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The newly recruited disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect were shocked silly.

"Our sect's Senior Brother Lin is way too tyrannical, isn't he?! To think that he would strike out at an elder of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect directly! Just what sort of capabilities does he have?"

"Huehue... Senior Brother Lin is extremely capable. Can't you tell that Senior Brother Lin hasn't even used any mystic skills just yet? All he did was slap down. Who else would have guts like that?"

"It's so nice to have a senior brother like that! If we are ever bullied by anyone in the future, senior brother will definitely help us stand off!"

On the seats of the Grandmasters…

The face of the Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect was looking extremely terrible. But, when he caught sight of how that disciple had dared to challenge their elder, his lips curled into a smirk, "Elder w.a.n.g, just teaching him a small lesson will do. Make sure that you do not take his life."

The position of this Elder w.a.n.g was extraordinary in the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. Otherwise, there was naturally no way he would be accompanying the Grandmaster over to the Heaven and Earth Sect.

With a cultivation state of Golden Immortal realm, he was far from simple. Every single strike of his was absolutely earthshattering. The might of a Golden Immortal could cause the entire world to shake. For a mere Remnant to challenge a Golden Immortal, that was just the former seeking death!

"Don't worry, Grandmaster. I know my limits. Such an arrogant disciple naturally deserves a good lesson. Otherwise, he would die if he were to go out with that att.i.tude." Elder w.a.n.g laughed out coldly. He was already enraged over the fact that this disciple had dared to provoke him.

However, they were in the Heaven and Earth Sect right now. Therefore, he would naturally not take the latter's life. Although, the consequences would be far from normal still. Even if he were to strip this fella of his cultivation state, so what?

The palm above his head wasn't anything flashy, neither was it some type of secret mystic skill. It was just a plain and simple palm strike.

Elder w.a.n.g's face tensed up slightly as a beam of light gushed forth from that Golden Immortal body of his. This was a light beam that could destroy anything that was below the Golden Immortal realm in its path. In a flash, Elder w.a.n.g raised his hand and placed two fingers together. Once Lin Fan was to land, he would undoubtedly destroy the latter's Law and waste him completely.

Qing Yangzi bolted upright as his eyes shone with a look of worry. However, it was all too late right now.

Lin Fan smiled gently as he pushed down with his palm, colliding against that beam of light.

"Huehue... Overestimating your strength." Elder w.a.n.g laughed out in disdain. However, his expression changed all of a sudden.

"Lay down!" Lin Fan called out coldly as he grabbed onto that light beam with his fingers.


A crisp sound rang out. As though it had met with some tremendous impact, the light beam exploded.


"How could this be?" Elder w.a.n.g's face drained of color as the Laws of Golden Immortals within his body burst wildly. To his horror, he realized that there was a boundless might attached to that palm strike, such that no one could defend against it at all!


In that instant, everyone was in a complete daze over the sight before them. It was as though they had just seen a ghost, their faces filled with disbelief.

Lin Fan landed down with his hands behind his back, "Even an elder of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect could only amount to this much. This is pretty disappointing."


"What! That Elder w.a.n.g was a Golden Immortal powerful being!"

"How could this be! How in the world did that fella cultivate! Above True Immortal state is the Mystic Immortal state, above which is the Golden Immortal state. Every single Golden Immortal is a significant powerful being in the world. How can a Remnant of the Heaven and Earth Sect be that strong?"

Ling Wuzun felt his body shivering. He could never catch up, not even with his entire lifetime.

Was this fella even a human or not? How in the world could he even be this strong? Just what had he been through in the past three years to turn this sick?

At this moment, all the Remnants of the Heaven and Earth Sect could clearly feel how wide the gap between them and this person was. Initially, they had thought that being a Remnant was the only thing that was befitting of their strength. But, after witnessing Lin Fan's strength, they realized that their position as Remnants was an utter joke.

On the other side, all disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect were completely frozen as they stood there blankly. In their eyes, he was no longer a human at all.

At this point, no matter how much Lin Fan humiliated them, they could not get enraged at all. This wasn't someone they could stand shoulder to shoulder with! There was a huge gulf between them which they could never ever hope to cross!

Elder w.a.n.g was slapped down onto the ground by Lin Fan's palm strike. That was all a Golden Immortal amounted to in front of him. If not for the sake of the sect, Lin Fan would not have minded killing him. After all, there were still a few experience points to be gained out of that.

"Brazen…!" The Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect could no longer tolerate this anymore as he emanated out a horrifying aura. It was as though he was ready to strike out at any moment to take down Lin Fan.

Han Juntian smiled out calmly and spoke up straightaway, "What now? Do you intend to interfere in the business of the younger generation?"

The voice of Han Juntian had the Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect calming down immediately. He then let out a strange smile, "Oh, how could I do that? Congratulations on the other hand though, Brother Han. The fact that the Heaven and Earth Sect could have such a brilliant genius is your fortune! You MUST definitely protect him properly, alright?"

"That's of course. The Heaven and Earth Sect will naturally protect him properly. However, for this matter, I suppose that I, Han Juntian, have got to account for it properly." Han Juntian chuckled out slightly before turning over to Lin Fan, "Lin Fan, hurry and apologize to Grandmaster Tai, won't you?"

Lin Fan chuckled out as well as he raised his head, "Oh, my apologies, Grandmaster Tai! I had not expected that this precious elder of your sect would be so pathetically weak. Had I known that was the case, I would not have been so hard with my strike."

"Doesn't matter. There's nothing to begrudge when their skills are weaker." Tai Qiantian put on a huge forced smile as though he was magnanimous. However, the fury within him was practically enough to incinerate the entire world. If not for that fact that he had to consider his position, he would have long suppressed Lin Fan.

"Grandmaster, if there's nothing else, your disciple will return to his peak first." Lin Fan spoke up.

"Alright." Han Juntian smiled out. His heart was naturally joyous right now; their face had been fought back and restored.

Lin Fan felt that this place was really boring as he brought Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu back to his peak. When the Heaven and Earth Sect's disciples watched their Senior Brother Lin leaving, their eyes shone with a look of reverence.

He was simply way too tyrannical, truly the role model of their times!

They did not hope to be the exact same as their Senior Brother Lin. But, as long as they could even have ten percent of his strength, they would be satisfied.

All thanks to the blessings of Lin Fan, the atmosphere of the entire scene had taken a complete 180-degree change.

The Heaven and Earth Sect was unusually happy. As for the Kunlun G.o.d Sect people, their faces were terrible, having a grim and baleful mood as though they had just swallowed a housefly.

The Grandmaster of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect, Tai Qiantian, stood up, "Brother Han, we'll take our leave first then. Now that the Heaven and Earth Sect has produced a genius of this level, it's truly something that's worth being joyous about and celebrating!"

"You're too kind, too kind. From now on, we will still have to depend on you to take care of us, brother!" Han Juntian's mood was extremely relaxed right now. This was the type of feeling he had aimed for.

At the same time, he felt relief in his heart. Thankfully, that lad had made it back in time. Otherwise, they would have really lost all their face.

After the events this time around, Han Juntian had truly understood that there was quite a big difference between the Remnants of the Heaven and Earth Sect and those of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect. He really had to train them up properly now. Otherwise, they would not be able to hold their ground in the future.

Tai Qiantian did not say anything more. Sweeping his robes, he enveloped all the disciples of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect and dove into the void straight to leave this place.

Right before they left, Tai Qiantian cast a glance far in the distance where Lin Fan had flown off to. This issue was far from over.

After the ma.s.ses of the Kunlun G.o.d Sect took their leave, the disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect roared out in cheers.

"Qing Yangzi! Follow me to the Saint Devil Peak!" Han Juntian spoke up.

Right now, Qing Yangzi had many questions for Lin Fan as well. Therefore, he naturally agreed to it readily, "Alright."

Saint Devil Peak…

Lin Fan was back to the place he was familiar with.

"Big Bro, is this your mountain peak here?" Qiu Zhanyu asked.

"Yes." Lin Fan nodded his head.

This time around, the main reason for his return was to clarify some stuff before heading out to explore the world outside for yet another round.

After all, raising one's strength was of paramount importance. He could not allow any delays in that task.

But just at this moment, raindrops suddenly poured down from the void above out of nowhere!

Drip, drop, pitter patter!

"It's raining…!" Qiu Zhanyu exclaimed out in astonishment.

Lin Fan stretched out his palm and allowed the rainwater to flow down his body.

There was something different about this rain.

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