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"Complete void of desires! Mixed into a single body!"

A voice that was more demonic than demons and viler than vile arose from within the sealed mountain.


'Incinerate the pure essence energy of one's life!'

After being held captive here for dozens of thousands of years, the Selfless Demon Ancestor's strength had long been suppressed down completely. This was especially the case after he was scammed by Lin Fan. Every bit of power that he had acc.u.mulated was basically expended entirely by now.

But to think that he would be willing to expend that most precious essence energy of his very own life! This was something that was entirely unexpected.

The Demonic Qi was torrential right now as a demonic intent that pierced through across all of ancient times streaked through the void before slaying out at the palm of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.


The palm was instantly sliced apart, and Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu dropped down onto the ground below.

Seizing the opportunity, Lin Fan roared out furiously as the Eternal Axe in his hands sliced through the entire void. Bringing every single last bit of energy with it, it cleaved out at the portion of the void where the Boundless Future Buddha Lord was present.


The impact was colossal and frightening as the void currents went berserk and coiled the entire world.

"d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n IT! SELFLESS DEMON ANCESTOR! TO THINK THAT YOU WOULD…!" The figure of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord turned into dust particles that scattered into the rest of the world and disappeared all of a sudden.

Lin Fan breathed heavily. A single hand of his was pushing against the ground to support himself while sweat poured down his forehead continuously.

That single strike earlier on had expended everything he had.

"Selfless Demon Ancestor! To think that you would actually help me!" Lin Fan raised his head and looked over at the sealed mountain with an astonished look.

He had not expected that at the very last moment, the Selfless Demon Ancestor would have been the one to help him out. Otherwise, this would not have been the outcome right now.

"To the bitter end!"

The Selfless Demon Ancestor within the sealed mountain said nothing else except for those four words. Thereafter, the entire place fell silent.

Lin Fan did not know what the situation was right now. However, he did not care too much about it either.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu rushed up to him.

"Big Bro, are you alright?" The two of them were somewhat nervous, not knowing what was going on here.

"Big Bro! How was my acting just now?" Qiu Zhanyu laughed out.

Lin Fan was slightly stunned as he turned around and looked at Qiu Zhanyu, "Acting?"

"That's right! To think that that fella would dare to threaten our Big Bro! Does he not know that we have the Damage Leaving Pill left for us by our Big Bro?" Qiu Zhanyu said out as though he wasn't affected by the entire affair at all.

When Lin Fan heard that, he could not help but give a bitter laugh. That was no act right there! It was really a life and death situation! If not for the Selfless Demon Ancestor stepping in to help, this might not have been the outcome at all.

Even that full powered strike of his might not have done much damage to the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

Right now, Lin Fan did not have any power within his body anymore. Every cell of his was completely drained and empty.

"That was no act just now. That was a truly powerful being there." Lin Fan said.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were stumped for a moment before recovering to their senses, deciding not to think too much about it, "Big Bro, what should we do now then?"

"Leave this place first." Lin Fan took in a deep breath as the Mythical Parasol Tree churned out, sending a rush of lifeforce to try and make up for the lost powers within his body.

The Heaven and Earth Smelt that had been traveling through the endless worlds finally appeared, and Lin Fan kept it within his storage.

At the same time, he finally understood things: seemed like there was a weakness to the Heaven and Earth Smelt as well.

One Flower, One World... For someone to cast his Heaven and Earth Smelt out into the infinite worlds out there, this was something that Lin Fan had experienced for the first time.

However, what Lin Fan could not get was why the Selfless Demon Ancestor would choose to help him at the very end.

Was it all because he was determined to fight the Boundless Future Buddha Lord to the bitter end?

But right now, even if the Selfless Demon Ancestor had not rendered his a.s.sistance, Lin Fan was going to go at it with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord all the way as well.

That mother*cking dogsh*t! How dare he threaten Yours Truly? If Lin Fan did not take him down mercilessly, Lin Fan would not be able to live with himself.

Taking one last look at the sealed mountain, Lin Fan did not hesitate anymore and took Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu to leave the place.


Lin Fan sat down cross-legged. This time around, the losses were tremendous. It would be difficult if he wanted to recover in just a short while.

"Let us out!"

"d.a.m.n it! Just who are you guys?"

At this moment, there were many beings of the Demon Dao that were trapped in the Heaven and Earth Net. The moment they came out of the place, they were caught by the net. Under the suppression of this Supreme Grade Immortal Treasure, there was just no way they could get out at all.

"Big Bro, what should we do about them?" Qiu Zhanyu asked.

Lin Fan looked at those people and pillaged them immediately, leaving them with no sc.r.a.ps at all. At the same time, to prevent unnecessary problems, he killed them as well.

Right now, Lin Fan's cultivation state was already at Golden Immortal state. The strength of these guys was far too weak, and could not give him too many experience points.

Before his powers had recovered, Lin Fan was sure that he would not bring forth unnecessary problems for himself. That was the reason why he killed them.

And just as Lin Fan was prepared to focus all his attention toward his recovery, his face changed all of a sudden.


The arm that he had regrown after severing it during the fight with the Boundless Future Buddha Lord suddenly had a strange change happening to it!

A brilliant golden Buddhist light seeped out of Lin Fan's arm, somewhat covertly.

At the same time, a grim voice rang out, "Buddha is merciful. You have already relegated to a state of reincarnation."

When Lin Fan heard this voice, he was immediately startled. To think that this Boundless Future Buddha Lord would be so difficult to deal with!

Lin Fan had clearly sent him retreating, and yet he was able to leave this attack of his behind still!

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord! You're b.l.o.o.d.y looking for death!" Lin Fan raged out in his heart.

"HAHA! I shall accompany you by your side till I descend once more!" The voice of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord rang out. This was an unparalleled mystic skill that allowed him to reside within Lin Fan's body. No matter where Lin Fan would head to, he would always be under the control of this thing.

"d.a.m.n it! Yours Truly isn't an existence which you can taint! Boundless dreamlands! Triple Lifetime Reincarnation!"

Lin Fan roared out as a mysterious intent surged out from him ferociously.

"Qiu Zhanyu! Jin Zhengu! The both of you cover me to leave this place!" Lin Fan did not waste time in talking about useless stuff as he entered the Triple Lifetime Reincarnation state immediately.

"Big Bro?" Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were lost right now. But, by the time they came to a realization of the situation, they realized that their Big Bro had already closed his eyes shut. His aura was getting weaker gradually, as though he was slowly turning into a living dead man right now.

"Big Bro, what's wrong with you?" Qiu Zhanyu hurried over to Lin Fan's side while asking.

"If Big Bro wants us to get him out of this place, something must have happened! Let us leave!" Jin Zhengu said.

Straightaway, the rotund and plump Qiu Zhanyu piggybacked Lin Fan and looked around in all directions.

"That direction! I know it's safer there! Let us head over there!" Qiu Zhanyu remarked.

Jin Zhengu nodded his head and retracted the Heaven and Earth Net thereafter. He then dove into the void immediately and flew out into the distance.

After flying and leaving the vicinity of that place earlier on, both of them landed down from the void in a huff.

"Let us walk for the remaining way. Otherwise, I'm afraid that things might get really dangerous up in the void." Qiu Zhanyu suggested.

"Yes." Jin Zhengu nodded his head in agreement. He knew that if they had continued traveling through the void the entire time, there was a greater risk.

After all, their strength wasn't all that strong. If they were to continue staying in the void and somehow b.u.mped into a powerful being, they would definitely have their path forward blocked by the other party. By then, things would definitely get troublesome.

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