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Lin Fan was filled with vigor. Since these people had appeared on his doorsteps on their own accord, he couldn’t let this chance pa.s.s by just like this.

His fragile little heart took a leap though. After all, he was going to be reimbursed for all the missing experience after all this time.

"You’re Lin Fan?" Elder Gu asked sternly. His gaze was sharp as a blade, seemingly able to pierce through one’s heart.

Facing the Elder, Lin Fan coughed, "That’s Yours Truly alright. So, what’s Danding Peak’s purpose for this trip?"

With this, Elder Gu snorted, "Danding Peak is Glory Sect’s to go place for cultivating pills. Nameless Peak has destroyed this long-standing order. I am here to inform you that you guys are to stop cultivating pills from this day on. Otherwise, you’ll bear the consequences."

Elder Gu was as overbearing as one could be. There was no mincing of his words. There was no room for discussion. They just had to accept it.

Upon hearing it, the outer sect disciples grew pale and started whispering amongst themselves, begrudging Danding Peak to its core. But with the Elder present, none of them dared to be rude.

Observing the situation, Li Shun raised his head high and squinted his eyes, as though he was mocking them.

‘Weren’t you guys strong and all just a few days back? And yet now you’ve all withered.’

Lin Fan laughed calmly. Without notice, he shot a death stare at Elder Gu with an intimidating aura, "AUDACIOUS! WHO GAVE YOU THE b.a.l.l.s TO HOLLER SUCH IMPERTINENT TALK IN FRONT OF YOURS TRULY? IN TERMS OF SENIORITY, YOU’RE EVEN MY JUNIOR!"

Zhang Ergou was totally subdued by his Master’s daunting aura. To think that Master had such a menacing side to him. Even in front of Danding Peak’s Elder, he showed no sign of fear and was still so cool. Indeed, this was the man he idolized with his life.

"You…!" Elder Gu’s eyes congealed. He had not expected the enemy to be so impudent. But just as he was about to speak, he was cut short.

"Danding Peak is truly moving backward! As an outer sect Elder of Danding Peak, not only do you not think of ways to improve forward, all you know is to exploit and harm our dear outer sect disciples! Stagnating the growth of young ones in our sect is a huge crime!" Lin Fan lashed out harshly as he reprimanded Elder Gu.

"You dare!" Elder Gu’s face was as furious as he could be. He was boiling with rage from head to toe.

"Hmph, I dare? Of course, I f*cking dare! You lot are gathering here on Nameless Peak and causing a ruckus. Do you want a war with us? Instead of refining your own pills cultivating skills, all you do is think of ways to steal from our disciples. Utterly despicable!"

"Ten sets of ingredients for one serving! Skills like these are befitting only for dogs! Even beginners in the art of pill cultivating can do that!"

"1 pot of pills serving and you collect 60%+? You have the cheek to commit such robbery in broad daylight?!" Lin Fan was overflowing with dominance as he lambasted Elder Gu while pointing at him.

The surrounding outer sect disciples cheered in their hearts. Junior Master Lin had spoken their heart’s truths.

Elder Gu’s face was flushed red, his chest bobbing up and down rapidly, "What do you know! Cultivating pills is something that causes immense mental and physical fatigue! It’s a ch.o.r.e to my mental self! Even within the herbs, there are those with weaker or stronger properties! One serving for ten sets is very normal! Stop your slander!"

Elder Gu was thoroughly frenzied. The man in front of him was way too insolent. He had to teach him a proper lesson today.

"Ha. Ha." Lin Fan laughed coldly, "Mental and physical fatigue? Ten sets for one serving? C’mon, stop pushing the blame from your pathetic skills towards the herb’s fault! Clowns, open your dog eyes and see for yourself how a true master does it!’

Flicking his robes aside, Lin Fan stretched out his right hand, palm facing the skies. A flame popped up within his palm, burning with such intensity that it distorted the surrounding air.

The appearance of this flame was the natural ability of the system’s pill cultivating skill.

Looking at Lin Fan’s hands, everyone in the vicinity dropped their jaws.

None of them had ever seen how Junior Master Lin made the pills. Being able to see it live, naturally, everyone was excited to the max.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were the same. While they had been by Master Lin’s side for quite a while, they were yet to witness the pill cultivating process. Being able to see it with their very eyes, both of them leaped with joy in their hearts.

"Hmph, Yours Truly will cultivate a pot of Suyuan Pills for you boys to see how a real master does it."

Lin Fan drew out a bag of ingredients from his storage and threw it within the dancing flame.

Once the ingredients touched the flame, they began floating gently above it, as though energy was encompa.s.sing them.

Slowly, the ingredients began to melt, and a warm glow shot out from within them with a fragrant aroma.

Ten Suyuan pills appeared floating above his palm, glowing with a bright white light and a fragrant aroma.

n.o.body could believe their eyes. This…the pills were made just like this! How was this possible!

Elder Gu was dumbfounded at the scene with his jaws gaping. He evidently had something to say from his heart, but he did not know what he could say at this point.

"Hmph, look closely now." Lin Fan snorted coldly and threw the ten pills at Elder Gu’s face.

‘Piak! Piak!’

One by one, the pills. .h.i.t Elder Gu’s face. He picked up one and pinched it, and his expression was even paler than before.

This pill…this!

Elder Gu could not believe that it was all real. Since when was there such a technique for creating pills!

"No…you stop with your trickery! Once again you are set out to humiliate us from Danding Peak. Today, I shall let you know of Danding Peak’s prowess!" Elder Gu turned his shame into rage. Raising his fist and gathering True Energy, he dashed towards Lin Fan.


Just then, three men appeared in the skies.

Elder Gu took a closer look and stopped in shock. He retraced his True Energy immediately and landed towards the ground.

Lin Fan laughed coldly. Whoever came was not going to save you. You think that you can just come to Nameless Peak as and when you like and do as you please?

‘I’ll give you a good reminder of this day so that you’ll never do it again.’

Lin Fan stepped forward. In the direction of Elder Gu’s landing, he slammed fiercely in at his crotch area.

‘Ding…Congratulations on defeating pericelestial level 1 Elder Gu!’

‘Ding…Congratulations. ‘Ball Kicking’ has leveled up.’


The skies changed color and a tragic cry shook the Nameless Peak.

Everyone in the area focused their gazes. This tragic cry shattered their soul, as though the owner of the voice had experienced the worst pain possible in this world.

Ye Shaotian, who was standing nearby, trembled. This kick was familiar, as was the sound of the tragic cry.

‘Ball Kicking’ was a fatal hit. Without much hesitation, Lin Fan turned towards the skies and cupped his fists, "Greetings, Grand Master."

The surrounding disciples followed suit upon realizing what was happening and echoed, "Greetings, Grand Master!"

"Senior Elder!"

Amongst those three people, Lin Fan knew two of them. One was the Grand Master, and the other was Senior Elder Wuya. The last one was not somebody he knew.

But he supposed that it was probably a Senior Elder as well.

Just that, why was the Grand Master here? Could it be over the matter of Danding Peak?

Elder Gu laid crippled on the ground, hands covering his crotch with his face pale as a sheet and wailing tragically.

Li Shun too was trembling. He had personally experienced the kick, and it was painful. Very painful.

That sort of pain was not one a mere human could endure.

Like a tidal wave, the pain crashed and crashed and crashed, taking one all the way up…to the epitome of pain.

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