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"What's this sh*t?" Lin Fan made a domineering entrance as his powers rumbled out. As he slapped out with his palm, his powers transformed into a gigantic palm that turned that overbearingly arrogant and c.o.c.ky Luo Li into a puddle of blood instantly, the same way he would swat down a fly.

The strength of this Luo Li was pretty decent. Not only that, he had cultivated an unparalleled mystic skill, the Five Qi True Demonic Skill. This was an extremely difficult skill to cultivate, and would require the Power of the Five Qi.

As for the Power of the Five Qi, it would only be formed under fixed circ.u.mstances by the living beings of the world.

In the case of Luo Li's group, they chose to cultivate the lowest form of the Five Qi, which is to utilize the Five Qi of mere mortals to aid his cultivation. If they could invoke wars between powerful beings, the Five Qi emanated out would be even more horrifying. In the end, that would cause their Five Qi True Demonic Skill to turn extremely heaven revolting.

But, given the strength of Luo Li and his group, how could they have the capabilities to incite any form of war between powerful beings?

"Sh*t like this isn't worth my time." Lin Fan stood in the void and spread out his palm, taking in the aura that was emanated out of Luo Li and gathering it in his palm.

Sensing it, he could only let out a look of disdain—simple and plain Five Qi, the lowest form of all kinds of Five Qi.


Lin Fan gripped his fingers together exploded the Qi immediately.

"Big Bro!" Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were both so emotional right now that tears were almost flowing down their faces. Now that their Big Bro ha awakened, their lives from this point forth would definitely be much more relaxed!

"Now, you both fellas! Why did you bury me underground?" Lin Fan snorted out coldly. However, he did not have the intention of blaming both of them. Looking at everything before him right now, he already knew what was happening.

"Big Bro, it's a long story!" Both Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu sighed out as though they had a lot of troubles in their minds but did not where they should start from.

"Alright, that'll do! Settle the situation here first before talking about it." Lin Fan's gaze was focused ahead as he took a step forth.

Luo Li's junior brother stood in the void with his eyes wide open like those of a cow. He was shivering uncontrollably as sweat poured down his forehead like beads of water.

His mind was entirely filled with the scene from earlier on. His senior brother had simply been slapped to death by this person, leaving behind not even a single sc.r.a.p!

Just who in the world was this person? How could he be this formidable!

At this moment, Lin Fan appeared beside him. It seemed as though even time stood still in the void right now.

The only things that could be heard were saliva being gulped down and the bobbing of one's throat.

An aura of imminent death shrouded him as his hands and feet turned icy cold. It was as though he had just met the most horrifying existence in this entire world.

"Aren't you quite the brazen one?" Lin Fan stood beside him and spoke with a soft, calm tone that was neither happy nor angry. However, there was an implied meaning hidden within those words, 'You think you're really strong, aren't you?'

The junior brother felt his throat clamp up for a moment as his mouth went dry. Both his hands were trembling right now as he truly wanted to resist. However, for some reason, it felt as though his entire body was being rooted on the spot by some ridiculous aura, rendering him totally immobile.

"I am…!" He wanted to declare the name of his sect so that the other party would fear him. However, before he was even finished with his words, an extremely sharp Sword Will pierced through his body.

"I don't care which sect you are from. None of that matters to me." Lin Fan spoke up indifferently as his Sword Will streaked throughout the entire place, mincing the ant beside him into shreds immediately. In fact, even the Laws of True Immortals within his body were shattered before turning into pure powers and fusing back into the Heaven and Earth.

He was simply way too weak, so Lin Fan gained no experience points at all.

With the death of the Luo Brothers, a series of black mist floated out from amidst those soldiers of the Yue Country who were just like wild beasts right now. It was as though this black mist was some sort of a Demonic G.o.d that was possessing them, now evaporating into nothingness.

As though they had just lost every last bit of strength they possessed, those soldiers from the Yue Country collapsed onto the ground, crippled.

Lin Fan lowered his head and took a glance while revealing a smile of contempt on his lips.

"To think that they would resort to such cheap and underhanded tricks."

He had already seen through the fact that those two were using mystic skills to invoke the potential within these mortal soldiers. As a result, their Essence, Spirit, and Vitality burned up furiously before being expended completely, causing them to lose their lifeforce as well.

This was an evil mystic skill.

However, it seemed as though the Luo Brothers did not have the intention of letting these soldiers of the Yue Country head back alive in the first place. They must have wanted them all to die here and be converted into the purest form of Five Qi to supply their cultivation.

But at this moment, the one who was the most taken aback was Feng Yanyun. She knew that the Big Bro of these two had been in slumber the entire time. By now, it had been a full three years.

Initially, she had thought that the reason why he was in slumber was that he must have received some substantial mental blow or something. With that, she didn't think that he could be THAT strong either. But at this moment, she truly understood the reality.

How was this even strong anymore? This was plain horrific!

"Your Big Bro…" Feng Yanyun did not know what to say any longer.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu let out a proud smile, "Our Big Bro is extremely strong! With him around, there's nothing to fear at all!"

This was an unshakable trust.

This was the case even with the Heaven and Earth Net being in possession of the Old Master Inferno Requiem. Even under such circ.u.mstances, they weren't fearful in the least bit in their hearts. With their Big Bro around, the only path awaiting that fella was that of death.

When she looked up at that upright figure in the void, Feng Yanyun's eyes shone with disbelief.

Unimaginable…This was truly unimaginable!

At this moment, Lin Fan looked up at the Old Master Inferno Requiem, who was in the midst of cultivating the Heaven and Earth Net, as he let out a slight grin.

"Old man, are you trying to cultivate the treasure of my Little Bros?" Lin Fan asked.

The Old Master Inferno Requiem had long noticed what was happening on the scene. However, it did not bother him in the least bit. The fact that the Luo Brothers were both killed wasn't something that had him surprised.

He was a Golden Immortal. Killing those two trashes was something he himself could do in a split second.

"Hmph! I only want this Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon. I will not bother and interfere with you guys. If you know what's good for you, you had better scram off quickly. Otherwise, once I'm done with cultivating this Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon, I'll take you guys to warm my hands!" The Old Master Inferno Requiem barked out.

"HAHAHA!" Lin Fan roared out laughing, "To think that a mere Golden Immortal state lower level being would dare to be so c.o.c.ky! If I were to let someone like you get to Golden Immortal full cultivation state or even higher levels, I'm afraid the world wouldn't have enough s.p.a.ce to hold the ego of an old fart like you by then, would it?"

"Junior! Courting death!" The Old Master Inferno Requiem was enraged as he slapped down with his palm, sending forth an unparalleled mystic skill bursting rampantly.

"Heavenly Inferno Requiem Frost!"

His aura burst forth as an Ominous Qi blanketed the entire world. At the same time, the void seemed to be filling up with a chilling aura instantly. Wherever it pa.s.sed by, everything present froze up. Even the Spirit Qi itself was being locked in ice at this moment.

An extremely bone-chilling aura surged through the Heaven and Earth.

This was an unparalleled mystic skill that could freeze people into ice cubes while sending an Ominous Qi into their bodies. This was no ordinary mystic skill; it was something that only Golden Immortal beings could deploy.

If not for the fact that Lin Fan was around here, Qiu Zhanyu and the others would have long taken in the Ominous Qi into their bodies. With that, the chilling aura would have frozen them up entirely, turning them into living dead men.

"Some capabilities there..." Lin Fan chuckled out. However, in an instant, his lips curled up slightly, "But, it's a pity that it's way too far from enough."


Dimensional Mystic Skill!

With a single flash, Lin Fan appeared in the face of Old Master Inferno Requiem.

When the Old Master, who was busy cultivating the Heaven and Earth Net with his entire force, caught sight of this figure that appeared before him, he was stunned before exclaiming out in astonishment, "You…!"

Lin Fan pointed out with his finger, which seemed as though it was that of a G.o.d.

"Golden Immortal lower level... I guess you've got a little worth to you." Lin Fan smiled out calmly. However, from the Old Master Inferno Requiem's perspective, that casual finger was way too horrifying, making him tremble in fear.

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