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In a deep underground abyss of the seal…

An elderly man sat there cross-legged, surrounded by golden colored, twisted, mysterious text characters. Those text characters bore with them a boundless power of Buddhist nature. At the same time, there was even a cage of light appearing above the head of this elderly man. It was like an eight-point umbrella that shrouded the elderly man within it, suppressing him in this place entirely.


Relentless shouts arose as the elderly man wanted to break out of the seal and go kill that lad outside. However, even if he were to budge slightly, he would be suppressed by an unparalleled Buddhist power that locked him down entirely.

The elderly man wanted to spit out a mouthful of old blood. However, he then thought of how he had just lost so much Essence Blood. If he were to spit out anymore, he would definitely be dead meat.

"You b*stard! How dare you scam away dozens of thousands of years worth of powers from Your Ancestor? You're a beast!" The Demon Ancestor spat out.

At this moment, Lin Fan was just standing there carefreely. Looking at the sealed mountain, he revealed a bedazzling smile.

"What are you getting so hasty for? If there's anything, we should talk things out amicably! I DID tell you I don't want any more of those pills, yet you were the one who forced me to pop them down. Who else can you blame honestly?" Lin Fan chuckled out.

The Selfless Demon Ancestor was enraged right now. His might reigned supreme, and he had once maintained control over the entire world. Since when had he ever endured such humiliation? If the flaming rage in his heart were to burst out, it would be enough to engulf the entire world.

However, now that he was sealed, there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

"Alright! Even if Your Ancestor were to expend even more of my source today, I'm going to have you suppressed completely!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor was enraged right now. Instantly, the sealed mountain quaked violently.

A torrential Demonic Qi surged out into the skies, causing a demonic palm to extend out of the void. This demonic palm bore with it a deathly aura and was pitch black in color. As it grabbed out, it shattered the void apart around it.

Lin Fan was taken aback and started to cuss out at this guy's mother. He had not thought that the Selfless Demon Ancestor would really want to come and kill him so badly that he wouldn't even care about wasting his own life's essence to transmit this power out!

Even this bit of power here was enough to have Lin Fan feeling as though a gigantic mountain was crushing down on him. The repressing pressure coiled over in a berserk manner, capable of leaving one entirely unable to resist.

"Ant… You shall pay the price for your actions!"

The Selfless Demon Ancestor struck out with an extraordinary momentum. That destructive aura rippled out and crushed down at Lin Fan.

b.l.o.o.d.y f*ck!

Sh*t was getting real right now! However, for Lin Fan, what could this amount to?

He summoned out the Heaven and Earth Smelt immediately. Looking at the demonic palm that was descending from the skies, he climbed into the Heaven and Earth Smelt ever so slowly.

"For someone as old as yourself, please take your time to slap down slowly. I'll be waiting right here!" Lin Fan shouted at the sealed mountain before closing the lid and hiding within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.


A wild explosion boomed out, causing the entire world to rattle from it.

Staying within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, Lin Fan could feel an impact that was transmitted over. The insides of the Heaven and Earth Smelt tumbled over like the raging seas such that Lin Fan nearly spat out a mouthful of saliva.

This was so darned b.l.o.o.d.y formidable!

The might of that single palm was far from normal! It had surpa.s.sed even the mightiest strike of a Golden Immortal at full power. The fact that it could cause the entire Heaven and Earth Smelt to rattle as such was evidence of how sick it was!

However, what fart use was that?

No matter how formidable the power was, this was the Heaven and Earth Smelt her, and not some cheap stuff.

Even if it were a powerful being, so what? There was no way they were going to be able to slap this open.

The Selfless Demon Ancestor was merciless with his attacks as he spared no effort even at the cost of expending his source. He just had to kill this ant. Even though he was being sealed, the power that he could transmit out was enough to destroy almost every single being. Even if it were a Golden Immortal, there was no way they could withstand it.

"Demon Ancestor, are you done with your slapping or not?" Lin Fan opened up the lid and shouted out.

The Selfless Demon Ancestor who was soothing his heart right now froze up when he heard that voice. His face shone with a look of disbelief.

"How could this be…?! You…!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor was dumbfounded right now. He had not expected that things would turn out as such.

"You what you? Just that bit of capabilities and you expect to be able to kill me? Who are you trying to scare off?" Lin Fan stepped out from within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

But, when he caught sight of his surroundings, he was totally flabbergasted.

In a radius of 10,000 miles, everything looked as though it had caved in. It was a horrifying sight to behold.

This Selfless Demon Ancestor was not normal… far from normal! If not for the fact that he was so steady, he might have been slapped to death by this Selfless Demon Ancestor for real!

The Selfless Demon Ancestor was completely taken aback right now. He had not expected that he would meet such a tough nut! This was simply unbelievable!

"Just what in world is that treasure of yours?! How could it possibly possess such strength?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor exclaimed out. He had never seen a smelt like that before. In fact, he couldn't even see through that treasure at all!

But, the fact that it was able to withstand a single slap of his… What sort of a treasure was that?

Even if it were a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon, it would be unable to withstand a palm strike as such! To think that this ant would be in possession of a weapon like this!

This was completely annoying and detestable!

This was especially the case for that fella who was still down there taunting him! How could the Selfless Demon Ancestor endure this?

"Oi, Selfless Demon Ancestor! So, are you still coming at me or not? If you aren't, I'm going to take my leave already!"

"However, I still have really got to give my thanks to you today! If not for your generosity, I wouldn't have had such a miraculous encounter!"

"You know? The thing about life is that you will inevitably run into r.e.t.a.r.ds at times. Then again, if you don't run into r.e.t.a.r.ds, you won't know the feeling of accomplishment."

"There is a really good reason why you're being sealed in captivity right now. After all, your intellect isn't all that high. It's already quite fortunate that you aren't dead yet!"

Lin Fan's c.r.a.p was relentless. However, every single piece of c.r.a.p had the Selfless Demon Ancestor getting even more riled up.

Roars and curses with all sort of vile words burst forth from within the sealed mountain.

The Selfless Demon Ancestor could no longer tolerate this. He was a supreme Demon Ancestor! To think that he would be lectured by some small sh*t here! Where was he to put his face?

In fact, Lin Fan's mockery only served to increase the Selfless Demon Ancestor's hatred toward the Boundless Future Buddha Lord.

After sealing him here for dozens of thousands of years, he had never once appeared again.

It came to a point where the Selfless Demon Ancestor was almost ready to accede to the Boundless Future Buddha Lord's demands, all for the sake of breaking out to kill this lad cruelly.

"Shut up!"

The Selfless Demon Ancestor bellowed out. However, his voice was no longer as domineering as before. Seemed like the toll of that palm strike from earlier on was pretty real as well.

"Huehue… Boring! Your Daddy's gonna take my leave now!" Lin Fan patted his b.u.m and kept the Heaven and Earth Smelt in his storage as he prepped to leave.

The sealed up Selfless Demon Ancestor hollered out. Even after Lin Fan's figure had disappeared, he was still unable to quench the raging flames in his heart. However, he made sure to remember that fella for life.

As long as he could break out of this seal, the first task of order would be to kill that ant mercilessly so that the latter would know what the outcome of humiliating Your Demon Ancestor was!

The Selfless Demon Ancestor vented out all the indignance in his heart before settling down. This time around, his losses were truly tremendous. If he wanted to recover from this, he might require an extremely long time.

And just as the Selfless Demon Ancestor entered a recuperative state, the ant who had left earlier on suddenly b.l.o.o.d.y came back with sn.i.g.g.e.rs all over!

"Beast! What are you back here for?" The Selfless Demon Ancestor roared out.

Lin Fan chuckled out, "I forgot something earlier on, and I'm here to test it out. If it were to work, I might even be able to kill you!"

"Horse fart!" The Selfless Demon Ancestor was thoroughly in a fit right now. To think that this lad would even be thinking about killing him! He then roared out in a contemptuous laughter, "Stop with your daydreams! This seal is created by the Boundless Future Buddha Lord personally! With just someone like you, even if you were to cultivate for another million years, you wouldn't have the capabilities to remove this seal!"

"Remove your mother's seal! Your Daddy is going to throw you into the pot along with the seal!" Lin Fan spoke up.

"Heaven and Earth Smelt, come on out!"


At this moment, the Heaven and Earth Smelt floated out gently in the voids



The Heaven and Earth Smelt, which couldn't be considered huge initially, started turning gigantic all of a sudden. Gradually, it turned even larger than that sealed mountain!

Thereafter, under Lin Fan's instructions, the Heaven and Earth Smelt flipped around with its opening facing down, and swallowing up the sealed mountain entirely.

Lin Fan took a look carefully before nodding his head in satisfaction.

"Not bad, not bad! The size of the opening fits nicely! Time to hotpot it up!"

When the Selfless Demon Ancestor sensed the situation, he howled out madly, "BEAST! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING OF DOING AGAIN?"

"You'll know in a moment!" Lin Fan replied.

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