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When the raindrops landed on Lin Fan's body, they gave off a mysterious aura. Sensing that, Lin Fan breathed out a short laughter.

"Haha! It IS the original you indeed. For you to have grown to such an extent in just three years is something that even Your Grandmaster is having difficulty believing. Therefore, I could only test and check to make sure you've not been replaced by some monster or anything." Han Juntian stepped out of the void while saying.

Standing beside the Grandmaster, Qing Yangzi heaved out a sigh of relief as well.

The main reason was that the growth of this lad had been way too tremendous.

Being able to take down a Golden Immortal after just three years? What sort of an idea was that? In fact, even Qing Yangzi himself had been wondering if Lin Fan had met any mishaps or was possessed by some evil being to infiltrate the sect, since there had been no news from him for three years now.

But after the test of the Grandmaster, he heaved out a sigh of relief as well.

"Grandmaster." Lin Fan cupped his fist and greeted.

Han Juntian's mood was pretty decent right now, "Good! Very good! What sort of a reward do you want?"

As for things like rewards and whatnot, Lin Fan wasn't really bothered about it at all. Right now, what he needed the most was experience points.

"Grandmaster, that is only my duty as a disciple." Lin Fan replied politely.

Han Juntian nodded his head and swept out his robes, causing a couple of pills and treasures to float out, "You have contributed to the sect. This is what you deserve."

Lin Fan cast his sights over and his heart leaped with joy. To think that these pills would be Immortal Pills! Immortal Pills possessed the Laws of the Immortal Dao, and therefore, each Immortal Pill would always bring a tremendous amount of benefits.

This was especially the case for Lin Fan: these were all experience points for him!

However, ever since he had broken through to the Golden Immortal state, ordinary Immortal Pills did not have much of a use to him anymore. The only things that could still give him an ocean worth of experience points were probably Upper and Supreme Grade Immortal Pills by now.

However, these few pills were all Lower and Middle Grade Immortal Pills. Anyway, they would still do. Since they were gifts from the Grandmaster, Lin Fan naturally accepted them.

When Qing Yangzi caught sight of how generous the Grandmaster was, he felt pretty good in his heart as well. The fact that a disciple brought by him was being recognized by the Grandmaster was an incredible honor for him.

Amongst the treasures was a Lower Grade Immortal Weapon that emanated the radiance of the Immortal Dao. Lin Fan could do without something like this, but for anyone else, this was just absolutely extraordinary.

If they could only get their hands on a single Lower Grade Immortal Weapon, they would definitely flip out in joy.

"Much thanks, Grandmaster." Lin Fan said humbly.

"Yes. Train hard and well. Also, do watch out when you're heading out in the future. That Tai Qiantian is extremely petty. Even though it might not get to the extent where he would hunt you down personally, it'd still be better to take caution." Han Juntian said.

The one thing Lin Fan was least afraid of was people causing trouble for him; he would kill no matter how many people came at him. However, if the Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect were to come at him personally, that might get a little troublesome. Since the Grandmaster was so certain about it, the possibility of that happening should be close to none.

And even if something like that DID happen, Lin Fan was sure that the Grandmaster must have prepared some tricks up his sleeves.

But. to be honest, Lin Fan was someone who had even dared to face up against the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. It was not as though he could get afraid of one single Tai Qiantian.

After handing over some more stuff, the Grandmaster took his leave. At the same time, he gave Lin Fan even more authority as he promoted him to one of the Grandmaster Candidates of the sect, giving him the right to fight for the position of Grandmaster.

Within the sects, other than the Remnants, there were still the Grandmaster Candidates.

These disciples were all chosen from within the Remnants. However, they did not reside within the sect. They just roamed around the Endless Mainland, and would only be back when it was time to contest for the position of Grandmaster.

Lin Fan had not come across these disciples before, the main reason for that being that his strength was far too weak three years ago. Normally, the position of Remnants was the highest position that only the top disciples could reach within the sect.

"Lad! You have not let me down indeed! To think that you would give this old man such an incredible surprise after three years! This is simply way too alarming!" Qing Yangzi exclaimed.

Lin Fan chuckled out, "Elder Qing Yangzi, so, who are the other Grandmaster Candidates?"

"Given your strength right now, you are definitely one of the forerunners in contesting for the position of the Grandmaster. There were a total of twelve Grandmaster Candidates in the sect. With you, there are thirteen now."

"You can take a look at this. The name list of the Grandmaster Candidates is here." Qing Yangzi took out a jade bamboo scroll.

Lin Fan took a look and felt his heart skip a beat. These were extraordinary beings indeed! To think that even the weakest among them would be at the Golden Immortal full cultivation state!

"These disciples do not stay within the sect usually, and are always out training in the Endless Mainland. Other than a few elders within the sect, their position in the sect is above everyone else." Qing Yangzi said.

"So, that's the case. Gosh! I was just thinking that if these Remnants were the only fresh blood that was within the sect, our sect would definitely not exist anymore after a hundred years!" Lin Fan said.

"HAHA!" Qing Yangzi roared out in laughter, "But, that's not truly the case either. The ones truly protecting the sect are the Senior Elders, who are all trying to seek out even higher cultivation states. Unless the sect is ever faced with a calamity of being destroyed, those Senior Elders will not show their faces at all."

"The legacy of the Heaven and Earth Sect has been around for 100,000 years now. No one knows how many Grandmasters there have been. Each time a Grandmaster stepped down from his position, they would retreat to the deepest parts of the sect to cultivate. As for just how deep the foundations of our sect actually reach, that is something that is probably known to no one other than the Grandmaster himself."

Lin Fan nodded his head. This was something that he understood now. Perhaps he had just been oversimplifying things in the past.

At the same time, he understood why those Grandmaster Candidates would choose not to cultivate and train within the sect. If they were to train here for their entire lives, they might not have that great of an improvement. It was only through entering the Endless Mainland and facing the trials and tribulations out there that would bring forth a brighter future for them.

"Elder Qing Yangzi, I want to know of the countless secret and dangerous grounds of the Endless Mainland. I intend to head out to train before long." Lin Fan said.

"Don't worry, I will prepare everything for you." Qing Yangzi naturally wanted to shoulder all the responsibility onto himself.

Lin Fan was someone whom he had inducted into the sect. If this person were to become the Grandmaster, that would be just crazy. Even if Qing Yangzi were to die, he would definitely pa.s.s onto the underworld while smiling.

As for those Grandmaster Candidates, some of them had headed out to train for dozens of years now. There were even those who had trained for hundreds of years. No one knew just what was the extent of their growth in cultivation state.

After Qing Yangzi left, Lin Fan returned to the house. As for Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu, their interest toward the Heaven and Earth Sect was piqued at this point.

At the same time, Lin Fan did not want to bring them along with him. After all, it was really way too dangerous out there.

This time around, Lin Fan intended to head to the deepest parts of the Endless Mainland. There might be even graver dangers there. If anything were to go wrong, he could very well die right there.

As for how huge the Endless Mainland was exactly, no one knew for sure. Even a powerful being such as the Grandmaster had not personally reached the ends of the Endless Mainland. There were a lot of places that were unknown to them out there, so he had to be careful.

After Ling Wuzun returned to his peak, he had some plans of his own.

The display of might that Lin Fan had shown upon his return was a huge blow for him. He felt as though he was a frog in a well, thinking which, he began making plans.

He wanted to head out of the sect to train. Even if he were to die outside, he would have to try and raise his strength. If he did not crush Lin Fan beneath him, he would never be satisfied. Well, even if he could not take down Lin Fan, the least he wanted to be on even grounds with him. That would soothe his heart at least.

Three days later, Ling Wuzun left the sect. As to where he went, no one knew.

Ten days later…

Lin Fan had fully prepared himself within the sect by now. At the same time, he had gotten wind of some places he could aim for on the Endless Mainland from Qing Yangzi.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu had been accepted as Inner Sect disciples of the sect with their strength of True Immortal state. Lin Fan then entrusted them to Elder Qing Yangzi's care.

At the Sect entrance…

When Qing Yangzi, Qiu Zhanyu, and Jin Zhengu looked at that leaving figure of Lin Fan, they sighed out gently.

"Big Bro is gone now. I wonder when he'll return." Qiu Zhanyu said with reluctance.

"The next time Big Bro returns, he will definitely bring for us an even greater surprise!" Jin Zhengu surmised.

Qing Yangzi's heart was filled with an infinite curiosity as well. He wondered just what sort of surprises Lin Fan would return with the next time.

As for Lin Fan, he was instead over to the Rising Dragon City at this moment. He felt that he ought to go check it out a little.

After all, he had lived there for eleven years no matter what.

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