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Rising Dragon City…

It was just an ordinary city at one point in time. But, with the appearance of a gifted genius such as Lin Fan, the entire place became famous overnight and shocked the entire world.

The Lin Family had turned into the leader of the eight great families. However, they did not rule over the other families through their strength, just with their name alone.

As for the other seven great families, none of them were displeased in the slightest bit. The fact that the Lin Family Head, Lin Haoming, wasn't someone who was interested in power struggles had the other great families feeling immensely grateful.

The reason why they were willing for the Lin Family to be the leader family was naturally because of that gifted genius, Lin Fan. He was their Young Master recruited by the Heaven and Earth Sect. However, the fact that he had not even returned once in the past three years was something that had everyone feeling a little bewildered.

In fact, they could not even get rid of a growing thought that the Young Master Lin might have been killed by others outside.

Even though it was a great fortune for someone to be taken in by a sect, sects were not places like playhouses. It was a place filled with immense dangers.

The number of disciples who died outside was uncountable.

Even though the other seven great families did bear such thoughts before, they buried it at the bottom of their hearts. That was because they had realized that the feeling of living as such in the past few years was pretty decent as well.

As for the Big Missy of the Lin Family, she was out of the city in a sect as well. Through a stroke of affinity, she had managed to enter a female sect. This was something that left the Lin Family ecstatic. Two outstanding talents being produced by their family was something absolutely heaven revolting!

But, this Big Missy of the Lin Family, Lin Hanyu, would always return from time to time and hand over some pills to the Lin Family. At the same time, she would split them out for the other seven great families as well. This was a really pleasant feeling.

Crackle, pop, sizzle, bang!

The Rising Dragon City was bustling with life right now as fireworks filled the sky.

Many people were gathered at the city entrance.

There were members of the eight great families present, as well as some of the wealthier folks and commoners. The Big Missy of the Lin Family had returned from the sect once more. Not only that, she seemed to have brought back good news this time around.

"Brother Lin, congratulations! To have two outstanding talents in your family, the Lin Family could be said to be skyrocketing into the Heavens!" The Huang Family Head, Huang Yan, congratulated. At the same time, there was a slight bit of envy in his heart as well.

When he looked at his son, Huang Yan felt miserable in his heart. That guy was just wasting his time idly every day without seeking to improve himself at all. In fact, he hadn't even gotten himself a wife till now.

"You're too kind, too kind." Lin Haoming was truly feeling pretty good in his heart right now. To think that he would have brought forth the rise of the Lin Family singlehandedly.

Lin Haoming had suddenly realized that he was way too incredibly strong! All the sons and daughters that he had were all so strong!

This was especially the case for that son of his who was accepted as a disciple of the Heaven and Earth Sect. However, Lin Haoming was a little displeased that this lad had not even brought back home a single piece of news after three whole years! That was truly worrisome!

If not for the fact that the journey to the Heaven and Earth Sect was one that was long and fraught with dangers, Lin Haoming would have wanted to head over to take a look and check out just what sort of big things that lad was being kept busy with.

The commoners all around looked at Lin Haoming with envious faces.

"The life of the Lin Family is really good indeed! To think that they would have two children entering sects."

"That's right! In the past, the Lin Family used to be the weakest of the eight great families. But right now, they're leading the pack for real!"

"The Big Missy of the Lin Family would always return once per year. But, as for Young Master Lin, no one has heard from him for three years now."

"I've heard rumors that the Young Master Lin might have died outside the sect!"

"You had better keep those nonsensical words to yourself! It would be bad if anyone heard you!"

"Hais! It's not that I want to spout these nonsensical words either! But, this was something that had already been spreading since half a year ago! Even people who were within the Heaven and Earth Sect did not have any idea on where the Young Master Lin was!"

"Shh! That's enough now!"

"Daddy! Is that big sister?" At this moment, the youngest daughter, Lin Lan'er, pointed over to a spot of light in the sky and exclaimed excitedly. In three years, Lin Lan'er had grown into an elegant and breathtaking woman.

The number of people coming forth for marriage proposals for her were so many that the Lin Family's doorsteps were almost going to be broken apart from their footsteps. If this were in the past, Lin Haoming would have naturally just looked for some good in-laws. But now that Lin Fan was so extraordinary, his aim was to groom his remaining two children well. It'd be for the best if they could enter sects as well.

"It should be." Lin Haoming said with a smile on his face.

Soon, the bright spot came even closer.

At this moment at the entrance of the Rising Dragon City, a few figures descended from the void. Lin Hanyu was amongst them, accompanied by three other women. There was a man amongst them as well.

Lin Haoming shouted out happily, "Light the fireworks!"



The fireworks flowered in the sky, letting off a spectacular sight.

Lin Haoming rushed forth immediately, "Daughter, you're back!"

"Father, mother, younger sister!" Lin Hanyu's face was beaming with a bright smile. Even though she had been returning once per year, Lin Hanyu was still ever so emotional for her return each time. The feeling of reuniting with one's close ones was something truly amazing for sure.

The four people behind Lin Hanyu had an indifferent expression on their faces. They did not bother too much about these mortals. All of these were just ants in their eyes.

They were only tagging along with their Junior Sister Lin to check out how the world of mere mortals was like, and that was all.

The sect that Lin Hanyu had entered was called the Hundred Flowers Palace. It wasn't one of the big sects, and could only be considered as a middle sized sects.

The nine sects and six residences et cetera were all prominent sects that had a legacy of hundreds of thousands of years. As for this Hundred Flowers Palace, it had only risen in the past tens of thousands of years. Compared to the Heaven and Earth Sect, there was a world of difference. There could be no comparison made at all.

"Father, these three here are senior sisters of my sect. They had been especially kind and caring toward me in the sect." Lin Hanyu introduced. She then pointed out at the man beside them, "This here is the son of the Grandmaster of the Metal Sword Sect."

The moment Lin Haoming heard that, he was even more polite in his tone, "Welcome, welcome!"

How could he not know what sect the Metal Sword Sect was? And when he heard that this was the son of the Grandmaster, he knew that it was an even more outrageous status there.

The son of a sect's Grandmaster! This was a super duper second generation, not someone that a mere mortal family such as theirs could compare with!

Ning Tiekun nodded his head without a single bit of expression. In fact, he didn't even speak of a single greeting of politeness.

"Big sister!" Lin Feixue and Lin Lan'er leaped over and hugged their big sister. After being separated for such a long time, they were naturally missing her badly.

When the son of the Metal Sword Sect's Grandmaster caught sight of Lin Lan'er, his eyes flashed with a glint. However, he hid it completely soon after.

"Junior sister, let us head over to your house to take a seat first, shall we?" Lin Hanyu's senior sister spoke up.

"Alright." Lin Hanyu nodded her head.

Lin Haoming spoke up at this moment, "Ah, Hanyu. The uncles of the seven other great families have already prepared a welcome feast for you guys. How about heading over to eat something first?"

At this moment, the Family Heads of the other seven great families waited with bated breath. But, a single sentence from the other side had them feeling awkward.

One of the senior sisters who had a slightly thin face with a protruding cheekbone remarked, "There's nothing good to eat about the food of mere commoners. We'll head over to your Lin Family to take a look first."

The moment Lin Hanyu heard that, she nodded her head awkwardly, "Father, I guess let's forget about it."

Even though Lin Haoming was evidently somewhat displeased in his heart, he still put on a chirpy smile, "Alright, alright! Let's head home then!"

"Oh, right! Darling daughter, what good news did you say you were going to tell your father?" Lin Haoming asked.

"Father, I'm already an Outer Sect disciple of the sect now!" Lin Hanyu declared happily.

"Good, good! Being an Outer Sect disciple is wonderful! Very well done! I'm sure you will be able to catch up to your younger brother before long!" Lin Haoming chuckled out as he said this.

"Father, has little brother not returned home yet?" Lin Hanyu asked. In her heart, she had been worrying about Lin Fan all this time.

"No." Lin Haoming shook his head.

At this moment, Ning Tiekun spoke up, "Hanyu, your younger brother has been accepted by the Heaven and Earth Sect as a disciple. However, it is not safe in those big sects in the slightest bit. All of those secret grounds are extremely treacherous as well. There's a high chance of people dying there."

With these words of Ning Tiekun, the entire atmosphere in the air turned awkward. At this point, Lin Haoming's heart was burning with a ball of flames. Was this fella trying to insinuate that his son was dead?

But, when he considered the ident.i.ty of the other party, he let out a smile still nevertheless.

"Let's head back first."

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