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Even though the Selfless Demon Ancestor did not know just what was up with this smelt, he knew that anything that could withstand that palm strike of his must definitely be far from ordinary.

And now that this ant had suddenly decided to return here halfway through and take out the treasure once more, it must definitely be for nothing good.



Right now, the Selfless Demon Ancestor decided to place his trust in the powers of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. This was a seal set down by THE Boundless Future Buddha Lord! What sort of treasure could be stronger than the Boundless Future Buddha Lord himself?


A berserk laughter rang out into the sky as his face was filled with contempt.

"Ant! Do you think that you will be able to break through the seal of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord with just your capabilities? You're looking overestimating your own strength!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor roared out in laughter. He had lost too much of his life's Essence Energy. And, the one to be blamed for all of that was this accursed fella here!

"Hmph! Whether or not I'm overestimating myself will be revealed soon enough. Also, can you stop trembling while talking?" Lin Fan replied with contempt as he placed his palms together and roared out.

"Heaven and Earth Smelt! Refine everything in the world!"


The ground quaked out and reverberated across all of s.p.a.ce-time.

All of a sudden, a tremendous suction force burst forth from the Heaven and Earth Smelt.


The G.o.dly Heaven and Earth Smelt crushed down slowly as the opening of the smelt seemed to be filled with some demonic power right now.

Covered completely!

When Lin Fan caught sight of this scene before him, his heart leaped with joy. Pleasurable! This was way too pleasurable! This was exactly what he wanted to see!

After the Heaven and Earth Smelt covered the sealed mountain, it gradually began to cage down even further.

"Impossible! This is absolutely impossible…!" At this moment, the Selfless Demon Ancestor cried out wildly as though he had just b.u.mped into a ghost.

He could feel the sealed mountain being enveloped right now!

The power of refinement which could smelt every single living being in the world burst forth. Even with the Selfless Demon Ancestor suppressed within, he could feel this power that was emanating out.

The power was boundless and horrifying, rendering one entirely incapable of resisting against it.

"HAHAHA…!" Lin Fan roared out in laughter, feeling ecstatic in his heart right now.

He had not thought that the Heaven and Earth Smelt could have really swallowed this entire sealed mountain whole! If it were to devour everything, it would be able to suppress the Selfless Demon Ancestor entirely. By then, the amount of experience points gained would be something that Lin Fan could not even begin to dare imagine.

That would definitely be a sea of experience points!

What could a Golden Immortal state amount to by then? As long as the Selfless Demon Ancestor were to die, the experience points would be enough for him to ascend to the skies!

Even transcending beyond the Golden Immortal state wouldn't be something difficult at all.

"STOP IT! YOUR ANCESTOR DEMANDS YOU TO STOP IT!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor could feel as though the smelt was just like a wild beast right now that was slowly devouring the sealed mountain. If he were to allow this to carry on, there would really be no other way out!

d.a.m.n it!

The Selfless Demon Ancestor wanted to resist, but it was all for naught.

Being sealed here, he had no way of fighting back at all. Any form of resistance would be futile.

Lin Fan was euphoric right now. 'It's done! It's finally going to be done!'

These ocean-like experience points were about to come into his hands right now!

But just at this moment, a strange phenomenon happened.


A Buddhist chant rang out across the world as a mighty power of Buddhist nature coiled out through the Heavens and Earth. Piercing out from the deepest layers of the void, a series of golden beams of light shot from the clouds before shining down onto the world.

"What's this sh*t?" When Lin Fan caught sight of the situation before him, he was stunned. It was as though he had not accounted for this hiccup to happen.

"Haha! Boundless Future Buddha Lord, you have finally appeared! Let Your Ancestor out! It's already been dozens of thousands of years now! Just what do you want from me?" When the Selfless Demon Ancestor caught sight of this situation, he suddenly hollered out. The boundless demonic voice of his reverberated through the void. But, when it clashed with that power of Buddhist nature, it dissipated away like smoke.

It was as though the power was purified away.


A mighty sound boomed out of the void as a gigantic golden hand penetrated through everything in its way and made its slow descent down from the Heavens.

The gigantic hand radiated with a golden gleam. At the same time, there was an unstoppable Buddhist power that was emanating from it.


The Buddhist palm landed down onto the Heaven and Earth Smelt as though it was trying to stop it.

Suddenly, Lin Fan could feel a tremendous power that was slamming down onto the Heaven and Earth Smelt. This power was boundless; just the aftershock alone was something that Lin Fan could barely resist.

So strong! This was simply way too strong!


The void exploded as the Buddhist palm used more strength furiously, wanting to wrest over control of the Heaven and Earth Smelt. However, the Heaven and Earth Smelt was a product of the System. How could it be controlled by someone else this easily?

Even if the Buddhist power was immensely tremendous, it still could not deal any pressure onto the Heaven and Earth Smelt.


The mighty voice was transmitted over once more. It was as though the voice was startled over the strength of the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

Lin Fan's heart was slumped right now. Each time, there would always be someone who'd interfere at the most critical moment.

The sealed mountain was just about to be caged up right before his eyes, and by then, he would be able to refine the Selfless Demon Ancestor into an ocean worth of experience points. How could he just let someone come and destroy this at this moment?

No way! Absolutely no way! Even if it were an invincible, powerful being, they wouldn't be able to stop the actions of Your Daddy!


Lin Fan roared out and went at it with his life. No matter who they were, they would not be able to stand in the way of Your Daddy's will!



The Heaven and Earth Smelt burst forth with a formidable power of refinement. The Buddhist palm that was trying to control the Smelt was blown away violently.

"How could this be!?" When the Selfless Demon Ancestor caught sight of this scene before him, his heart skipped a beat as though he was in disbelief.

Horrifying! This was an endless amount of horror he could feel right here! He had already realized that the Buddhist palm was the palm of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord. But, to think that it would be blown away! How could this be?

"Unlimited future! Stop it now."

At this moment, a boundless Buddhist voice crushed down. At the same time, there was an extremely thick golden finger that tore through the Heaven and Earth and suppressed down on Lin Fan.

The finger was enlarging continuously in Lin Fan's eyes as every single pa.s.sing moment brought it ever closer to him.

Even though it had yet to arrive before him, the power that had penetrated through everything had already descended upon his head.

'He means to kill me!'

Lin Fan was taken aback in his heart as his entire back was filled with sweat. He had not thought that such a powerful being would come and c.o.c.kblock in the middle of everything!

"All powers, return to home! The Heavens and Earth shall reunite as one!"

Lin Fan hollered out without thinking twice. The powers within his body started rumbling out. However, that frightening power was still crushing down everything and pressuring onto Lin Fan's body.

"Source of Power! Using Power as the Dao!"

"Unparalleled Sword Will! Using the Swords as the Saint!"

Lin Fan's eyes were focused right now as his powers were channeled to the maximum. This was the Boundless Future Buddha Lord right here. Even though he had wanted Lin Fan to stop in his actions, he did not stop with his own. This meant that he wanted to take Lin Fan down for real!

The Source of Power that was imparted to Lin Fan by the Demonic G.o.d Pangu burst out at this moment. At the same time, a boundless Sword Will streaked through the infinite worlds and converged down onto his body. The Laws of the Golden Immortals within his body were all gushing out as well.

Right now, Lin Fan's powers had reached a maximum threshold. This was a horrifying state he was in right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan sank into a mysterious state of perception.

He lifted his hand gently. Even though that hand looked plain and normal as though it did not possess any force to it, it was something that no one should look down upon.

Lin Fan's eyes jerked wide open in the next moment as a sharp glint flashed across the entire world.

"Your Daddy shall duel the entire Heaven and Earth without any fear!"


Lin Fan howled out as his battle intent surged. His fingers curled into a fist and a devastating punch was hurled out toward the incoming palm of the Boundless Future Buddha Lord in retaliation.

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