan's aura had taken on an extremely huge change. Everyone who pa.s.sed by could not pull their sights away from him. It was as though they were completely mesmerized by him. Some of the pa.s.sersby started exchanging glances with one another before conversing.

"Such a handsome young lad!"

"That's right! I've never seen him before in the past! I wonder which family he is from."

"Eh? Why do I get such a familiar feeling about him?"

"Chey! You say that about everyone! The previous time, there was someone else who had arrived that you claimed to find familiar. Have you recalled who he was till now?"

"No, no! This time around, it's really different! I really do find him extremely familiar!"

When Lin Fan had reincarnated from the Ancient Saint World, this was the place where he was born. Even though there was no blood relationship between them, after staying here for eleven years, it was impossible for him to not have feelings.

Some of the young girls pa.s.sing by could not bring their gaze away from him as they tried sending him signals secretly. It was as though they were bewitched by Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled out, causing his charisma toward these girls to skyrocket even further.

When Lin Fan pa.s.sed by a herbal medicine shop, he could not help but stop in his tracks.

Lin Fan remembered this herbal medicine shop: it was a business of the Lin Family. At this moment, there was an elderly man whom Lin Fan was extremely familiar with in the shop, the Lin Family's old housekeeper.

After not seeing him for three years, the old housekeeper had aged considerably. However, with the help of pills, he was naturally not at a point where he could not walk or move any longer.

"Old housekeeper." Lin Fan spoke.

When the old housekeeper who was summing up the accounts in the shop right now heard that voice, he was stunned for a moment. He then looked up outside. When his sight was cast over, his face changed into one that bore a slight disbelief.

"Young…Young Master!" The old housekeeper was taken aback. When he had verified that it was truly the Young Master, he rushed out from behind the shopfront and gripped Lin Fan's hands tightly, "Young Master! Are you really back?"

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head.

Some of the commoners nearby started exclaiming out.

"That's the Young Master of the Lin Family?"

"THE Young Master Lin who had entered a sect and from whom no one had heard a single piece of news for the past three years?"

"He's back?!"

"Holy f*ck! The memories of that duel three years ago are still fresh as yesterday in my mind! To think that he would truly be back! Not only that, check it out, guys! After three years, the aura of around the Young Master Lin has changed. He is way more fearsome than he was in the past now!"

"The Big Missy of the Lin Family has also returned from her sect! Now that their Young Master is back as well, this is truly a matter of double happiness!"

"Haven't you guys heard? Those companions of the Big Missy Lin who had come along with her seem to be pretty disrespectful to the Lin Family and the other seven great families."

"Ah, I did hear of something like that!"

Lin Fan's lips curled into a smile, "After not returning for three years, I do miss this place quite a bit. Let's head back first."

"Alright, alright! This old servant will rush back to report this immediately!" The old housekeeper was extremely emotional right now.

Young Master Lin was a gifted genius who was accepted in by the Heaven and Earth Sect! A glorious thing as such was the number one achievement of the entire Rising Dragon City!

"You don't have to. Just come along with me. That'll do." Lin Fan said.

As they headed toward the direction of the Lin Family, the surrounding commoners started spreading the word by mouth.

'The Young Master of the Lin Family has returned.'

For anyone out there, this was an unusually interesting thing to hear about. None of them knew just how the Young Master of the Lin Family had been doing out there for the past three years.

But now that he was back, the rumors of him having fallen was naturally dispelled.

At the entrance of the Lin Family…

There were two guards standing watch.

"Hurry up and open up! Young Master has returned!" The old housekeeper cried out emotionally.

When the guards heard it, they were stunned for a moment. Without thinking twice, they then shouted out in surprise. To think that the Young Master would have returned!

Lin Fan chuckled as he stepped foot into the Lin Family. This time around, he was back to take a look.

Just a look and he would be off after he was done.

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