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The Lin Family's residence…

The Family Heads of the seven great families were gathered in discussion.

"Those disciples of the sect brought back by Hanyu seem pretty overbearing."

"I can tell that they're totally looking down on us. Their expression looks as though they're just looking at us as beasts."

"Now, that sentence of yours isn't quite right now, eh? How can they take us as beasts?"

"Well, I was just saying. But in any case, that's my intuition so far."

"Hais! At times, it really sucks to not have strength on your own. You will forever be under the control of others. Take a look at Brother Lin. His daughter had entered a sect while his son has not returned with any form of news for the past three years. Now that his daughter brought back her senior sisters, they are so darned arrogant. Seems like Brother Lin is really going to be in for a rough time now."

"Should we head over to check things out?"

"No, if we head over, we'll be deemed as causing trouble. Just wait and wait out the situation further."


The situation that the Family Heads of the seven great families spoke of had truly happened.

Right now, Lin Haoming was having a huge headache. Those few fellas acted as though they were their ancestors. The moment they reached the Lin Family, they treated the Lin Family like their servants. If not for the fact that they were way too strong, Lin Haoming was even prepared to fall out with them.

On the dining table…

Lin Haoming did not take the main seat of the host. Instead, Ning Tiekun sat there.

"Everyone, please enjoy your meal." Lin Haoming invited them with a cheery face full of smiles and politeness. Lin Feixue, Lin Lan'er, and Mrs. Lin sat down without making a single peep. They could sense that there was something off with the situation.

"Don't bother. I can't bring myself to consume the food of commoners." Ning Tiekun said, then took out a pill and swallowed it into his tummy.

Out of the three senior sisters who had followed Lin Hanyu back, one of them had a pretty good relationship with her. She then took up her chopsticks and started eating, "Not bad! The taste is pretty good!"

Lin Hanyu looked over at her Senior Sister Xiao Yuya and gave her a look of immense grat.i.tude.

As for the other two senior sisters, they were just like Ning Tiekun. They refused to budge at all, as though this food was way too lowly for them.

"If it's not bad, then do please eat more! Thank you all so much for looking after my daughter in the sect!" Lin Haoming said.

"Yu'er, I heard from your father that you had become an Outer Sect disciple? How is it like being an Outer Sect disciple? Is it much better than before?" Mrs. Lin asked.

Lin Hanyu truly did not know how to reply. Within the sect, Outer Sect disciples did not have much of a status, unlike Inner Sect disciples; they were just like ants. However, to give her family a peace of mind, Lin Hanyu naturally nodded her head, "Yepps, it's good! Ever since I've become an Outer Sect disciple, things have been much better!"

"Ah, it's all good as long as things are fine." Mrs. Lin heaved out a sigh of relief.

Lin Feixue and Lin Lan'er dug into the food with their heads lowered.

But suddenly, Lin Lan'er raised her head, "How nice would it be if Big Brother were here…"

"Father, has there really not been a single peep from Little Brother in the past three years?" Lin Hanyu asked.

It was only after entering a sect that she knew how things were like there. The compet.i.tion between the disciples were extremely intense, and it was filled with dangers. If there had been no news for the past three years…that was a situation she did not dare to imagine.

Lin Haoming nodded his head, "Yes. It's been three years without news now. I wonder what that lad is doing."

"Well, that just sounds like a grim omen to me." Ning Tiekun spoke up. He did not care about how everyone else at the table felt.

And indeed, the moment Ning Tiekun spoke up, the faces of Lin Haoming and the others changed slightly.

Lin Lan'er had even reb.u.t.ted, "You're talking c.r.a.p! My Big Brother will definitely be fine!"

"Hmm?" Ning Tiekun's face changed, evidently slightly enraged.

Lin Hanyu knew of Ning Tiekun's background, and was pale as a sheet momentarily. She wasn't close to this Ning Tiekun at all. He was an acquaintance of one of her senior sisters. This time around, she had been returning with three of these senior sisters when they b.u.mped into this Ning Tiekun along the way. She did know that much about him either.

However, looking at how her senior sisters were all polite and respectful toward him, she naturally knew that she could not afford to offend him.

"You said that I'm talking c.r.a.p?" Ning Tiekun's face tensed up as his wrath bubbled. When Lin Lan'er caught sight of this, she was scared silly and sat there blankly.

"Sir Ning, please be appeased. My Little Sister is still young and isn't sensible enough yet." Lin Hanyu said.

Senior Sister Xiao Yuya helped to chime in from the side as well, "Sir Ning, I'm sure you wouldn't get angry over something as small as this, right?"

Lin Haoming added in to apologize profusely as well.

This time around, the people brought back by Lin Hanyu weren't people he liked at all. However, what could he do about it? The other party was evidently far from simple. If they had offended him, what could the Lin Family have to defend against them?

Furthermore, his daughter was still in that sect. If they were to offend the other side and they were to make things difficult for her in the future, what were they to do?

"Hmph!" Ning Tiekun snorted out coldly. He was just like a high and mighty sovereign right now, "If there's a next time, I'll definitely kill her without mercy."

"Boohoo…!" Lin Lan'er was scared into tears right now as she ran out immediately. Even though Lin Hanyu felt a little enraged in her heart, she did not dare to vent it out.

Lin Feixue and Mrs. Lin chased after Lin Lan'er.

As for Lin Haoming, even though he was displeased in his heart, he still laughed out awkwardly in apology.

Looking at the situation before her, Xiao Yuya could only look at Lin Hanyu and shake her head exasperatedly, indicating that she could do nothing about it.

The position of this Ning Tiekun was extraordinary. He wasn't someone they could go against. All they could do was to endure.

As a result, this meal was an extremely awkward one. Lin Haoming and the others did not even dare to take in a deep breath of air.

Even though Lin Hanyu was an Outer Sect disciple, in the eyes of Ning Tiekun, she was nothing more than an ant, no different from cannon fodder.

The next day…

The news of Lin Hanyu returning to the Rising Dragon City had spread out. However, everyone also knew that she had brought some other people with her. Those people had a position that was even higher than hers in the sect.

Some people wanted to seize the chance to build some connections. But, when they heard that the other party did not even give the Lin Family any face, they naturally held back. When it came to people as such who were difficult to get acquainted with, they had better just forget about it.

On the streets…

Ning Tiekun and the others walked ahead while Lin Haoming followed behind and introduced everything about the Rising Dragon City to them. Ning Tiekun's head was raised up high as though no one here was worthy of him looking at them.

The surrounding pa.s.sersby made way immediately, not daring to head up and check it out.

Lin Hanyu stood by the side, feeling immensely awkward beyond anything else. At the same time, she was boiling in her heart.

"Sir Ning, this is the most glamorous place in the entire Rising Dragon City now." Lin Haoming said.

"Hmm." Ning Tiekun nodded his head.

All of a sudden, Ning Tiekun's eyes sparkled as he pushed Lin Haoming aside and rushed ahead.

Caught totally by surprise, Lin Haoming was nearly pushed onto the ground. Thankfully, there was someone to support him up.

This excitement of Ning Tiekun naturally meant that he had b.u.mped into his acquaintances.

"Senior Brother Zhou, Senior Brother w.a.n.g! Long time no see!" Ning Tiekun came before a stall and cupped his fists while greeting.

When these two people who were purchasing some items from the secular world here heard this voice, they raised their heads and stopped looking through the items for a little while, "Oh, it's Brother Ning!"

Lin Haoming and the others caught up with them as well by this point.

Turning around to look at Lin Haoming and the others in disdain, Ning Tiekun said, "Let me introduce you guys. These two are Inner Sect disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect, Brother Zhou and Brother w.a.n.g."

When the senior sisters of Lin Hanyu heard the ident.i.ty of the other side, they were a little excited, "Greetings to the two senior brothers!"

The Heaven and Earth Sect was a big sect within the Endless Mainland, and the disciples within were all extraordinary! It wasn't something that sects like theirs could compare with!

When Lin Haoming heard that the other side were disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect, he got emotional momentarily and rushed forth to tug at the two of them, "May I ask…"

However, before Lin Haoming had even managed to speak up, the face of Ning Tiekun turned dark as he kicked him away.

"BRAZEN! These two senior brothers here are not people you can tug at! Lin Hanyu, you had better watch your father's actions! Otherwise, he is going to cause big problems!" Ning Tiekun barked out coldly.

"You…!" Lin Hanyu could no longer bear with it. She then sighed out and helped her father up, "Father, we'll ask later when there's a chance."

Lin Haoming nodded his head.

Ning Tiekun snorted out coldly once more before turning to the two senior brothers with a face full of smiles, "Senior brothers here, how about letting me prepare a welcome feast for you guys?"

"Our thanks to Brother Ning then." The two of them did not mind at all. After all, since someone was prepared to host a welcome feast for them, why should they refuse?

At this moment, Ning Tiekun turned around and said to Lin Hanyu softly, "What are you still waiting for? Hurry and get your father and those family members of yours to start preparing!"

Lin Hanyu had wanted to say something when Xiao Yuya held her back and nodded her head to not have her say anything more.

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