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"Obstinately persistent in your errors... With that, you ought to be cast into the Endless Abyssal h.e.l.ls."

The mighty voice boomed out as that boundless Buddhist power filled the entire world.

Under this golden finger, Lin Fan felt like an ant. However, even if he was an ant, so what? Even if he wasn't a match for this guy, he still had to give it his all!

His will surged as his fighting strength was unparalleled right now. At this moment, Lin Fan's eyes turned serious while that absolutely dauntless spirit of his radiated throughout the world.


A punch that contained his fullest strength was sent forth.


The devastating power tore through everything and slammed over, causing that punch of Lin Fan to disintegrate and disperse just like dust.


Lin Fan's heart skipped a beat. He could feel that boundless strength ripping in through his right arm as though it wanted to infiltrate his body and lay ruins to it entirely.


Without any hesitation, Lin Fan's right arm exploded off immediately.

"Oh, lost sheep in the seas of torments… Repent and you shall be saved."

Even after severing his right arm, Lin Fan could not stop the relentless a.s.sault from the Boundless Future Buddha Lord as a Buddhist voice descended down from the sky and shrouded him within.

This Buddhist voice possessed a power of Purification within it, as though it wanted to purify Lin Fan.

'd.a.m.n it!' Lin Fan yelped out in his heart. To think that this Boundless Future Buddha Lord would be this ruthless!

"You want to purify Your Daddy? You've got to be b.l.o.o.d.y dreaming!" Lin Fan roared out.

"Great Buddha's Light of Purification!"

"All living beings in the world carry a Bodhisattva heart by nature!"

Within the Buddha race, the most profound mystic skill to cultivate of all was this right here. With a Golden Buddha encircling him, Bodhisattvas looked down onto the ma.s.ses of the world.


A brilliant golden light shone out, seeming bedazzling beyond comparison.


An exclamation of astonishment rang out.

"Heavenly Lord Xin Feng is able to take in all the endless mystic skills. This is a mystic skill that stems from the Buddha race, and yet surpa.s.ses it! To think that a mere mortal such as yourself would know of this mystic skill! But, it's a pity that your cultivation of it is not perfect enough!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord exclaimed out before revealing a tone of disdain.

"You are the Boundless Future Buddha Lord?" Lin Fan breathed out heavily as he raised his head and looked at the endless void. However, he could not catch sight of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord's figure.

"Mortal, I am the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. Repent, and you shall be saved. You have already descended into the boundless Avici. Let me be the one to salvage you and bring you out of that sea of torment." The voice of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord sounded metallic.

"F*ck your mother's a*s! Your Daddy doesn't need the salvation of anyone!" Lin Fan hollered out as the Mythical Parasol Tree within his body rumbled out furiously, causing a boundless amount of lifeforce to surge out. The severed right arm was regrown once again.

"Very well! Doesn't need the salvation of anyone... Your Ancestor loves that reply of yours! The Boundless Future Buddha Lord is a despicable person to begin with! Hahaha…!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor who was trapped in the sealed mountain roared out with laughter.

"Hmph! Selfless Buddha Ancestor, you have already been sealed here by me for dozens of thousands of years by now. But, you have yet to come to a realization. Unless you're waiting for me to kill you for real before you're pleased, are you?" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord questioned harshly.

"Haha! Don't come acting now! It's only now that I understood the truth. I suppose you aren't living too good of a life either, are you? Your Ancestor has been wondering why you hadn't come to kill me for the past so many years. But now I know... It's because your true self can't head over, right? I presume that you must have suffered quite a consequential loss in that duel back then, eh?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor burst out in laughter once more.

It was as though the Selfless Demon Ancestor had seen through every single trick and ploy of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord right now.

"Hmph, demon!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord scoffed out coldly.

"So what if I'm a demon? As the Selfless Demon Ancestor, I've let a life of integrity, owning up to everything I do. If I killed your entire family, I would admit to it and not try to backstab anyone else. As for you, Boundless Future Buddha Lord? All you do is mess around with the hearts of others and deceive the ma.s.ses. Look at those few who trusted you and ended up being scapegoats for you to sacrifice! But, it's a pity that your outcome will be nowhere decent either! Utmost Heavenly Lord state? You will never be able to come close to it in your life! HAHAHAH…!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor laughed out contemptuously.

"SHUT UP!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord felt his heart surge with fury. He did not want to waste his breath with the Selfless Demon Ancestor any longer.

Lin Fan stood there breathing in deeply while trying to recover the powers he had lost.

Strong… This was truly, extremely strong!

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord was so darned strong… Lin Fan was certain that he was no match for the former. His heart felt like being hit by a surging tidal wave, especially after hearing the words of the Selfless Demon Ancestor.

To think that this wasn't even the true body of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord! If the true body were to come forth, how strong would that be then?

Perhaps, a single look would be enough for him to take down Lin Fan himself!

He must absolutely not die here. Absolutely not!

"Heaven and Earth Smelt! Return!"

At this moment, Lin Fan shouted out, wanting to summon the Heaven and Earth Smelt back to him.

But, how could the Boundless Future Buddha Lord allow Lin Fan to do as he wished?

He pointed out at the void with his finger.

One Flower, One World…

Millions of flowers blossomed out and interlinked countless of worlds together. To think that the Heaven and Earth Smelt would be trapped within them!

"Mortal, it's time for you to convert." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord sighed out gently as a boundless Buddha power surged forth from the Heavens and crushed down toward Lin Fan.

"Convert your mother! Your Daddy will never ever convert over to anyone!" Lin Fan had not expected that things would turn out as such.

"Heaven and Earth Sutra!"

Lin Fan yelled out as the Heaven and Earth Sutra that was imprinted on his back burst forth with a blinding brilliance before transforming into a series of distorted text characters.

"Lad, if you don't wish to die, hold on steady! He will not be able to last for that long either!" The enemy of an enemy was a friend after all, so the Selfless Demon Ancestor advised out.

Lin Fan was slightly taken aback for a moment. Without any hesitation, he channeled out his powers as the Heaven and Earth Sutra's text characters wrapped themselves around him and protected him thoroughly.

When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord caught sight of those text characters, his face changed slightly, "Just what are you to the Heavenly Lord Xin Feng?! How are you in possession of the Heaven and Earth Sutra as well?"

Lin Fan laughed out coldly, "If Yours Truly is your daddy, then Heavenly Lord Xin Feng must be your grandfather then!"

"COURTING DEATH!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord bellowed out as his palm encompa.s.sed the entire sky. That golden Buddha palm suppressed every single thing in the area, and even an imprint of a swastika was visible on it!


Quakes rippled out as the entire piece of sky seemed about to collapse at any moment.


Lin Fan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The Heaven and Earth Sutra wrapped around his body disappeared instantly. Even if this wasn't the true body of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord that had descended, it still wasn't something that Lin Fan could possibly handle.

This Boundless Future Buddha Lord had surpa.s.sed everything he knew of. Given his current strength, there was no way he could possibly withstand it.

The Boundless Future Buddha Lord came to a stop as though he had no more moves left.

However, the frightening power of his was still gathered all over the place without disappearing, as though awaiting the final moment.

"Come at me if you've got the guts! If Your Daddy blinks even once, I'll take on your surname instead!" Lin Fan shouted out.

But at this moment, something that shocked Lin Fan happened.

A Buddhist palm appeared between the Heaven and Earth all of a sudden!

And on that Buddhist palm were two figures.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu!

Both of them were still in a daze right now. Weren't they doing alright outside just moments earlier? How were they sent here all of a sudden?

"Big Bro…!" When Qiu Zhanyu caught sight of Lin Fan, he rushed up immediately. However, that Buddha palm closed up and trapped the two of them within the center of its palm.

"Do you wish for them to die?" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord spoke up.

"You…!" Lin Fan had not expected that this Boundless Future Buddha Lord would be this devious!

"Boundless Future Buddha Lord! You are as despicable as always! Why did the Infinite Buddha Ancestor decide to save you back then? I'm afraid he must be regretting immensely right now as well. You are a complete humiliation of his legacy!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor spoke up.

"Demon Ancestor, you can shut up now. He is no longer existent. For all eternity from now on, he shall reincarnate within this Buddha heart of mine." The Boundless Future Buddha Lord laughed out.

"Mortal! Lay down your sins and repent, and you shall become a Buddha! With that, I can spare your life! Otherwise, prepare to watch both of them vanishing into smoke!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord demanded.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu had not understood what was going on at the start. But at this moment, it all became clear to them.

Someone was using them to threaten their Big Bro!

Lin Fan laughed out before turning around to glare at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord, "You fear me…"

"Fear? I am never afraid of anyone!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord replied.

"If you do not fear, there is no way you would resort to using such underhanded techniques!" Lin Fan continued.


Suddenly, Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu shrieked out tragically, "IT HURTS…!"

"Lay down your sins and repent, and you shall become a Buddha. Otherwise, prepare to enter an endless state of reincarnation!" The boundless voice of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord rang out once more as though this was his ultimatum right now.

Lin Fan stood there and raised his head with an extremely sharp gaze, "Even if you are stronger than me, so what? You still have to resort to these cheap tricks to get at me!"

"I, Lin Fan, shall never ever be threatened by anyone!"

"QIU ZHANYU! JIN ZHENGU!" Lin Fan roared out.

"Big Bro…!" The both of them looked at Lin Fan.

"I HOPE THAT YOU GUYS DO NOT BLAME YOUR BIG BRO! AFTER YOU GUYS DIE, EVEN IF I HAVE TO PAY WITH MY LIFE, BIG BRO WILL TAKE REVENGE FOR YOU GUYS!" Lin Fan screamed out madly. He knew that even if he were to bow down right now, his outcome would still be the same nevertheless. He might as well fight it out to the bitter end.

"Big Bro! We are not afraid! I, Qiu Zhanyu, had never once thought that I would ever turn this important one day! To think that I could be used as a hostage to threaten you with, Big Bro!"

"I, Jin Zhengu, as well! Hehe!"

At this moment, both Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu started laughing out. It felt as though everything was worthwhile right now. That laughter of theirs bore no regrets in it, and came from the bottom of their hearts.

Lin Fan looked over at the Boundless Future Buddha Lord before lowering his head. He took out the Eternal Axe and muttered in his mouth.

"Even if I have to pay with everything I have, I will kill you."

That sharp gaze of Lin Fan turned frenzied all of a sudden as the powers within his body started boiling like scorching lava. Every single fragment of power within his body was converged onto this Eternal Axe at this moment.

A brilliant glare flashed and extended out just like a banner.

Every drop of Essence Blood within Lin Fan's body started exploding out before being converted into the most berserk power possible.

"I, Lin Fan, and everyone who follows me, are all dauntless beings unafraid of death! You, the Boundless Future Buddha Lord… you are nothing more than a clown in my eyes! Even if I can't kill you today, I will definitely kill you one fine day! Heavenly Lord and whatnot? Through all ancient times and whatnot? ANYONE WHO DARES TO SOW A SEED OF VENGEANCE WITH ME, LIN FAN, SHALL FIGHT WITH ME TILL THE BITTER END!"


The bright light flashed out and transcended everything before bolting out and attacking the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

"Courting death!" The Boundless Future Buddha Lord snorted out coldly.

"HAHAHA! Lad, you better remember these words of yours! To the bitter end…!" At this moment, the Selfless Demon Ancestor burst out into a wild laughter as the sealed mountain started to quake and tremble out violently.

"You…!" When the Boundless Future Buddha Lord sensed this, his heart skipped a beat as though he could not believe what was happening.

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